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Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Copy Chief presents…
The “Secret Side Door” 
Into Financial Copy

The fastest shortcut to making six-figures with royalties as a financial copywriter.
From the guy who went from being a fired pastor and dead-broke freelancer
with two kids…

To becoming a copy chief with Agora and selling more than $15 million in the last 3 years.

My wife choked back tears as her voice shook with fear.
I couldn’t believe it happened again.
I sat in the parking lot of my now former employer…
While I called my wife to tell her I was coming home early because I had been fired AGAIN.
This was the third job I had been fired from in six years.
It was Friday, June 1st, 2018. And it was the worst day of my life.
Yet, in hindsight, I can now see how it was also one of the best days of my life.
Because while I didn’t know it then, this day would set me on the path to…

Do what I love and make more money
than I could ever imagine
You see, not only had I been fired on that fateful day…
But I had been fired at the worst possible time.
Because my father had passed away just a few months before, leaving my wife and I to scramble to pay for his funeral.
And we had virtually nothing left in our savings account.
Only $289.
Which for our family of three, with a second baby on the way, wasn’t much.
We needed to buy groceries, pay the utility bills, cell phone, and car payments…
Plus, the $861 mortgage was due at the end of the month.
And I had more than $100,000 hanging over my head in student loan debt.
Life had hit us pretty hard. Things were brutal.
The proverbial wolf was at the door.

I needed a consistent way to make money,
and make money fast
I knew freelance copywriting could get me there…
But I didn’t have a plan for putting my talent to use.
That’s about the time I met Kevin Rogers and heard about Copy Chief.
Kevin gave me some quick, practical tips for getting clients, which helped A LOT.
He showed me how to use my interests and experiences from before I began freelancing, to jumpstart my copywriting career.
And he taught me how to position myself as the prize when talking to business owners about how I could help their marketing.
Things were starting to get better, but I knew all the big money was made in financial.
That’s when I learned a secret from Mark Ford, one of the co-founders of Agora, that I’ll share with you in a moment.
But this secret gave me an easy way to get my foot in the door with financial copywriting and allowed me to…

Get HIRED and Get PAID
And within THREE months of being fired from my last job, I landed my first gig with a major financial publisher.
Fast forward to today, and I’m a copy chief with Banyan Hill, an Agora company.
I’ve written for financial experts who are former billion-dollar hedge fund managers on Wall Street… multimillion-dollar stock traders… and Bitcoin millionaires.
And I’ve worked with and learned from some of…

The best financial copywriters and publishers
the industry has ever produced


  • Aaron DeHoog, CEO and Executive Publisher of Banyan Hill
  • ​Mike Ward, Founder of Money Map Press
  • ​Porter Stansberry, Founder of Stansberry Research and Porter & Co.
  • ​Joe Schriefer, Former Publisher of Agora Financial

As well as legendary copy chiefs, like…

  • Jedd Canty
  • ​Henry Bingaman, and
  • Evaldo Albuquerque

I’ve even had several of my promotions personally reviewed by Bill Bonner and Mark Ford.
Along the way, I’ve written promos that have sold more than $15 million over the last 3 years.

  • Including two of the best-selling backend promos at Banyan Hill in 2022…
  • ​One of the best-selling frontend promos at Money Map Press in 2021…
  • ​And a real estate investing promo that made more than $10 million during 2020.

Now, I’m showing aspiring financial copywriters like you, how they too can….
Conquer the imposter syndrome that holds them back…
Break into financial copywriting…
Earn the coveted six-figure retainer with a major financial publisher, and…

Get paid an additional high five-to-six figures
a year in royalties
But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hi, my name is
Joshua Lee Henry
When I started in financial copy, I had ZERO experience with investing.
I didn’t have a business degree.
I never studied economics.
And I certainly wasn’t the best at math. (I’m still not great.)
Before being fired, I had spent the last 10 years being a pastor, leading nonprofit ministries and serving at food banks.
In fact, at one point I donated nearly everything I had to help the poor, and was considering living among the homeless.
So, writing financial copy and rubbing elbows with former Wall Street hedge fund managers, was the furthest thing from my mind.
But after being fired from my third job, it was starting to look like I was the one who needed help from the local food bank.
Thankfully, I discovered this secret from Mark Ford in the nick of time and…
It saved me YEARS of struggling, searching, and spinning my wheels in frustration to grow my freelance career
And the best thing is, this secret is so simple.
Anyone can follow the same secret to get started in financial.

