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Peter Devaere – Scalping is Fun Course

The Heikin-Ashi-Scalping Method is by far…

The fastest and easiest way to make consistent profits in the market…
without working more than a couple of hours a day and

without spending a lot of time analyzing charts.

Dear Reader,

If you are a beginner or established trader that fails to produce consistent profits while trading, then the Heikin-Ashi-Scalping-Method is exactly for you.

This simple system has allowed me to achieve the following results over the last few years:

  • Earning over $1,253,678 in profits…
  • I was able to teach over 350+ students my trading method.
  • I can live and travel wherever I want and whenever I want.
  • And the best thing is I did not work more than 2-3 hours per day to achieve all of that.

(Words can only describe the feeling that real freedom gives you)

And the only thing more amazing than my results is my little-known approach to trading that I used to get to them.

Unlike 99% of what the other “trading coaches” out there are teaching, I do things differently.

I don’t do things the “normal” way.

The Things I Don’t Do…

As strange as it sounds, there are a ton of things I don’t do.

I don’t trade a lot of different markets.

I don’t trade every day.

I don’t trade for more than 2-3 hours a day.

I don’t use different trading strategies.

I don’t spend hours analyzing charts and patterns.

And I definitely don’t over-complicate my overall trading.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried all of these “normal” things before, but none of them worked…

At least not for me.

 So How The Heck Did I Make Money?…

Right now, you might be asking…

So how the heck DID you make all that money with your trades?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

It is actually pretty simple…

What I do is…

I focus on one thing…and I do that really well…

And I also have FUN doing it.

Seriously, I think having fun is underrated…

Especially by traders.

In over 20 years of trading and more than 2 years of teaching I have seen and met so many different traders with different methods, styles, and personalities.

And I had the feeling most of them did not really seem to enjoy what they were doing.

So, I asked myself why?

After thinking about it, it became utterly clear to me that most traders that are not profitable struggle with one or all of these three things:

  • They overdose on information and/or consume bad advice.

Are you consuming all the content, videos, podcasts, and articles out there on trading?

If so, you should STOP!

Way too many “coaches” that don’t make a living with trading… or even better, don’t even trade profitably, give advice on the internet about how to make money with trading.

Also, forget all these people selling signals that tell you when to enter and when to exit…most of these make more money with their “trading signals” than with actual trading.

  • They overcomplicate their overall trading and do too many different things.

One day it’s day trading, one day it’s swing trading, scalping, volume trading…

Forex, stocks, indices…

Always looking for the next big thing.

While there are a lot of opportunities to make money with trading, I think not narrowing down is exactly the problem.

  • They are stuck because they have no clear Strategy

This is probably the Nr.1 reason why most traders fail to make money consistently.

I have seen it so many times.

Are You Stuck in No Man’s Land…Without Consistent Profits?

I know this might sound strange…

But if I dropped you in the middle of a massive junkyard…

(don’t worry, I won’t do that for real)

…and asked you to “go assemble all the pieces to build yourself a working automobile and then drive home with it…”

You would think I am crazy, right?

Well, this is exactly how 99% of people approach learning how to trade on the internet.

Spending a ton of time and money putting together a bunch of random puzzle pieces that don’t even belong together.

When you think about it, every other profession, hobby, or trade on the planet uses a “clear path” to get from Point A to Point B.

Doctors, lawyers, and chefs have their own schools and certifications.

Everyone except the trader has a clear path to reach their goals…

That is, until now…

(Drumroll please)

So Here Is What Actually Works…

As I told you before, I have seen and tried a lot of trading strategies myself.

I noticed that I and 99.9% of traders, that were making constant profits, just get A FEW THINGS RIGHT.

  • The Strategy

Successful traders focus on one strategy and follow a simple yet strict set of rules and never deviate from them…

This takes the emotion out of the trading and helps you with being more consistent.

  • The Market

While there are an uncountable number of stocks, options, cryptos, and FOREX pairs out there, Pro-Traders focus on just a couple of markets and become experts at reading these few.

  • The Mindset

Trading is a profession, a craft, an art form, and should be treated as such.

Yes, it can make you a lot of money really fast.

No, you don’t have to work a lot of hours.

But you need the right approach and the right teacher to learn it from.

And you can’t just give up after a week if it does not work out.

The Solution Is Buying My Course?

Now you are thinking…

Which strategy should I choose?

Which market should I trade?

How do I get the right mindset?

And you also expect me to say the same thing every other trading coach on the internet would say…


The truth is, a lot of trading strategies work…

Mine is not the only one.

However, I do believe the Heikin-Ashi-Scalping System is, hands down, the fastest and easiest way to get consistent profits.

Even if you are a complete beginner.

I’ve seen it in over 350+ students that I taught all around the world…

My course not only gives you a step-by-step guide to Heikin-Ashi-Scalping System, it also teaches you the right mindset and what markets to trade and how to analyze them…

Without making things overly complicated!

Because I think that simplicity is the key to success in trading.

And the last 20 years have proven me right.

The Most Compelling Thing About the Heikin-Ashi-Scalping System is…

It just works!

It works for complete beginners.

It works for already established traders.

It works if you trade with a smaller account.

It works if you trade with a bigger account.

It works for men.

It works for women.

It works no matter what country you are from.

And I am also sure…it will work for you.

What You Get is a Complete Step-By-Step Online Course
Where You Will Learn:

  • What scalping is and why it is the fastest & easiest way to make consistent profit as a beginner or established trader.
  • How to spot the perfect Heikin-Ashi-Setup for maximum profits.
  • How to enter and exit the markets at the right time.
  • Calculate the perfect position size to limit losses and maximize gains.
  • The mindset on how to become a consistently better trader.
  • A template for daily market analysis
  • BONUS: What broker is best suited for your trading needs.
  • BONUS: Scalping is Fun Book
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