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The Great Game of Business Master Business Course

Who are Jack Stack and Steve Baker?

For more than four decades, JACK STACK, chief executive officer of SRC Holdings Corporation, one of the first and largest employee-owned companies in the United States, has championed the philosophy of educating, empowering, and engaging the workforce. The Great Game of Business, Stack’s leadership system, leverages the power of transparency, financial literacy, and gamification to teach employees how to think and act like owners. Since 1983, SRC Holdings Corporation has utilized these principles to launch or acquire over sixty businesses, thereby creating tens of thousands of employment opportunities. Thousands of organizations around the world that believe in the transformative potential of their employees have been inspired by SRC’s leadership system.

Jack has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the “smartest strategist in America” and by Fortune Small Business Magazine as one of the “top 10 minds in small business.” The Rutgers Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing has also named him an Executive Fellow.

Jack is a popular public speaker who imparts timely insights on how the principles of the Great Game help SRC’s ten companies’ employees improve their lives and the lives of their coworkers. SRC Holdings Corporation has received international acclaim for its achievements, which include:

the Top 100 Companies to Work for in America, WorldBlu Most Democratic Workplaces, the National Business Ethics Award, and the Business Enterprise Trust Award.

Co-author of Get in the Game

in addition to the 20th anniversary edition of the bestseller The Great Game of Business.

Steve is a highly regarded, in-demand speaker and coach on open-book management, strategy and execution, leadership, and employee engagement, known for his engaging and irreverent style.

His audiences have included Harvard University and the Department of Defense, and he is a frequent speaker at the Inc. 5000 Conference. He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and the Ownership Culture Initiative of SRC Holdings.

Steve is a renowned artist who resides in Springfield, Missouri with his trophy wife, JoAnn, and three above-average children.

The Great Game of Business Master Business Course with Jack Stack

Know and Teach the Rules

Learn how to build trust and mutual respect throughout the company by teaching the base of financial literacy and align your team around the Critical Number. You’ll learn how to involve your team in High Involvement Planning so they want to buy in.

Follow the Action and Keep Score

Learn how to help your team keep the score – an essential part of being winner-focused. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate and instill an action-oriented culture that compels your employees to do their best and own their work.

Provide A Stake in the Outcome®

Tie it all together by inspiring the motivation in your employees, through quick wins, reward and recognition programs and financial incentives.

Who will benefit from this course?

Business Owners
We provide the tools for business owners ready to take their businesses’ growth seriously.

We provide the opportunity to emulate the proven results of industry leaders.

We provide strategies to leverage the customer relationships you already have.

Top Executives
We provide the latest and most effective methods to scale up your business now.

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