Take my friend, Tania Yeo.
She’s a former art and literature teacher from Singapore. Yet, Tania has used this secret repeatedly over the last 12 months to advance through the ranks of financial copywriting.
Tania used this secret to help her land a paid short-form copy project with Banyan Hill.
She then parlayed that experience into a full-time gig as Grant Cardone’s first investment copywriter and assistant copy chief.
While with Cardone, Tania sold nearly….
$1 million of business and real estate info-products
in about 6 months!
After crushing it there, Tania was invited into the prestigious, Stansberry Research Copy Boot Camp with Mike Palmer (the copywriter behind the most successful financial VSL of all time — “End of America”)… which was promoted in Copy Chief.
And she’s continuing to use this secret today to come up with big ideas and write breakthrough headlines and leads.

Then there’s my friend,
David Maswary
He’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt and former foreign language interpreter.
David began his professional career translating English, Spanish, and Italian texts into Portuguese for the Brazilian government.
But he always had an interest in geopolitics and macroeconomics. So, when he wanted to break into financial copy… Dave used this secret to…
Land a gig writing for a major tech investor and venture capitalist, 
with an eight-figure business
From there, he became a copywriter for Mauldin Economics.
Now, Dave’s pumping out financial promos under the close guidance of famed copy chief, Evaldo Albuquerque at Next Phase Media.

Then there’s my friend,
Carolynn Ananian
She spent the first 4 years of her freelancing career writing for all kinds of niches.
She took whatever clients came in the door: from bizopp to tech companies, from the online education space to online dating.
She even did non-copy writing projects for a compliance firm that helped people not get sued in a data breach. Talk about boring.
Carolynn had never considered writing financial copy before. But then she saw this secret in action at the 2019 Copy Chief Live event.
It’s a great story involving a bottle of whiskey, a tablecloth and several 
senior-level Agora publishers…
That I don’t have time to get into here. (Don’t worry. I’ll tell you where you can hear the whole story in a moment…)
But after this, Carolynn took a chance, put in the work, and within no time had landed a full-time job at Agora.
Within three years, she went from a junior writer to a copy manager overseeing acquisition and renewals.
Now, Carolynn is writing full promos for Stansberry Research, and working up-close with her copy chief, Kelly Brown.

Tania, David, and Carolynn all had the same realization I did following this simple secret.
And as a result, they experienced the same freedom I felt as well.
I’m talking about the freedom that comes with NOT having to have it all figured out to get started.
You see, the secret I learned from Mark Ford is the simple fact that…

And the copywriters who help financial companies “make money, are capable of demanding large incomes.”
So the faster you can get your foot in the door with these financial companies…
Using the unique value-first, “secret side door” strategies I teach…
The faster you can shortcut your success and get the traction you need and start earning the big bucks.
I’ll tell you exactly how you can connect with these financial companies in a moment.
And I’ll show you how you can get direct mentoring from me and some of the top financial copywriters in the world, so you can…

Accelerate your own ability to GET HIRED
But the thing is, so many people have disqualified themselves from being able to write financial copy, without first giving it a shot.
But when you take Mark’s “money loves speed” approach you can leverage the speed of action to your advantage. And…

  • Conquer Imposter Syndrome.
  • ​Overcome the fear of not knowing enough.
  • ​And free yourself from the paralysis of analysis.

Because when you’re considering getting into financial copy…
All that matters is you have the right attitude, a willingness to learn, and are driven by results.
If that’s you, then the good news is you are ALREADY ready.
And the timing for you is perfect!

