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Jack Born – Stealth Selling

What If Every Single Email You Sent Moved Your Readers Closer to Becoming Customers… Without It Ever Feeling Pushy or Awkward?
Here’s how “Stealth Selling” can cut your writing time in half and turn subscribers into buyers with every email you send… without ever having to ‘hard pitch’ or ‘hard teach.’

Dear friend,
If you want to make more sales from email (without feeling like a sleazy internet marketer), then you’re going to love what I’m about to show you…
My name is Jack Born and I’m the Founder of Deadline Funnel.

I’m best known for helping online course creators & eCommerce brands reach the biggest audience they can and to maximize sales from their marketing campaigns… a big part of which involves using email marketing.

A few years ago, I started a small coaching group where I taught and documented all the systems and processes I use when writing emails in my own business.

Through this, I ended up meeting an absolute legend in the tennis world.
And when I say legend, I mean she’s literally in the Tennis Hall of Fame. She’s won 17 Grand Slams in tournaments like Wimbleton, The French Open and The Australian Open. She’s also won several Gold Olympic medals.

Her name is Gigi Fernández.

Gigi has an online business teaching tennis. She had been referred over to me by one of my coaching students.

She had also been on my list for a while… and had noticed that I was always sharing short, simple stories from my life.

She also noticed that I was never pushing the sale (or hard pitching) in any of my emails.
Despite this, I always had tons of customers and never had to worry about sales.

One day, she reached out to me and said:

“Hey I’ve got a launch coming up. I think I’ve got all the right pieces in place… but I’d really like for you to look over everything before I go live.”

This was Gigi’s first launch ever.

And I really wanted her to succeed, so I decided to get involved and look at the emails she had written for her launch. But when I did, it was very apparent what was holding Gigi back from making this launch a major success.

You see, like most course creators, Gigi had something amazing she wanted to offer her audience.


Just like 99% of people with online businesses… marketing wasn’t her first language.
If you’re newer to writing emails that sell… you’ve probably been bombarded with conflicting pieces of information.

As a result…

You’ve probably been indoctrinated with a TON of bad advice…

After all, most of the people selling courses on this stuff have never sold anything outside the marketing sphere.

It’s incredibly infuriating (and kind of gross).

They’ll tell you things like how…

  •  You CAN’T promote to new subscribers, you’ve gotta wait for 7-10 days before selling…
  •  You’ve gotta “move the freeline” before ever asking
    for a sale…
  •  You’ve gotta teach, teach, teach and give away all your best stuff… and then the next day, you’re supposed to turn into The ShamWow guy and start hard pitching like crazy.

Listen, I could go on and on.

There’s TONS of bad advice out there. But none of these above statements are true.

In fact, doing any of these things always creates a HUGE disconnect.

That’s because…

Shifting from “pure teaching” to “pure selling” in emails is awkward… it turns subscribers off… and in the end, they run off with all the information you just gave them for free and wind up never buying your stuff.

My method for writing emails to my list is way different.

I call it…
Stealth Selling

It’s when you blend teaching and selling so that every single email is not only valuable… they ALSO make sales like crazy, without having to hard pitch.

Instead of twisting your reader’s arm, trying to FORCE them to buy… Stealth Selling emails gently pull people toward your brand. They educate, motivate, and inspire the people on your list.

When people are ready to buy, they buy.

And they wind up sticking around longer and refunding less, because the whole buying decision was THEIR idea.

You don’t have to bludgeon them over the head with a hundred emails… you don’t have to add in a dozen bonuses or extend your ‘open cart’ for an extra week or two… and you don’t have to pressure your subscribers into buying from you.

Instead, your subscribers WANT to become customers because they’ll see it as the natural next step in your relationship.

The funny thing is…

When you start using Stealth Selling, you start making MORE sales than ever before. And your customers have an all-around better experience with your brand.

Here’s how we used Stealth Selling to help Gigi have a wildly successful launch…
Gigi wanted to make as many sales as possible… while also giving her subscribers and customers an awesome experience.

So I had to be real honest with her about the emails she had written:

“There’s nothing wrong with these emails,” I told her.
“They’re going to get you sales. But they’re not going to get you the crazy numbers you’re hoping for.”

I rewrote one of the emails for Gigi and sent it to her.

The day after, we got on a call and she said:

“Jack, this is one of the most spectacular emails I’ve ever read. How much is it going to be for you to write all of them?”

“Woah woah!” I replied. “I have no intention of writing your emails. I wasn’t interviewing for the job!”

Gigi wouldn’t relent.

She had seen what was possible and she wanted more of it.

And again, I really wanted her to succeed.


I made a deal with Gigi to help write her emails as a means of deconstructing and systemizing the process… so I could teach it to other course creators like her.

“You’re on,” she said. And I helped her write the emails.

Can you guess what happened next?

Gigi wound up having a HUGE launch, massively outselling her initial target.

She made more sales…

With less stress…

And a lot less headaches…

And, on top of that, she got more positive feedback from the people on her list than from any promotion she ever ran before.

