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Jermaine Francois – The Only Astra Academy

A Complete A-Z Only Fans Agency Program
Even if you have ZERO marketing experience

What Is The Only Astra Academy?

For years and years, Onlyfans as a platform has been made profitable/scalable to mostly the female or model-based creators. For years, Jermaine wondered how and why this was the case until recently diving into the OF agency space revealing an incredible opportunity that has arisen for Agency Owners without the need to create a single piece of content.

The Only Astra Academy is a 6-week-long articulated program designed to help you build, launch and scale a successful Only Fans Management Agency. (even if you have ZERO experience in marketing)

The program comes with 30+ hours worth of real-world expert training, SOPS, scripts, contracts, sales processes, plug-and-play bots, and more! The program will combine a strong mixture of visual learning mixed with plug-and-play resources you can implement into your own agency to not only get the ball rolling with singing creators but scale these creators to $15k per month and beyond. Everything in this program has been trialed, tested, and proven to remove any guesswork from your efforts.

The Only Astra Academy is a modern-day blueprint for scaling a cash cow business with very healthy profit margins providing immense opportunity and financial freedom whilst removing yourself from the business to ensure you build a team of All-stars to take care of the work.

This business model is relatively a blue ocean opportunity, are you ready to capitalize?

The Modules:

Week 1: Foundations

  • This Blue Ocean Opportunity
  • Understanding The OF Business Module
  • Agency Set Up
  • Picking Your Niche
  • Pricing Your Services
  • The Path To Multi 6 Figures

Week 2: Finding Your Diamonds

  • A Good Creator Vs A Bad Creator
  • The Importance Of Influence
  • How To Sign Creators
  • Optimal Banking Set Up
  • How To Onboard

Week 3: Sales And Outreach

  • How To Find Creators
  • Outreach KPIs
  • Scripts
  • Sales Calls Example

Week 4: Marketing And Acquiring Those Subs

  • An Overview
  • The Beautiful Art Of TikTok
  • The Tube Method
  • Tinder, Bumble , Plenty Of Fish And More
  • Twitter Domination
  • The Instagram Finesse
  • Landing Pages For Optimal Conversions
  • Tracking Links – Measure Your ROi
  • Auto Follow Bot
  • Shout Out For Shout (SFS)

Week 5: The Art Of PPV And Messaging

  • An Overview Of PPV
  • Going Live
  • Scripts That Convert
  • The Ultimate Hack For Improving Conversions
  • Maintain Relationships
  • The Typical PPV Schedule
  • Posting On The Feed
  • Tips And How To Finesse

Week 6: Hiring A Team Of 7 Figures

  • Where To Find Social Media Managers
  • Chatters / Accounts Managers
  • How To Pay Your Team
  • Building Company Culture + Removing Yourself
  • Watch Me Interview A Chatter Live

Joining The Only Astra, Academy Gets You Access To

1. Instant And Lifetime Access To 30+ Hours Of Expert Agency Building And Training.
Upon gaining access, you will have access to all the completed modules instantly. You also will have lifetime access to the program for a one-time price. You can watch the program at any time, anywhere in the world with just your login details. Jermaine also regularly creates new modules also that are in line with the current market trends to keep his students up-to-date with the fast-paced industry of Only Fans.

2. Contracts, Templates, Outreach Scripts, SOPS, Bots, Job Posting Scripts, And More. 
You gain instant and lifetime access to all the best of the best, outreach templates, contracts, resources, agreements, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Innovative Business Model:
    • Embrace the reality of a genuine business! Our approach involves forming a group buy, where we collectively share the costs among members. Using these funds, we purchase sought-after courses from sale pages and make them accessible to individuals facing financial constraints. Despite potential reservations from the authors, our customers appreciate the affordability and accessibility we provide.
  2. The Legal Landscape: Yes and No:
    • The legality of our operations falls into a gray area. While we lack explicit approval from the course authors for resale, there’s a technicality at play. When procuring the course, the author didn’t specify any restrictions on resale. This legal nuance presents both an opportunity for us and a boon for those seeking budget-friendly access.
  3. Quality Assurance: Unveiling the Real Deal:
    • Delving into the heart of the matter – quality. Acquiring the course directly from the sale page ensures that all documents and materials are identical to those obtained through conventional means. However, our differentiator lies in going beyond personal study; we take an extra step by reselling. It’s important to note that we are not the official course providers, meaning certain premium services aren’t included in our package:
      • No coaching calls or scheduled sessions with the author.
      • No access to the author’s private Facebook group or web portal.
      • No entry to the author’s exclusive membership forum.
      • No direct email support from the author or their team.

    We operate independently, aiming to bridge the affordability gap without the additional services offered by official course channels. Your understanding of our unique approach is greatly appreciated.

Refund is acceptable:

  • Firstly, item is not as explained
  • Secondly, Item do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

Thank you for choosing us! We’re so happy that you feel comfortable enough with us to forward your business here.

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