Right now is the VERY best time to
Get into financial copy
Now, I’ve had people ask me if this really is the best time to get into financial.
Maybe they’ve heard of the market’s recent ups and downs.
Or maybe they’ve heard about some of the disruptions in the traditional financial publishing industry.
But let me tell you…

I know for a FACT financial publishers are hiring…
For instance…

  • Banyan Hill
  • ​Money Map Press
  • ​Agora Financial
  • ​Stansberry Research
  • TIFIN Wealth
  • ​Seeking Alpha
  • ​Legacy Research

Are all looking for copywriting and marketing rockstars to join their teams.
So while I know there are a lot of changes going on in the industry right now, it’s really just indicative of the incredible opportunities unfolding today.

That’s why LinkedIn, Upwork, and SmartBlogger say…

With the demand for financial copywriters set to grow exponentially over the next decade.
Which is why SmartBlogger says, “If you can write about financial topics, this is where the money is. Literally, this is where the actual money is.”

This is because of three simple reasons.

  1. There are more people investing right now than ever before.
  2. There is more money flowing through the markets right now than ever before.
  3. ​It is easier for people to invest right now than ever before.

Each of these reasons is expanding the opportunity for financial copywriters today.
Let’s tackle each of these one at a time.

1. There are more people investing right now  than ever before.
A new poll by Gallup shows a record, 61% of Americans are invested in the stock market. Either through stocks, mutual funds, or a 401(k) or IRA.
This means the number of people investing today is as high as it’s been in the last 25 years.
What’s more is CNBC reports nearly HALF of all Americans regret not investing more money over the last decade.
Which explains why more people keep opening up investment accounts at record pace.
Get this, in 2020 alone there were more than 10 million new investment accounts opened. More than any other year in history!
And the number of new accounts has continued to grow since then. Now totaling more than 88 million.
With 10,000 new Americans reaching retirement age every single day. A trend that will continue for the next decade.
And 65% of millennials identifying as self-directed investors.
That’s why Forbes says the continued popularity of millennials investing today, “will propel stocks higher for years.”
Which brings us to…

2. There’s more money flowing through the markets right now than ever before.
The total value for the U.S. stock market is now worth more than $40 TRILLION.
A whopping amount that has grown more than SIX TIMES the size it was 25 years ago.
And today, the U.S. market represents nearly 60% of ALL stock market value in the world.
That makes sense when you see how the recent number of new stock IPOs has more than QUADRUPLED…. Far exceeding the annual average since 2000.
While the number of new cryptocurrencies has EXPLODED. With 131 times as many cryptos available today than there was a decade ago.
Which is why…
Today, there are more than 80,000 Bitcoin millionaires…
A number that DOUBLED in the first half of 2023.
With another 30,000 or so crypto millionaires from altcoins like Ethereum and Cardano.
And altogether, there are 19 crypto BILLIONAIRES in the world!
Not only that, but even gold and silver have made a comeback. Reaching prices near all-time highs.
And bonds are offering some of the most attractive interest payments for investors in history.
If you’re unfamiliar with some of these financial terms and concepts, don’t worry. I didn’t know them either when I started. But believe me, when I say…
These are all great things for financial copywriters like us
In fact, the total addressable market size for serving self-directed investors, is $59 billion.
This is a HUGE opportunity for financial publishers.
Finally, the reason we’ve seen such a massive growth in the U.S. markets lately, is in large part because…

3. It’s easier for people to invest right now than ever before.
There’s been an explosion of financial technology over the last decade.
Companies like PayPal, Square and Stripe just barely scratch the surface of what’s possible with fintech.
Today, online brokers like Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, and Fidelity allow you to buy shares of stock with a simple click on your smartphone.
Crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance offer the same services for digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano.
And Fortune reports real estate apps like DiversyFund and Fundrise allow normal, everyday people to buy a stake in commercial real estate developments. And build an investment portfolio through venture capital—for as little as $10!
Previously, these were only opportunities limited to the ultra-wealthy and high-net worth insiders.
But now, because of the explosion in new financial technology…regular investors on main street can have access to the same profit opportunities as the big firms on Wall Street.
Not to mention every bank, credit union and insurance company out there, has a mobile app for you to download and manage your accounts.
And through Facebook, you can even buy virtual real estate and NFT’s in the Metaverse.

