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Startup Trading Masterclass is designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to trade stocks, get the best deals, and maximize their investments. Gleason is an experienced trader Jack who runs the Startup Trading Masterclass.

Startup Trading Masterclass from Jack Gleason

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome
    Opening a TOS Account
  • Opening a Tradeovate
  • Reviewing the Tradeovate Platform
  • Set Up Your Personal Meeting

Section 1

  • Jack Gleason
  • What Are Futures ?
  • Futures Over Stocks
  • When Can You Trade Futures?
  • Trading and Income
  • Markets you can Trade with Futures
  • Types of Traders
  • Famous Traders

Section 2

  • Bull or Bear | Accumulation & Distribution
  • Price Action | Time of Sales | Types of Analysis
  • Japanese candlesticks | OHLC Bar | Technical Analysis
  • Mult-Time Frame Analysis | Trend-Line | Support & Resistance
  • Indicators | MACD, RSI, Moving Average
  • ATR | Bid & Ask
  • Risk to Reward | Trading Hours | Extended Hours
  • Pivot | Opening Range | Front Run

Section 3 – The Trading Process

  • Order Types | Market Orders, Limit Order, GTC Order, Stop-Loss
  • Profits Targets | Bracket Orders | Trailing Stop
  • Spread & Slippage
  • Sit on Hands | Flat | Learning to Hold
  • Thinkorswim tutorial

Section 4 – Live Examples

  • Candlesticks (Bearish)
  • Candlestick (Bullish)
  • Trendlines

Section 5 – Mindset and Emotional Intelligence

  • Define your success
  • Setting Goals
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Trading Fears
  • Reasons Traders Fail
  • Experience is Earned
  • Personal Strengths

Section 6 – Things you need to know
Free Trades
All in all out Strategy
Markets to Trade
Fundamentals to Trade
Bracket Order Transformation
Fibonacci Confirmation
Trading with ATR stops

Section 7 – Total Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci History and Setttings
Practice Drawing Fibs
Fibonacci in all Markets
Beginning of Fib Sequence Daily Chart
Beginning of a Fib Sequence Hourly
Beginning of move Mirco Chart
Breaking down of a Traditional Long Trend
Break of a Traditional Short Sequence
Move After a Long Trend Failure

Section 8 – Advanced Fibonacci Sequence
Fibonacci Extension Longs Daily
Daily Extension Short Example
Hourly Extension Longs Examples
15 Minute Extension Long
15 Minute Extension Shorts
Live Example Nasdaq Extension short

Section 9 – Same Anchor

  • Intro to Anchor Long and Short
  • Same Anchor New High
  • Same Anchor New Low
  • Daily Same Anchor New High
  • Daily Same Anchor New Low
  • Hourly Same Anchor New High
  • Hourly Same Anchor New Low
  • Mirco Same Anchor New High
  • Micro Same Anchor New Low
  • Full Sequence ZN Example
  • Full Sequence Same Anchor New Low
  • Full Sequence Gold

Section 10 – Leg s

  • Intro to Leg
  • Bearish Leg
  • Bullish Leg
  • Bullish Swing Mark
  • Bearish Swing Mark
  • Leg  and Swing Mark.

Section 11 – Double Confirmation
Double Confirmation Daily Long
Double Confirmation Daily Short
(7:09)Double Confirmation Hourly Short
Double Confirmation Hourly Long
Double Confirmation USDCAD

Section 12 – Bonus Lessons
Determining Stop Size During Volatility

Forex Pairs Compared to Futures on Forex
VIX Correlation Lesson
AUD/JPY Breakdown
USD/JPY Analysis
eur/usd trend break

Section 13 – Putting it all Togther
Oneup Funding Process
Our Chatroom
Forex Trading with FTMO

Our refund policy:

  1. You don’t receive item as describe.
  2. Startup Trading Masterclass do not work the way it should.
  3. Most importantly, support extension can not be used.

Thank you for your attention to this matter ! We appreciate it.

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