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Manuela Mitevova – Hips Like Honey

Ready to Cleanse Deep Emotional Stress, Get Flexible + Free Your Hips in just 20 minutes a day?

If I got a penny everytime my students asked me for the ultimate hip opening practice just to feel that famed hip release ‘aaahhh’ moment, I’d be a millionaire.

It’s here Now!

Imagine this…

✓ Feeling complete relief and lightness in your whole body

✓ Releasing years of pent-up stress that has accumulated in the hips (yes, that’s where we store it!)

✓ Accessing deep hip opening poses by engaging your emotions and your energetic body

✓ Keeping your hips healthy, happy, and feeling their best

✓ Unlocking stagnant energy in the sacral chakra and tapping into your true and creative self

✓ Establishing a mind-body connection that will transform the way you move and live

…I’ve spent years perfecting my hip opening practice into a Feel-Good Ritual and I’m here to help you make it your own!

How Will Mindful Hip Opening Change Your Life?

I’m not exaggerating when I say this…

Finding a way to work with your emotions through movement is the ultimate life changer!

I’ve spent years going into the deep end and discovering what my body is trying to tell me (hint: there is always something), and what I’ve found is that my hips were screeeeaming for attention.

Maybe you know it too- tightness, low back pain, feeling low and not fully in your expressed self. That’s year after year of unresolved issues, accumulated stress, and not enough mindful movement.

What you need is to breathe life into your hips!

Your Transformation Starts Today
Welcome to…Hips Like Honey

Your Ultimate Hip (and Soul) Releasing Program

Learn how to access the hidden meaning of hip tension and cultivate freedom and ease in your body.

In just 20 minutes a day (yes, it’s that powerful)!

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, this program will cover everything your hips could possibly need, from mobility practices and tips, to deep stretches, full body flows (because the hips are connected to everything), mindful breathing and ways to work with your own (sometimes very stuck) energy.

There’s more to hips than meets the eye, and I’m here to teach you how to get the ultimate relief both in your physical AND emotional body.

I’m Manu
I’m an embodied yoga and meditation teacher, and I’m obsessed with mindful movement and finding joy through flow.

I’ve been living with a hip dysfunction for years (which I got after a snowboarding accident), and I’ve spent an incredible amount of time figuring out how to fix myself and move freely again.

I’ve seen my life transform and my energy center shift completely once I started working mindfully with my hip.

I’ve created Hips Like Honey to be filled with tried and tested tips on how to feel into your hips, rather than just push them into deep stretches and openers, because I know that’s not the answer to anything.

I’m here to show you how to establish a loving relationship with your hips that will last you a lifetime.

See you on the mat!

Much love

Hips Like Honey

Getting Started

Welcome to Hips Like Honey(4:50)

TIMETABLES: The 6 Pathways

BONUS: Body & Mind Hip Anatomy(13:32)


WARM UP- Cozy Hips(14:08)

BEGINNER: STRETCH- Sink into Relief(28:59)

STRETCH- Sink into Relief(19:08)

BEGINNER: PRACTICE- Squat Unlock(12:49)

PRACTICE- Squat Unlock(11:27)

BALANCE- The Marching Band(12:53)

FLOW- Root & Open(34:54)


WARM UP- Hip Play(8:15)

BEGINNER: STRETCH- Hips to Heart(27:12)

STRETCH- Hips to Heart(18:52)

BEGINNER: PRACTICE- Soften into Middle Splits(17:31)

PRACTICE- Soften into Middle Splits(13:20)

BALANCE- Hurdles(10:18)

FLOW- Happy Hamstrings(26:04)


WARM UP- Standing Hip Release(8:47)

STRETCH- Way to Frog(9:29)

PRACTICE- 90/90 Hip Health(12:33)

BALANCE- Airplanes(14:26)

FLOW- Buttery Hips(25:30)


WARM UP- Full Range of Motion Hips(16:13)

STRETCH- Deep Hip Melt(15:43)

BEGINNER: PRACTICE- Side Lunge Smoothness(14:24)

PRACTICE- Side Lunge Smoothness(10:58)

BALANCE- Rising Star(11:31)

FLOW- Hips Cracked Open(23:26)

Ending on a High Note

You’ve completed Hips Like Honey!(1:06)

How did you enjoy Hips Like Honey?

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