The fact is, financial copywriting isn’t
the same niche it used to be
Times have changed, and an entirely new world of opportunity and abundance has opened up.
Old school stock tips and print newsletters have turned into live trading rooms, crypto-loving digital communities, AI-based trading software and more.
And things continue to expand rapidly…
In fact, the cryptocurrency market is projected to grow into a $1.4 trillion industry by 2030.
With the fintech market, expected to hit $1.5 trillion by then.
That’s bigger than the projected growth of the global personal computer market… the global smartphone market, and the global electric vehicle market will all be by that time— COMBINED.
That’s why many experts believe we’re right on the cusp of a new and exciting era of finance.
Ray Dalio, founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, calls this the investing opportunity of a lifetime.
Saying, “over the next decade, I foresee artificial intelligence revolutionizing the investment landscape.
Famous tech investor Cathie Wood said the price of a single Bitcoin could reach $1.48 million.
And Warren Buffett’s legendary investing partner, Charlie Munger says “When the world changes, you must change.”
Which is why Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Ad Age have reported the massive growth opportunity of online marketers and copywriters serving the financial industry.
Simply because the industry is changing so fast.
With Forbes saying, “having a strong digital marketing strategy is a must if you want to succeed in the increasingly competitive finance industry.”
All of this means…

Because these breakthroughs are positively impacting financial publishing as well.
And even experienced investors are looking for help. They’re willing to pay a ton of money to learn how to best take advantage of these new opportunities.
Which explains why more and more people are interested in buying more financial research and investment information than ever.
They’re buying more investing software…
More access to live trading rooms…
And more stock and crypto recommendations.
And more new financial opportunities… means more financial companies hiring more copywriters to sell their products and services.
And since these are some of the highest priced information products available anywhere, the income potential is HUGE.
That’s why LinkedIn said writing financial copy, including copy for cryptos, is

Let me show you how.
It’s pretty typical for a newer financial copywriter to make between $5,000 and $7,000 a month, either inhouse with a company as an employee. Or on a retainer as a full-time, independent contractor.
So let’s say you make an average base pay of $6,000 a month…
And then you can make a 5% royalty for writing short-form copy like ads and emails.
Well, if your copy sells $50,000 a month, that’s an additional, $2,500 in royalties per month.
Which puts you over $100,000 for the year.
And trust me, this is on the low-side.
To put the opportunity in context, most Agora companies are selling more than $1,000,000 a month right now.
And only a small percentage of that revenue each month comes from launching new promos.
Instead, the majority of sales are made through short-form copy like ads, emails, and advertorials, that point people to existing promos.
On the flip side, when you become a senior copywriter and you DO start writing full promos, the retainers can often START at six-figures.
Add a solid, full-length VSL that brings in a half a million in sales, and you can easily earn an additional $25,000 on that single promo alone. I’ve done it several times.
Four promos a year that pay $25,000 each is an EXTRA six-figures in royalties.
Of course, I know many financial copywriters who have hit a homerun on the right idea, at the right time, and were…

Paid more than $100,000 in royalties
for just ONE promo
And on the extreme side…
I’ve personally worked with THREE financial copywriters at Agora who have all made more than a MILLION dollars a year in royalties.
Rare? Yes.
Impossible? No.
How many other industries out there can you make SEVEN-FIGURES a year in royalties?
And this is just based on the Agora model.
If you look at the broader fintech space, there are currently…

