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The Lifecycle Trade Team – TraderLion – IPO Masterclass (March 2023)

Master The Art Of Trading IPOs
IPO Masterclass

Join TraderLion & The Lifecycle Trade Team for a multi-session masterclass dissecting the art of trading IPOs and Super Growth Stocks.

Gain The Knowledge Of A Lifetime In Just 7 Events
Get access to actionable resources and expert analysis from industry professionals who know what it takes to successfully trade IPOs.

IPO Phases & Patterns
Webinar 1

Master how to successfully trade IPOs through in-depth analysis of monster IPOs, and actionable resources from The Lifecycle Trade Team.
Learn how to categorize and trade repeatable patterns.
Understand how to simplify the complexities of IPOs and maximize returns.

The Lifecycle Trade Findings, Sell Rules, Money Management
Webinar 2

  • Timing recent IPOs
  • Money Management and Mental Capital Preservation
  • Sell rules and results from our database analysis.

Building and Managing
Webinar 3

  • Kathy Donnelly shares her longer-term process including how she builds and manages positions using specific examples.
  • Strategies perfectly suited for long-term investors.

Theme and Fundamentals
Webinar 4

  • Eve Boboch does a deep dive into her specific process of researching the theme and fundamental story of each IPO.

Screening and Hedging
Webinar 5

  • Eric Krull walks you through the screening process he uses to stay on top of the patterns with the most potential.
  • Specific strategies to maximize performance and hedge against drawdowns.
  • A Session to solidify the process of trading IPOs.

Observations & Lessons Learned Trading Phases
Webinar 6

  • Kurt Daill shares his trade lessons learned from each phase in The Lifecycle Trade.
  • Discuss trade conviction, watchlist organization, and a few new ideas he is exploring.

Make It A Reality
Webinar 7

  • Get an in-depth look at what’s happening in the market right now and understand which IPOs deserve your attention. Timing recent IPOs
  • Trade like the LIfecycle Trade Team with a concrete understanding of only the most important IPO statistics.

Bonus Tools

… Plus valuable tools to help you significantly improve your performance trading IPOs.

Get access to actionable resources and expert analysis from industry professionals who know what it takes to successfully trade IPOs.

IPO Model Book
The model book provides clear instructions on how to recognize patterns and capitalize on them

Video Material
All presentations are completely recorded and students will have lifetime access.

Few IPOs Are ‘Very Successful’, Or Liquid Enough To Trade…

Of IPO Stocks Trade Over $20M/Day In Volume

Of IPO Stocks Achieve Gains >400%

Our IPO Masterclass is designed to get you focused on the best in breed, showing you where the highest probability of successful trade opportunities present themselves with new issues.

The IPO Masterclass is the best way to start profiting from IPOs.

What you get:

  • A step-by-step framework to identify life-changing IPO patterns.
  • 7 webinars, with activities and quizzes that will help you along the way.
  • A downloadable workbook to help drive home each point.
  • Bonus resources like the IPO Model Book.
  • Lifetime access to all resources

Meet The Lifecycle Trade Team

Kathy Donnelly

Kathy Donnelly received a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston. Despite a successful career in the Oil and Gas industry, Kathy’s goal has long been to manage her own money.

It was in 2006 when she met her team members in Naperville, Illinois, and was able to fulfill her dream and start trading actively. Today Kathy manages her own money while pursuing fitness goals. She recently became a three-time Ironman Finisher. Her mentors include the study team members, William O’Neil, Dan Zanger, and Peter Brandt.

Eve Boboch

Eve Boboch has been a portfolio manager and market strategist at Roppel Capital Management since 2011. Prior to joining the firm, Eve enjoyed a multifaceted career at the Federal Reserve for more than twenty years. She earned an MBA in Finance from Loyola University of Chicago.

She started investing in 1995, learning from mentors, including William O’Neil, Jim Roppel, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, Peter Brandt, Dan Zanger, and the study team members. She has a passion for the stock market and stock analysis and is featured in the book How to Make Money in Stocks Success Stories by Amy Smith.

Eric Krull

Eric Krull has been a full-time trader since 1999 and has managed a hedge fund in the Chicago area since 2013. Prior to that, he was a business management consultant, financial analyst, and project engineer. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago with a concentration in Investments.

Eric develops TradeStation® programs to analyze markets, stocks, and trading strategies. His mentors include William O’Neil, Jim Roppel, Dan Zanger, Mark Minervini, and the other study team members.

Kurt Daill

Kurt Daill retired from careers as a U.S. Naval Officer and United Airlines Pilot. After his Navy retirement, Kurt started reading books and attending courses by William O’Neil to improve his individual stock speculation skills.

In 2014, he founded the Pilot Investors Group, LLC, which coordinates monthly training events for individual stock speculators. Kurt remains engaged in the process of striving to become an expert in the field of money management and stock speculation.

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