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Charisma School – Sexual Magnetism Course

Let me show the exact steps and specific directions to develop Sexual Magnetism and become successful with women and dating! You don’t have to be rich, handsome, extroverted, or tall. All you need is to follow a proven energetic development system that fascinates people around you.


This course is designed to transform you into a sexually magnetic person.

What does this mean?

We all heard the stories and probably even met a few men who seem to get the attraction of women anywhere they go.

It’s like they have honey on their bodies that attract women to them. They could be just sitting at a bar or coffee shop, yet women approach them out of nowhere.

I’ve met my share of these people, and probably so have you.

Some of them could be handsome or have some physical attributes that stand out (like models), but this only happens with a few.

How about those that aren’t any more beautiful than me or you? What’s the reason, then? They aren’t more attractive; they aren’t more intelligent; they aren’t richer… So what’s the real reason?

These men, whether they consciously know it or not, have a Raw Sexual Magnetism that effortlessly attracts women to them!
It’s the energy they emanate from their bodies that seems like magic, but it’s not.

Most likely, they haven’t developed this consciously, no… This was something that they created unconsciously throughout their lives for one reason or another. Just like some people are great at math or great at athletics. Yet, somehow, they developed this sexual magnetism.

And until now, no one knew how to develop it.

All the other seduction courses and “get good with women” courses offer you techniques to handle the interaction with women with techniques and methods, and some offer advice about mindset and confidence.

But no one focused on the true energetic part and on developing your sexual energy.

And if there’s one undeniable thing is that:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual!
You need to attract women based on your sexual magnetism and NOT because you look different, or a language pattern you use, or because you entertain them!

From the beginning to the end, this course is about creating sexual energy that attracts women to you ever since they lay their eyes on you. Because as you probably know, women unconsciously (and often consciously) decide if they want to sleep with you less than 30 seconds after they meet you.

If you haven’t thought about it, that’s enough time to say “hello, how are you” or probably a look exchange from afar, and that’s it; they immediately know it.

There’s still some game to be played after it, of course. That is the seduction game, but then your only job is to continue increasing this attraction and not screw it up.

If you accomplish that, the seduction is done. While if you don’t have this initial attraction, your job is much harder; yes, you need much more work to get the attraction.

And by developing a sexual magnetism, you’ll get a much more rewarding interaction – and indeed much less frustrating – when you already have attraction, and your only job is to increase it.

Keep in mind that we still have our animal instincts inside of us, and that’s exactly how the sexual game is played in the animal kingdom, and that’s why we still decide the same way about our sexual partners.

By using Sexual Magnetism, we are appealing NOT to the women conscious mind but to something much more profound and unconscious where she feels sexually attracted to you.
Personality, shared interests, and so on, come later if you want. If not, you can maintain only that sexual attraction.

During this course, you’ll discover new things about sexuality, sexual energy, the energy in any interaction, and a whole load of stuff that, by mastering, you’ll be able to develop a powerful sexual magnetism in yourself.

This course will have 4 distinct modules, each developing on top of the other and giving you each time more sexual magnetism.


Module 1
In the first module, we’ll work on your overall general attitude and the working of your mind to become a master seducer.

A master seducer has distinct mental traits from the average man. This goes as fundamentally to the essential workings of the mind but not only.

This module will deeply work on mental states, intention, emotional control, and skill development. This kind of work makes a difference when you’re out in the interaction.

Not only will you feel more confident but also with more peace of mind; above all, this translates to what the woman will think and feel about you. Who will command more attention in a room: a shy, introverted man or a confident, powerful man with a seducer’s attitude?


Module 2 
Next, we’ll move on to Seducer’s Energy.

This is where you’ll learn the Explosive Sexual Magnetism technique and overall develop your sexual energy in a way that everyone around you feels this new energy.

This is the most powerful technique I know to increase your sexual magnetism. I was taught this technique many years ago always to keep my sexual magnetism present in my mind… This way not only controls your sexual energy but also expands it and creates this seducer’s aura all over you.

If you’ve met a good seducer, you know he doesn’t “feel” the same way as an average person. Have you felt the difference? There’s something quite different from your everyday Joe. You can’t put your finger on what it is… But now you know what it is; it’s a very distinct energy, a magnetism, in this case, a sexual magnetism.

In this module, you’ll start to develop that same sexual energy you feel from them.


Module 3
In the third module, you’ll learn precisely what to do in front of a woman. This will consider what you have learned in the other two modules and put them to good use in a practical setting.

What stands out from this module is the understanding of the general energy of the interaction; you’ll develop a sensitivity to knowing what’s happening in all interactions around you and what the woman in front of you is feeling.