More than 500 fintech companies today making
between $50 and $100 million per year!
That’s about $6.2 million a month on average.
And there are 335 financial service, fintech, and crypto companies, listed on the Inc. 5000
Totaling more than $32.5 billion in revenue.
All these companies need marketing and copy to sell their products and services.
Which means the opportunities for financial copywriters have never been greater!
And those opportunities will only continue to grow for many more years to come. Because of the rapid growth in fintech, crypto, AI, and the decentralization of finance.
So, if you’re the type of person who likes to…

  • Take on new challenges.
  • ​Research truly unique and important big ideas.
  • ​And persuade others to buy into, and buy from, your writing…

Then you have all the ingredients needed to succeed in this new world of financial copy!
Because here’s the thing…
While writing financial copy has a long reputation for being…
The most challenging…most competitive…and highest paid niche…in more than the 180-years of direct response advertising…

It’s actually not as hard as people think!
Again, if you have a good attitude, are willing to learn, and are able to take massive action to drive results…
Then you already have the foundation you need to be successful.
The rest will come with time, experience, and the feedback of mentors.
In fact, I quickly realized when I started, that my lack of experience in financial was actually a benefit for me.
Because I was able to communicate what are sometimes complex investing strategies into very simple terms and ideas.
I had to simplify things so I could understand them!
The same thing is true for many others who have been successful in financial copy.
For example, before getting into financial publishing, Aaron DeHoog was a Christian school teacher.
Henry Bingaman was a flight attendant for United Airline.
Even Mark Ford didn’t have an investing degree before he started working with Agora.
He was in the Peace Corp of all things, and spent two years teaching university students in Africa.
But through taking MASSIVE, FAST ACTION…
Learning through testing…
And quickly assimilating new information, Mark said you can…

“Guarantee you grow richer, and wealthier every single day for the rest of your life.”
So it doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t done in the past.
All that matters is you have a proven path, and the support and guidance of an experienced mentor who can help you get to where you want to go.
In fact, Mike Palmer, who recently just helped hire eight new copywriters at Stansberry, recently said having a good mentor and working closely with a group of great copywriters, marketers, and editors, was…

“The only way you will ever get to the top of the copywriting world… and make millions of dollars over the long run.”
That’s why I’ve partnered with Kevin Rogers and Copy Chief, and have enlisted the help of Agora’s best copywriters, publishers and marketers….
To create the first ever “side door” into financial copy.
We call it, the…


“If this was how financial copywriting looked when I was a freelancer,
I would have been absolutely enthused about it.”
Kevin Rogers,
Founder, Copy Chief

And there is absolutely NOTHING like this anywhere else.
Because this is the fastest shortcut to break into the industry, without having to relocate, go inhouse with a publisher, or know everything about investing.
And it offers you a proven path for learning the basics, mastering the mindset, and testing your skills for writing financial copy.
While also introducing you to…
The financial companies looking to HIRE new copywriters
In short, it’s the easiest way to begin learning about the industry, find out who the players are, and see what financial copy looks like.
And most importantly, it opens up the door for you to get hired and get paid.
That’s why we call it the “Secret Side Door.”
Aaron DeHoog, who gave our first training, described it best, when he said jumping in giving feedback, and learning financial copywriting with a community, is…


Here are a few of the instructors, copy mentors, and special guests you’ll find inside World of Financial Copywriting.

Many of these are working copywriters with CURRENT multi-million dollar promos running.

Joshua Lee Henry is a former mega-church pastor turned financial copywriter.
Currently, he writes for Money & Markets, one of the fastest-growing franchises at Banyan Hill. With several multimillion-dollar promos under his belt, Joshua has brought in tens of thousands of new customers for his financial publishing clients.

Aaron DeHoog is the Executive Publisher at Banyan Hill publishing.
In his years at this post, Aaron has taken Banyan Hill from a wobbling (by Agora standards) 6 million dollar producer to a 100 million producer.
His knowledge of the financial industry is unmatched and we are glad to have him involved in this special training.

