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The $65.5 Million Secret will teach you Methods for Increasing a Company’s Worth Before Its Final, Most Significant Windfall (The Wealth Creation Event)

Who is John Ratliff?

John Ratliff grew his business by 24 times by acquiring other firms. He made a great exit when he got to the end. In a sector where EBITDA multiples typically range from 3 to 4, he fetched 14 times EBITDA for the company he sold. He took this action because he realized the importance of factors other than cash flow when determining the strategic worth of a company. You will learn the methods John used to increase the strategic value of his deals (which typically result in a multiple increase of 50-100% compared to the market average). Even his “worst” deal was 50% better than the norm in his field.

We aim to improve your multiple by at least 50% compared to the norm in your industry.

When it comes time for your exit event, many entrepreneurs make the same mistakes. This course will help you avoid those pitfalls. Save yourself from those pitfalls by following our lead as we reveal the secrets to increasing your exit value.

The $65.5 Million Secret from John Ratliff and Joe Polish

How To Build A Business That Is Worth Selling (Even If You Never Do)

  • The Most Important Steps and the Most Common Pitfalls That Plague Entrepreneurs When it Comes Time to Sell Their Business(es);
  • What Acquirers Want to Know Before They Buy a Company;
  • The Best Time to Start Thinking About an Exit For the Business;
  • The 4 “Drivers of Value” that makes a company a VERY desirable asset; and
  • How to Maximize the Value of the Business for the Most Important Windfall Event at the End (The Wealth Creation Event);
  • So Much More!

The most important event in an entrepreneur’s life is “The Wealth Creation Event,” yet there are millions of books written on leadership, management, sales, marketing, etc. That’s the time when you sell your business, and almost nobody talks about it.

And one of the most important things you can do to completely change the way you think about and run your business is to learn how to set it up for sale, even if you never intend to sell it.

I, Joe Polish, and fellow GeniusX member John Ratliff, have put together a FANTASTIC training program to help you increase the worth of your company before you sell it. Simply put, the term for this phenomenon is…

What you will learn:

  • Why you should prepare your business for sale (even if you never sell it)
  • The Tale of $65.5 Million: The never-before-told account of John’s company’s growth, expansion, and sale.
  • Think you’ll be running your business forever? Here’s what the majority of business owners need to know…
  • The Attitude of a Purchaser: What an acquirer needs to know before purchasing your business
  • The four “Value Drivers” in the exit procedure (This is what makes your company a very desirable asset)
  • One thing you should do to increase your entrepreneurial freedom and generate enormous exit value is to…
  • The optimal time to consider an exit strategy for your company is now.
  • Hiring THIS key team member will significantly increase the worth of your business…
  • The most important aspect of structuring your company for sale: M Y R
  • The Two Kinds of Sales: The distinctions between a Financial Sale and a Strategic Sale (and how to identify overlooked strategic value that can exponentially increase your company’s valuation).
  • Your internal team is a significant factor in the successful sale of your company, yet many entrepreneurs get this wrong because NO ONE discusses it. In this situation, you should NOT follow your intuition and gut feelings. There are very specific steps you MUST take to complete this correctly; otherwise, things can rapidly deteriorate. Here is who you should inform, how to prevent panic within your organization, and EXACTLY what you should do…
  • Three secrets for educating and preparing yourself regarding the sale of your business, plus a book on business acquisition One of the wealthiest and most successful investors in the world, Warren Buffett, called “An outstanding book”
  • How to locate and entice prospective buyers for your business
  • Two questions to qualify buyers and determine if it is worthwhile to speak with them (AND – a red flag to watch for early on that tells you a transaction will NOT be good for you in the future)
  • Possessing the RIGHT attorney is one of the most crucial factors in the successful sale of a business. Having the WRONG attorney can destroy a transaction and cost you a fortune. Here’s how to find and select the RIGHT attorney, and what you need to know about the legal aspects of a separation.
  • What EBITDA is, why it is significant, and how it is utilized in the valuation of your business
  • What “Multiples” are and some industry-specific examples of common multiples (AND: How to determine the value of YOUR business)
  • Discovering a Rembrandt in the Attic: (THIS is how John was able to sell his business for 14x EBITDA – significantly higher than the industry average…)
  • The three types of deal structures, their advantages, and how to select the optimal deal structure.
  • Life After Exit: The unanticipated obstacles entrepreneurs face after a sale and three things you should be prepared for
  • Meaning, Aim, and Determining Next: How to avoid entrepreneurial postpartum depression and live a meaningful life

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