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Nielsen Norman Group – Ecommerce User Experience – 5th Edition (Vol. 03)

Ecommerce User Experience
4th Edition

Topics: Ecommerce

A superior ecommerce user experience is a competitive advantage. Today’s consumers are not impressed with sites and apps that simply allow them to shop — they want retailers to anticipate and satisfy their every need. These reports outline detailed recommendations for improving the online shopping experience and remaining relevant in today’s ecommerce landscape.

This series includes 13 topical reports with 1073 design guidelines based on over 20 years of usability research. Discussions and more than 3100 screenshot illustrations supplement the findings.

Individual Reports
Vol. 01: Ecommerce User Behavior and Executive Summary for the Series
Get insights into people’s online shopping behavior. This 157-page report presents the key usability findings that all ecommerce organizations should know.

Vol. 02: Homepages, Navigation, and Product Comparisons
Gain customer interest and encourage them to browse your products by following these 62 design guidelines.

Vol. 03: Product Pages
Give ecommerce customers the product information they want, at the right time, and at the appropriate level of detail. Get 108 guidelines for producing engaging product pages.

Vol. 04: Shopping Carts, Checkout and Registration
Design a helpful shopping cart and a smooth checkout process by following these 137 design guidelines.

Vol. 05: Search, Filters, and Routing Pages
Give shoppers the tools they need to discover and explore your product selection. Get 139 tips for designing search, listing pages, category pages, and filters.

Vol. 06: Customer Service
Good ecommerce customer service leads to more loyal customers. Get 75 tips for designing websites that support customers when they need it.

Vol. 07: Selling Strategies
Users expect ecommerce retailers to anticipate and meet their needs throughout the entire shopping journey. Get 102 guidelines for improving your ecommerce marketing, merchandising, and selling techniques.

Vol. 08: Wishlists, Gift Cards, and Gift Giving
Help gift givers easily find and send the perfect gift. Get 87 tips for designing the ideal wishlist and gift-giving experience on your ecommerce site.

Vol. 09: Trust and Credibility
Trust is hard to build and easy to lose on ecommerce websites. Get 53 guidelines for helping visitors feel confident enough in your organization to take desirable actions.

Vol. 10: International Purchasers
International shoppers can differ from your domestic customers. Follow these 117 design guidelines to satisfy their needs and expand to global markets.

Vol. 11: Store Finders and Locators
Get people to your physical stores by making yourself easy to find. Get 50 tips for designing locators.

Vol. 12: Transactional Email, Confirmation Messages, and Notifications
Relevant and informative automated messages help users quickly identify their transaction status. Get 143 design guidelines to convey emails and notifications efficiently.

Vol. 13: Ecommerce User Research Methodology
Get inspiration for conducting your own studies. Learn how we collected the data so you can apply the suggestions appropriately.

What’s new in the fourth edition?
The fourth edition includes new and updated guidelines, including revisions and clarifications. For the fourth edition of this report series we conducted one large-scale lab-based usability study. In addition to this large study, researchers also conducted smaller, more targeted research studies to update and evolve each of the 11 topical ecommerce reports included in this report series. New findings and discussions include: mobile usability, live chat best practices, omnichannel strategies, streamlined shopping cart and checkout, expectations for product pages and product information, changes in customer behaviors and expectations, and much more.

Research Method
The information in these reports is based on three separate rounds of ecommerce studies, including:

  • One-on-one usability testing
  • Diary-based longitudinal study, for which people recorded their online experiences
  • Eyetracking

Representative users tested 255 ecommerce websites. The studies took place in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, and China (Hong Kong).

Three reports in this series are based on additional research studies (Wishlists, Gift Cards and Gift Giving, Store Finders and Locators, and Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages). Each of these three reports includes its own methodology section.

Ecommerce User Experience By Nielsen Norman Group, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Ecommerce _UX_01_UserBehavior_KeyFindings_ExecutiveSummary_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_02_homepagesandcategorypages_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_03_product_pages_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_04_shopping_cart_checkout_and_registration_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_05_search_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_06_customerservice_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_07_selling_strategies_4th_edition_ individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_08_wishlists_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_9_trust and credibility_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_10_international_purchasers_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • Ecommerce_UX_11_StoreFindersAndLocators_4th_Edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_12_transactionalemail_4th_edition_individual.pdf
  • ecommerce_ux_13_user_research_methodology_4th_edition_individual.pdf
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