Tim Diering has been working in the copywriting trenches for 20 years – writing mostly for the big financial publishers at Agora.
Today, he’s a Copy Chief with Banyan Hill – one of the biggest divisions of Agora. He’s worked with many copywriters over the course of his career.
He’s a member of Kevin Roger’s private mastermind, Supergroup, and the creator of “Generating the Big Idea” a popular Copy Chief training.

Carolynn Ananian is a financial copywriter at Stansberry Research.
She’s experienced with all stages of the customer lifecycle, from increasing cart value with new customers to saving long-time customers (and cross-selling them to new products).
The bulk of her work these days is digital marketing, but she’s also written a lot for direct mail. Her work has generated millions, even during the pandemic when finance was in the toilet.

David Maswary , is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and speaks 4 languages. Before writing financial copy, Dave was a foreign languages interpreter, helping billion-dollar equity firms and private investors looking to invest in Brazil.
Dave used his market knowledge to start writing for a major tech investor and venture capitalist with an eight-figure business. From there he became a copywriter for Mauldin Economics.
Now, he’s pumping out financial promos under the close guidance of famed copy chief Evaldo Albuquerque at Next Phase Media.

Tania Yeo is a Singaporean direct response financial copywriter who’s worked with Banyan Hill Publishing, Grant Cardone, Mirasee, and Stansberry Research.
As the former assistant copy chief and real estate investment copywriter for Grant Cardone, she’s pulled in an astounding $1 million in sales within 6 months through her sales copy and promotional emails.
With a background as an Art & Literature Teacher, she brings a unique blend of creativity and literary savvy to her copywriting game.

Plus many more to come with new live trainings each month!


Here’s what you’ll learn once you join the World of Financial Copywriting:

Lesson #1: The “Secret Side Door” to Financial Copywriting 
This lesson is all about why there’s so much opportunity in the financial industry and how YOU can be a part of it. You’ll also discover why you do not need to be a financial expert to become a financial copywriter.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get an insider’s view of the Agora Hierarchy—including their publishing funnel
  • The top 3 things beginners should do to get good at financial copywriting
  • Why the biggest misconception about financial publishing doesn’t apply anymore
  • All about the financial industry’s avatar- and why “Grandpa Kurt” is phasing out as the financial world’s most prominent buyer

PLUS see an exclusive BONUS Q&A with Aaron DeHoog, Executive Publisher at Banyan Hill 
(who said these questions were so good he felt like he was being interviewed for a job)

Lesson #2: How to Write A Million-Dollar Promo
During this lesson, you’ll start to dive into what makes financial promos work and bring in the big bucks. You’ll see exactly how Banyan Hill and Money Map publishers recommend you avoid making a very common (and critical) mistake with your financial copy.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at Banyan Hill’s Next Gen Coin: one of the top front-end promos in all of Agora right now
  • Get a live look at one of Joshua Lee Henry’s newest promos
  • Hear how “Big Ideas” are born (and which ones succeed)
  • See the start-to-finish system for crafting a financial promotion (front and backend!)
  • Learn the proven process Agora writers use to create new promos
  • See what you can do today to start planning your first financial promotion
  • Check out a successful backend promo breakdown from Money Map Press, start to finish
  • Get specific examples of current successful sales pages and VSLs

Plus, a bonus Q&A with writers and publishers from Banyan Hill and Money Map Press.

Lesson #3: How The Pros Turn Research Into Riches
It’s time to figure out who you’re writing for and how you will speak to them. This avatar has changed quite a bit recently so having an insider’s perspective, like your mentors will give you, is critical to your success. You’ll also see how the best copywriters and publishers perform research that is thorough and effective.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • See how 7-figure copywriters do research effectively, from new promo start to a complete launch
  • Discover where to look if you want to find “golden nuggets” of interesting information for your promo
  • Find out why you should stop obsessing over the “big idea” – and instead hone your researching skills
  • See how to turn boring facts, stats, and data points into compelling benefits
  • Learn how to make legal review a breeze by researching right
  • See why you should never delete anything
  • Learn how to craft a story using the research you’ve done
  • Get a fail-proof guide for organizing your research and ideas
  • And more!

