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Kulreet Chaudhary – Sound Medicine: Integrating Modern Science with Ancient Practices – Collection


Why does a baby’s cry instantly flood a mother’s body with a myriad of stress hormones? How can a song on the radio stir up powerful emotions, from joy to anger, regret to desire? Why does sound evoke such primal and deeply felt emotions?

Sound is a vibration that travels through air, water, and solids and therefore through the human body. Sound has the capacity to shift neurochemistry and neurobiology in a profound and unprecedented way as a therapeutic tool as well as a technique to unleash human potential. It’s produced by all matter and is a fundamental part of survival for every species because our brains are wired to immediately shift in response to sound. Yet there is a hidden power within sound that has only begun to be investigated.

Be surprised at the power of sound to move energy in the body and mind resulting in immediate physical and psychological shift. Become aware of how unconsciously and negligently most of us use sound in our daily life. Sound is a powerful technology and has been documented as such in many ancient civilizations. Although we are the most modern of civilizations, our understanding and use of sound is primitive. Awaken to the use of sound in a purposeful and deliberate way to improve and empower your life.

Module 1: Meet Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary: Your Guide For This Journey
We begin this course with an in-depth interview with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary. Dr. Chaudhary will describe how as a medically trained neurologist, she became an Ayurvedic Practitioner who began blending east and west medical philosophies to optimize treatment for chronic neurodegenerative conditions. She will also discuss her discovery of the sound medicine both in her personal life and as a therapeutic tool for her patients. Dr. Chaudhary will discuss the dramatic shift in her understanding of sound medicine when she embarked on a medical exposition to south India as one of the first American physicians working to uncover the secrets hidden in the highly guarded, ancient records of Siddha Medicine.

Module 2: Entering the Chakras Through Ayurveda
Learn the basic principles of Ayurveda that will help you to better recognize your mind-body type, or dosha. Once you understand your dosha, you will be able to apply personalized lifestyle recommendations to maximize your unique blueprint, rather than being disappointed by following every new emerging fad. We will take a dosha quiz together so that you can begin to implement your personalize program immediately following the module. We will also build upon the basic principles of the doshas and five elements to understand the intersection of the physical and energetic bodies, or chakras, to create a more complete picture of the human being. This basic understanding of the eastern perspectives of the human biofield will prepare participants to understand the ancient and modern science of sound medicine in module 3.

Module 3: The Science of Mantras
In this interactive and dynamic experience, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary will demonstrate how you can use sound to improve your mental and physical wellbeing through a journey into the most ancient texts of India, the Siddha palm leaf tests, and into modern quantum physics. Dr. Chaudhary explains how sound impacts the human body and brain uniquely, and explores the physiological effects of sound vibration, from altering mood to healing disease to connecting to one’s higher consciousness. This revolutionary approach combines biology, quantum physics and ancient mystical practices and will demonstrate how individuals can use sound to improve their mental and physical wellbeing by creating inner coherence, which benefits the individual, our community and our workplace. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary takes audience members on a passage into sound unlike anything presented to the modern world.

Module 4: The Sound Bath Experience
Now that participants have a solid footing on the science of sound, it is time to experience the power of sound directly. Dr. Chaudhary will review FAQs about starting a personalized, daily sound practice and explain some of the physiological shifts that can happen when you first begin using sound as medicine. Then, we will begin our experience of sound medicine as a group. The first experience will be the chanting of a special chakra mantra from ancient India. The chakras are energy systems that run throughout the body and the chakra mantra is a sequence of monosyllabic bija mantras, or seed mantras, that sequentially balance these main energy centers. The second sound experience will be with two different mantras that collect and concentrate the Divine Feminine energy from nature. The first mantra is traditionally used to harness and balance all of the qualities of Divine Femininity equally—wisdom, abundance and courage. The second one is an ancient mantra that was used in times of great challenges, such as pandemics, to deflect negativity away from families and communities.

Students who take this course will:
Understand the basic principles of Ayurveda that impact your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Identify your individual dosha and make individualized lifestyle choices to support your health.
Describe the 7 main chakras.
Correlate the energies of the 3 doshas with the chakras.
Demonstrate knowledge of the emerging scientific model for sound medicine.
Compare the modern theory of the human biofield to the ancient models of the five sheaths of human beings.
Identify and use mantras for balancing energies in the body and environment.
Create a daily sound therapy exercise at home to bring balance, remove negativity and experience peace.


Kulreet Chaudhary

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary’s combined expertise in both modern neurology and the ancient science of health known as Ayurveda has uniquely positioned her as an expert able to pull from the broadest possible base to treat her clients. Dr. Chaudhary was the Director of Wellspring Health in Scripps Memorial Hospital for ten years. She is the author of The Prime and Sound Medicine and has appeared as a medical expert on numerous programs including The Dr. Oz Show and Home & Family. She is also a neuroscientist and has participated in over twenty clinical research studies. Her research includes groundbreaking work in stem cell therapies for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and drug development for the treatment of ALS. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary spends her time doing research in Siddha Medicine in Tamil Nadu, India and seeing patients for Integrative Medicine consultations from San Diego, California.

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