Here’s what she said about it…

Why was Gigi’s launch such a huge success?

Well, she obviously had a great product. And she’d been in business for years.

But a big part of the reason this launch did so well is because we wrote better emails.

We wrote them according to the principles I teach in my Stealth Selling system.

And now…

I’d like to help YOU use Stealth Selling to make every single email you ever write to your list much more powerful.

Stealth Selling isn’t just about launches. It’s about giving you a system for writing emails that people LOVE to read… that sell your products every time you hit send… and that build goodwill with your subscribers, so they stick around for the long haul.

Make More Sales From Your List Without Morphing Into The ShamWow Guy
You’ve probably never heard of “Stealth Selling” before reading this page. And for good reason – it tends to fly in the face of most email marketing advice.

You see, a lot of marketers are obsessed with conversions…
but they neglect the connection.

They don’t really care about the people on the other end of the emails they’re sending.

All they care about is the bottomline, the almighty dollar…

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not against selling.

After all, you run a business. You have to sell to make money and support yourself and your loved ones.


There is a MUCH better way to do it that doesn’t burn out your subscribers with constant hard pitches all the time.

Stealth Selling is all about selling right from the beginning by planting “idea seeds” early and often into your readers’ minds. These idea seeds will grow and grow until your customers realize your products are the right solution to help them on their journey.

You don’t have to give away mountains of free content. You don’t have to turn your emails into infomercials. You don’t have to become a carnival barker.

You don’t have to do any of those things to make more sales and build a business you enjoy.

Write emails that sell, that people enjoy reading…in HALF the time.
Maybe you can relate to Gigi’s story a bit. Maybe like her, you’re incredibly skilled at the thing you do.

Maybe you’re a coach, a course creator, or a consultant.

And maybe you know that you need to write emails to sell… but you’re just not sure what to write when you sit down in front of the computer each morning.

Every time you try, it’s the same blinking cursor taunting you on the screen… your block completely locks you up… you know you there’s a story inside you… but the words just aren’t coming.

And even if they did, you’re not sure how to connect any of it to a business purpose that makes sense to your readers.

Maybe like Gigi, you’re legendary at what you do, but just not a legendary marketer.

And that’s okay.

Because frankly…

You Don’t Need To Be A Legendary Marketer To Write Legendary Emails

All you need to do is to learn the art of Stealth Selling – my system that blends teaching and selling together to grow the impact of your email marketing.

It’s the exact same simple ideas and structures I showed Gigi to get her emails from average ordinary to ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY.

In fact, it’s so simple…. even my 14-year old daughter was able to understand and apply the framework in just a few minutes during a drive back home from one of her tennis matches.

Literally anyone can use this system to:

  •  Increase the perceived value of their content
  •  Build “know, like and trust” a lot faster
  •  Demonstrate their authority and expertise
  •  Be seen as a mentor and friend and
  •  Sell smoothly without pitching

Through my work with Gigi, I created the Stealth Selling system so I can start teaching it to my coaching students.

And all the training videos, breakdowns, formulas, and examples I shared inside my private program has been turned into a digital course you can access immediately… so you can start making more sales from your list every time you send an email.

Introducing… Stealth Selling
A Simple System For Writing Emails That Sell WITHOUT Pitching

The moment you join, you’ll instantly get access to all the modules and bonus trainings where I share with you a clear, step-by-step breakdown of my complete Stealth Selling methodology so you can start sending better emails and make more sales.

Stealth Selling features over 8 hours of video instruction plus dozens of real-life email examples from my students. You’ll also get access to my best email formulas and exercises for generating dozens of email ideas in a matter of minutes.

It’s a compact course on email copywriting that’ll turn you into a pro in no-time… even if writing copy isn’t your thing.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn inside Stealth Selling…

Module 1
Persuasive Teaching
This module is the foundation of Stealth Selling.

It teaches you the important concept behind how and why it works so well. And it shifts the way you think about email marketing and your business. This module takes you from zero to “crushing it with email” very fast.

Here’s what’s covered in this module…

  •  How to blend teaching & selling to get the perfect email that educates, motivates, and sells… every single time.
  •  A simple exercise that’ll give you dozens (maybe even hundreds) email story ideas you can easily turn into ‘Stealth Selling’ emails… in a matter of minutes.
  •  Why it’s so critical to have EVERY email move the sale forward… even your teaching ones.
  •  The “Product Placement Framework” (used by major Hollywood movie studios and mega-brands like Coca Cola) that lets you plant ‘sales seeds’ into your prospect’s brains… that build desire for your products and services.
  •  7 email ‘idea starters’ for thinking up email ideas even if you’re facing serious writer’s block.
  •  Why giving away tons of free content is an awful idea… and why it actually turns off people who want to buy from you.
  •  How to “pre-frame” your content to INCREASE its perceived value… so people start looking forward to EVERY single email you send.
  •  Why instead of selling your product, you need to sell the mind shift… and how this lets you transition from teaching to selling without making things awkward.
  •  Step-by-step reviews of actual emails (from my students and my own business) using the Stealth Selling techniques so you can see how it’s done and replicate in your own emails.
  •  A simple (but powerful) post opt-in automated email you can steal from me and add to your email software… so you can start building up to the sale as of Day 1.
  • How to layer in social proof, stories, and cliffhangers to increase engagement and sales.
  •  **Bonus Training Video**: A look over my shoulder as I rewrite an email using my “What This Says About You” persuasion technique that builds a stronger bond with your subscribers and while closing the sale.