You’ll also learn Sexual Gaze, Voice, Touch, and many other techniques to increase sexual tension during the interaction.

All of it is to be done covertly.

If you follow all the instructions, the woman will feel an intense sexual attraction towards you without knowing what generated it. We’re not using NLP, psychological techniques, or anything sort… All is done using SEXUAL ENERGY.


Module 4
Finally, the last module is the sexual magnetism challenges. You’ll have 10 progressive sexual magnetism challenges in the real world. This will use everything you learned in this course and solidify your understanding of it.

The challenges are constructed in a way that you need to have at least a bit of sexual magnetism – that you’ll develop in the other modules – and have done the different exercises and the other modules to be successful at them.

In other words, you won’t pass if you haven’t done your homework. This will put you face to face with a lot of different women in a lot of different kinds of situations that put to the test your magnetic ability as well as increasing it even more with each challenge.

After you are done with it, your sexual magnetism will increase tenfold.


In short: attitude development, sexual energy, learning how to handle interactions, and doing your challenges is the core of this program. As you can see, it’s a solid and complete course that addresses the main areas of sexual magnetism.


Here’s what else you’ll develop with this course:

  • Explosive Sexual Magnetism: This single technique can help you boost your sexual magnetism by over 100%. Whether you had ZERO or negative sexual magnetism, it will be improved tenfold after you learn this. This is one of the most important techniques I was taught to achieve complete attraction over women, and I’m now giving it away to you!
  • Learn a 4 step protocol that creates a powerful intention and helps you achieve precisely what you want with all women. Once you start to apply it, this will feel like magic! It develops a strong focus of the mind to reach whatever objective you have with women.
  • Always have an active mind in interactions with women. No more being nervous or out of place when you are with a group of women. Instead, you’ll learn to activate your mind to be present, relaxed, and active in all interactions!
  • Do the 10 Challenges that will increase your sexual magnetism tenfold! These challenges are specially constructed, so you’ll need to build your sexual magnetism step by step before you can accomplish them.
  • Learn a technique used in performance psychology to relax and control your emotional state each time you are with a woman.
  • Learn the exact 4 step pre-work routine each time you want your sexual magnetism to boom!
  • Understand the workings of the sexual tension during the interaction so that you’ll never be caught off guard. When you see this vídeo, you’ll immediately start to understand all the underlying energy of ANY interaction around you (whether the interaction is a romantic one, a sexual one, or a work one, you’ll know exactly what’s going on!)
  • Develop your sexual gaze, voice, and touch so that every part of you becomes booming with sexuality! Each time that you look, talk and touch any woman, they will feel your sexuality in them.
  • Learn a powerful and advanced technique for sexual energy, now for the first time available in print. This is one of those techniques that must be used with extreme responsibility because of the harm it can cause.
  • Understand the exact differences between a regular interaction and a SEXUAL interaction. There are many things that you did before that you won’t do again! Learn what.

And much more!

What are the differences from the other Sexual Energy courses?
Sexual Magnetism is an all-in-one training to develop attraction. It focuses on mindset, energy, and projection. But as you will soon know, there is plenty more to explore on each of them. You might need to improve your mindset further or your energy flow; this is where other Charisma School courses come along. They deepen the concepts developed here. The 10 Steps to Inner Power goes deeper into the mindset, inner power, and Will. Sexual Energy Mastery is all about energy development and unblocking the energy flow. Become a Sexual Man is focused on the projection aspect.

Sexual Magnetism is the only program that integrates all of it into one course. So, it might be the case that Sexual Magnetism is all you need. Maybe you won’t need anything else. If you don’t know which is right for you, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you choose.

Most of our videos are short and to the point and have specific exercises you can do during your day (you can also listen to them on your MP3 player). This has the double benefit of not having one more thing to add to your already loaded daily schedule and applying this knowledge in the real world, not in some fictional inner world. So you’ll test the techniques and do the exercises where it matters the most: in your daily life.

Most likely, you already had the experience of trying some method you learned, yet you can’t make it work when you really need it. This won’t happen here since you’ll start immediately in your day-to-day life.

The Sexual Magnetism course is very practical training – no fluff, gimmicks, or useless reading. The videos are helpful and practical since this is the only way to get the results you are after. Reading or listening to tapes or DVDs will never significantly improve this skill. That’s like trying to get in shape by sitting on the couch and reading a book about bodybuilders.

All the material is distributed through video and MP3 files for an optimum training experience. All 10 Steps and support videos are presented online to anyone who can stream video to a computer (if you can watch Youtube, you can watch these videos!). You can study this information as you prefer, at your own pace in your favorite space, from any computer, any location, at any time. View and review as many times as you like!

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