Plus a bonus Q&A with Carolynn Ananian, Copywriter at Stansberry Research

Lesson #4: Creating Great Leads and Hooks for Financial Copy
This is where you will learn about the most important part of your copy – the lead. In the financial copy industry, there are certain rules that our experts recommend you follow and they want to show you each and every one of them in this powerful lesson.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Hear the Carrot Top Copywriting Secret for Telling Your Story
  • Discover what copywriters can learn from successful visual comedians
  • Learn the art of writing visual copy.
  • See how to use callbacks and memetic devices to sell products effortlessly
  • Learn how to supercharge your big ideas (instead of forcing them)
  • See why tangible visual representations are an expert copywriter’s pocket ace
  • Find out to avoid “cute” copy and instead write fewer words masterfully
  • Discover how one simple visual can make or break your entire message

Plus a bonus Q&A with Kevin Rogers

Lesson #5: Compliance and the FTC
There are a lot of BIG do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing copy in the financial industry, and our experts will share everything you need to know to pass any compliance tests.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Receive simple guidelines to follow when writing compliant copy
  • Discover why compliance is NOT what A-list copywriters focus on (and what to set your sights on instead)
  • Learn why the FTC crackdown is good for the financial publishing industry
  • See the biggest difference between good and scammy copy
  • Come away with tips to leverage compliance restrictions so you can beat the competition every time
  • Get the “cheat code” that turns working with legal into a dream instead of a nightmare
  • Find out how to switch your mindset and see the freedom regulation gives you as a copywriter

Plus a bonus Q&A with Tim Diering from Banyan Hill and Dave Maswary of Next Phase Media

Lesson #6: Pro Tips for Breaking Into the Industry
You’ve put in the reps and learned what it takes to write high-performing financial copy, now it’s time to get hired. This lesson is all about the steps you need to take to get hired and break into the industry.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get The Financial Copywriting Field Guide for getting good and getting hired quickly in an industry that can’t hire copywriters fast enough
  • See which companies you should research to rapidly absorb the best of the best in the financial industry (and which ones to avoid)
  • Discover the best way to get in front of your dream clients and start conversations (even if you’ve never had a financial copywriting job before!)
  • Learn how to get publishers to chase after you(Joshua will show you his exact process you can easily replicate)
  • Find out what to read to get up to speed and remain knowledgeable in a rapidly changing industry
  • See how to interview like a “pro” and get paid what you deserve
  • Get the best way to follow up with potential clients after you’ve contacted them (don’t approach anyone without learning this method first)

Plus, a bonus Q&A with Joshua Lee Henry and an “all-star” WOFC panel. 
(This is where you can hear the entertaining “whiskey bottle” story with Agora copy chiefs, 
from the 2019 Copy Chief Live event.)

Lesson #7: Advanced Financial Copywriting Training
How to Recession-Proof Your Financial Career – Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of financial copy, it’s time to polish that diamond even further with more advanced tactics including how to continue your education and continue to grow your new career path. No matter what’s happening in the economy or on Wall Street.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get tips from an executive financial publisher for landing financial copy gigs when the markets are down
  • Receive strategies for leveraging your Copy Chief membership to build your financial career
  • See why the financial world will always be a lucrative opportunity for dedicated writers
  • Discover how to set yourself apart so your career always stays steady even if a downturn hits
  • Find out how the best financial copywriters still pull in the big bucks even in a bear market
  • Find out how to stabilize your copywriting career and prep for the next big bull market on Wall Street
  • Hear how financial publishers are making plans to succeed if a recession hits.

