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Online Career Accelerator – Remote Job Training Program is the best career training that will help you improve your remote work hire ability and get a remote job successfully.

Who is An Bui?

An Bui is responsible for Online Career Accelerator’s success. While working for a variety of major marketing firms and corporations, he studied marketing, which aided him in dealing with his own clients. 19-year-old An was able to drop out of college to pursue a career in digital marketing. He has collaborated with a variety of well-known companies to help them grow their business through paid advertising, so he is an expert on the subject. After achieving professional success, An began encouraging individuals from similar backgrounds to pursue careers in marketing.

Online Career Accelerator – Remote Job Training Program – An Bui

1rst Week: Digital Jumpstart

  • Complete intro to the Digital Advertising STRUCTURED for a total beginner to get results as fast as possible
  • Go from being a beginner to completely understanding how to get a 6 Figure Online Part Time Job
  • See the matrix the way I see it and be in the perfect spot to take advantage of this constantly growing industry for next 20+ years to come
  • ​Learn from experts and get step by step guides on how to get results and make $10,000 per month right in front of you

2nd Week: Digital Skills

  • How to quickly develop HIGHLY sought after skills in digital contracting that make companies beg you to work with them
  • Learn exactly how to correctly do Digital Contracting and charge $5,000-$10,000 per month for a company to hire you
  • Literally get all the tactics in a step by step checklist format so you can learn them in as quickly as a week
  • ​Imagine having the real world skills and tactics that people getting paid $10,000+ per month have
  • ​Learn the ability to generate thousands of dollars for companies through and make companies pay you thousands of dollars month after month after month

3rd Week: Digital Career Accelerator

  • I break down EVERYTHING you need to do to start finding your first job and make a $5k+ per month part-time income online working from home
  • ​How to land remote jobs and work from anywhere you want while getting paid 65k+/yr
  • ​Get flexible hours and work on your own time
  • ​You’ll watch me break down over the shoulder the KEY to getting hired​
  • Comes with the exact RESUME, COVER Letter, and INTERVIEW SCRIPTS 100+ people have used to land their 6-Figure Online Jobs
  • ​All you do is just plug and play, and apply, simple and straightforward

4th Week: Digital Ads

  • How to create engaging ads for businesses that make THEM thousands of dollars per day
  • Following a step by step guide to creating effective ads following a blueprint that gets RESULTS for companies you work for
  • COMPLETE and PROVEN 7-Figure Advertising Strategies to Grow Businesses
  • ​Have companies pay you more and more each and every month to spend 10-15 minutes a day on creating their ads through following a checklist

5th Week: Digital Network

  • In the 5th week I give you the step by step guide to landing multiple side jobs from different companies completely online working a few minutes per day
  • How to always have job opportunities available from multiple companies
  • How to get companies paying you $5,000+ per month EACH to do their advertising for them on the side
  • Create multiple streams of income from Digital Advertising repeating the exact same thing for companies
  • ​The copy and paste formula to 10X your income WITHOUT 10xing your work following a copy and paste template​
  • Follow step by step guides to finding companies and landing side jobs

6th Week: Digital Acceleration

  • Literal blueprint to how to increase your remote income FAST
  • ​How to successfully ask for a raise
  • ​Entire mapped out guide to quickly increasing your income doing the same thing over and over again and following a simple checklist to generate a high paying side income
  • ​How to move from making $6-7k per month side income to passing 6 figures online from your laptop within 30-60 days
  • ​Everything to go from making $75,000 a year to passed $150,000 and doubling the amount of money you’re making working, while working the same amount

Week 7-10 Black Card Elite Series

This stuff is our private “aged wine cellar” of elite tactics to generate the HUGE numbers. It’s some deeply advanced strategies we keep to ourselves to break you into the $15k+/month and beyond

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  2. Online Career Accelerator do not work the way it should.
  3. Most importantly, support extension can not be used.

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