RJ Nestor – Your Road to Roam



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RJ Nestor – Your Road to Roam

Your Road to Roam
Learn Roam Research and supercharge your workflows


Learn the nuts and bolts of Roam Research’s powerful features.

Discover how those features can work together to fundamentally change the way you think and work.

Develop your own unique Roam Research workflows.


Roam Research is a note-taking tool for networked thought. It’s packed full of features that turn chaos into insight.

There are so many features, with so much power, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Are you missing out by not using some features? Are you using Roam the “right” way?


In this course, you will:

  1. Learn the nuts & bolts of Roam Research’s powerful features.
  2. Recognize how to use those features in your own unique workflows.

Each course module will introduce and explain a few features, demonstrate how they work together, and prompt you to consider how they could facilitate your life and work.

Over the full course, this last component will become your capstone project: developing the Roam workflow that suits you.


Key benefits

✅ Learn how to use Roam Research’s features

✅ Learn when and why to use Roam Research’s features

✅ Discover how Roam Research can transform the way you think and work

✅ Build powerful workflows tailored to your specific needs

✅ Learn about Roam extensions like SmartBlocks


Course Curriculum
I. Surveying your road to Roam!
✅ Course updates complete! ✅
I.1. What to expect
I.2. Course resources
1.3. Set up your Capstone project: Building your Roam workflows!
I.4. Live Capstone Masterclasses

II. Laying your road’s foundation: Networked notes
II.1. Pages(5:52)
II.2. Blocks(5:54)
II.3. Linked & Unlinked References(7:14)
II.4. Indenting Effectively(5:19)
II.5. Right Sidebar(4:42)
II.6. Focus on Block(4:56)
II.7. Roam Mechanics(7:49)
II.8. Workflow 1: Notetaking for networked thought(13:04)
II.9. Capstone 1: How do Networked Notes affect you?

III. Your logging road: Logging and tracking meeting notes
III.1. Your Daily Notes page(s)(5:30)
III.2. /Date Picker & /Current Time (and the Slash Menu)(3:59)
III.3. Relative Dates(4:37)
III.4. Templates(7:55)
III.5. Workflow 2: Logging and tracking meeting notes(11:51)
III.6. Capstone 2: Breaking your logjam

IV. Grading your road: Journaling & Self-coaching
IV.1. Filters(6:18)
IV.2. Block References & Embeds(15:08)
IV.3. Text formatting(6:48)
IV.4. Workflow 3: Journaling & Self-coaching(12:11)
IV.5. Capstone 3: How can you leverage journaling in your work and life?

V. Road work ahead: Tasks & projects
V.1. TODO & DONE(5:10)
V.2. Queries(22:54)
V.3. Workflow 4: Simple task management Inbox and Projects(14:59)
V.4. Capstone 4: Can tasks in Roam work for you?

VI. Self-driving cars: Intro to SmartBlocks & Roam42
VI.1. How to Install SmartBlocks & Roam42 (or any extension!)(7:09)
VI.2. Basic Structure of SmartBlocks(7:08)
VI.3. Working with SmartBlocks date commands(11:53)
VI.4. workBench Inboxes(9:36)
VI.5. Workflow 5: Recurring Actions SmartBlock(14:39)
VI.6. Capstone 5: How can SmartBlocks & workBench work for you?

VII. Roadside market: SmartBlocks store & more
VII.1. How to access the SmartBlocks store(2:08)
VII.2. Workflow 6: Initializing Projects, part 1(4:24)
VII.3. Workflow 6: Initializing Projects, part 2(6:41)
VII.4. Capstone 6: How can automation power up your task management?

VIII. Cycling down the road: Daily routines
VIII.1. RoamJS extensions & SmartBlock commands(8:07)
VIII.2. Workflow 7: My Daily Cycle(14:37)
VIII.3. Capstone 7: What does YOUR day look like? And how can you streamline it?

IX. The Road Ahead: Keeping up to date with Roam, SmartBlocks, and more
IX.1. What is this section of the course for?

⛔ Legacy ⛔ VI. Managing roadblocks: Writing & creating content
What does “⛔ Legacy ⛔” mean?
VI.1. Features: View as Bulleted List, Numbered List, or Document(3:55)
VI.2. Features: Versions(7:10)
VI.3. Features: Block references: Replace with Original & embed(10:23)
VI.4. Features: Copy & Paste, Counting Words and Characters(5:12)
VI.5. Workflow 5: Creative writing & content creation with multiple drafts(22:12)
VI.6. Capstone 5: How you write in RoamSTART

⛔ Legacy ⛔ VII. The Autobahn: Using a Zettelkasten to gather, develop, and share knowledge
What does “⛔ Legacy ⛔” mean?
VII.1. Features: Pages as Attributes(17:48)
VII.2. Features: Links and Aliases(9:42)
VII.3. Dealing with Exterior Sources: Tweets, Videos, Images, Audio, PDFs, iframes(23:05)
VII.4. Features: Page Embeds(10:06)
VII.5. Workflow 6, part 1: Zettelkasten(43:02)
VII.6. Workflow 6, part 2: Zettelkasten (cont’d)(65:56)
VII.7. Capstone 6: Knowledge in, knowledge out



Your Instructor: R.J. Nestor
R.J. Nestor is a business & executive musician, and writer. He is a communication and productivity expert with 20 years of experience helping people say what they mean to say and do what they mean to do.

R.J. helps business leaders be creative, productive, and successful. He teaches entrepreneurs and executives from diverse industries: technology, finance, architecture & design, real estate, insurance, fitness, law, and more.

You have great ideas and boundless potential. R.J. provides the tools and guidance to execute your ideas and realize your potential.

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