Plus, see a bonus Q&A with Aaron DeHoog, Kevin Rogers, and Joshua Lee Henry

BONUS Lesson #8: Financial Copywriting Experts Panel
6 Female Financial Copywriting Pros Talk About Life in the Most Competitive Career Field (and how They Succeed)
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it in financial publishing- one of the most competitive fields in copywriting? There are many paths to success in the world of financial copy, and not every path looks the same. But there are a few key factors that make financial copywriters successful—no matter what path they choose.

In this BONUS Lesson, The Financial Copywriting Experts Panel, you’ll hear from these copywriting pros…

  • Carolynn Ananian—Copy Chief badassador. Copywriter at Stansberry
  • Renee LeMire—Senior Retention Manager at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Angela Jirau—Former Publisher in charge of The Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Sarah Glassman—Business Growth Consultant with decades of experience in financial publishing
  • Jennifer Somerville—Director of Product Development at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Lindsey Sprute—Chief Marketing Officer at Banyan Hill Publishing

In this Q&A panel, you’ll …

  • Learn career success strategies from these top-performing women of the financial copywriting world
  • Hear answers to so-called “taboo” questions of the financial copywriting world
  • Get answers to burning questions about life as a woman in financial copywriting
  • Learn how to succeed massively in copywriting… even when the odds are against you
  • Get pro-level secrets for making a name for yourself in the fin-pub space
  • Learn what to do (and what not to do) if you want to break into the financial copywriting world successfully regardless of your background or where you’re coming from.


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Short version – don’t worry about not having financial knowledge or experience, we’ll handle all of that…
Longer version – Believe it or not, many of the publishers we’re bringing in would prefer a blank slate to work with (less bad habits to correct).
They are looking for other traits, outside of financial industry knowledge, like willingness to learn and work hard,
You don’t need to know about trading and investing…
And you don’t need to be a “super aggressive” type of copywriter.
You’ll learn everything you need to know about breaking into the financial industry inside the World of Financial Copywriting. Just follow along with each lesson, do the work, and trust your instructors.
Just look at my friends…

Jason Hakes
Lisa Edwards
Mark Herdt

Six months ago, NONE of them had ever written financial copy before.
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Several Major Financial Publishers are

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“…God’s gift to copywriters”
I’ll close with one final story.
Back in 2008, the financial world was going through a transition period very similar to what’s happening today.
Changes were imminent…
Stocks were volatile…
Banks were failing…
A weakening dollar and the Great Recession halted the economy.
And the government was stepping in with bailouts at an unprecedented rate.
Yet, at the same time, there were tremendous opportunities ripe for the taking.
Because 2008 saw the invention of Bitcoin.
As well as the startups of several leading fintech companies, including Square, Stripe, CreditKarma and NerdWallet.
Not only that, but six months after the 2008 market low, stocks went on to see an EPIC bull market run that lasted 11 years. It was the longest bull market run in history.
And this bull run produced the first trillion-dollar companies with Apple and Amazon.

Since entering financial copy in 2018, the customer has paid me, and paid me very well, to do some “deep wondering” on these same topics.
Now, I want to offer you the very same opportunity to get paid to wonder, write, and WIN in financial copy…
Just like everyone I’ve told you about today has.

Right now, you have two options….
First, you can do nothing.
You can stay as you are, on the same path you’ve been on.
And you can continue to try to break into the lucrative financial industry on your own.
And maybe, if you work hard enough…with some luck…one day, you’ll get your big shot with a major publisher.
You can join the World of Financial Copywriting and belong to an elite club of the highest paid copywriters today.
Consider this your invitation to enter the financial niche now through “the secret side door.”
And capitalize on this unique opportunity to get hired and get paid while there’s still time.
The World of Financial Copywriting can be your shortcut to quickly break into this profitable niche, and open up opportunities for you to land a six-figure retainer with royalties.
As one of America’s first financial publishers and the face of our $100 bill, Ben Franklin, once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Why don’t you invest in yourself, and join the World of Financial Copywriting today.
Here’s to your Write to Win
Joshua Lee Henry
Co-Founder, World of Financial Copywriting

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