Module 2
Selling With Stories
Few things are compelling as a great story. That’s why this second module gives you a solid foundation in simple storytelling techniques to turn every one of your emails into a mini-adventure… one that ends with more customers buying your products.

Even if you’re not much of a writer, this module will give you all the techniques and frameworks you need to write irresistible, story-based email copy that your customers can’t get enough of.

Here’s what’s covered in this module…

  •  How to create a backlog of story ideas ready so you’re never stuck staring at a blank screen for hours. (You’ll have MONTHS of emails planned out in advance after doing this quick exercise – a huge time saver.)
  •  My simple “3×3 framework” for easily coming up with stories you can turn into emails. (It’s so simple that even my 14-year old daughter was able to use it on her first try during a drive back home to write an email… and it was really good!)
  •  Simple story prompts you can use at the start of your story emails to grab your reader’s attention and pull them into your copy… without boring them or making them click away.
  •  How to build a bridge from your stories to “what it means to them”… so your readers learn a lesson, get inspired, and click to buy.
  •  Why creativity is “hard” and how to apply constraints to make it easier for your brain to come up with awesome email ideas.
  •  4 ways to edit your story emails so that they “hit harder” and leave a lasting impression on all your readers.
  •  A list of all my top resources that I personally use to improve my storytelling muscles… so that each one of my emails gets a little bit better as time goes on.

Module 3
The Lightbulb Moment
The hardest part of writing any piece of copy is making the transition from your story to the sale. This is where most people go wrong.

In this module, we talk all about how to use what I call “The Lightbulb Moment” to demonstrate why your product is a perfect fit for your prospect’s problems. It’s seamless – and it positions buying your product as your customer’s idea… so they jump at the opportunity, because they’re not forced into it.

This is the ‘secret sauce.’ These transitions are what make Stealth Selling emails work so well. And they shift your prospect’s belief systems so that they want to continue investing in your products, long after their first purchase.

Here’s what’s covered in this module…

  •  How to create a backlog of story ideas ready so you’re never stuck staring at a blank screen for hours. (You’ll have MONTHS of emails planned out in advance after doing this quick exercise – a huge time saver.)
  •  My simple “3×3 framework” for easily coming up with stories you can turn into emails. (It’s so simple that even my 14-year old daughter was able to use it on her first try during a drive back home to write an email… and it was really good!)
  •  Simple story prompts you can use at the start of your story emails to grab your reader’s attention and pull them into your copy… without boring them or making them click away.
  •  How to build a bridge from your stories to “what it means to them”… so your readers learn a lesson, get inspired, and click to buy.
  •  Why creativity is “hard” and how to apply constraints to make it easier for your brain to come up with awesome email ideas.
  •  4 ways to edit your story emails so that they “hit harder” and leave a lasting impression on all your readers.
  •  A list of all my top resources that I personally use to improve my storytelling muscles… so that each one of my emails gets a little bit better as time goes on.

Module 4
Rapid Know, Like, and Trust
Asking your customers to invest in your programs, courses, and services might be a big ask if they’ve never met you face-to-face before. Luckily, the easiest way to turn your subscribers into customers for life is by building “know, like, and trust” with the emails you’re sending.

This module is a deep dive into one of the most important aspects of Stealth Selling – how to build a rock-solid bond with your subscribers so they are eager to buy from you. If you’ve been struggling to make as many sales as you’d like from your emails… this module is going to change everything.

Here’s what’s covered in this module…

  •  How to use email storytelling techniques to build ‘know like and trust’ faster with your audience… so they buy more and buy more often.
  •  Five story email formats that build instant know, like and trust.
  •  How to get real and honest in your stories to quickly develop “know, like & trust” faster with your readers.
  •  Four ways to increase empathy for the “hero” of your story so that your readers relate better to what they’re reading… and so they picture themselves going on that same journey. (Which typically ends with them buying, so they can achieve the same outcome.)
  •  A critical storytelling component I used to win a sales contest that you need to be looking for whenever you do an interview or case study (this makes writing all your emails so much easier).
  •  Bonus Training: Watch how I quickly brainstorm beliefs for a market before writing out my email

In Stealth Selling, I hand you everything you need on a silver platter. I show you a simple system for writing emails that sell while building a bond with your subscribers. And I even give you a look over my shoulder as I break down successful emails I’ve written for some of my clients.

It teaches you everything you need to know to start writing better, more effective emails to your list. I think it’ll be one of the most powerful email copywriting trainings you’ve ever taken.

I not only give you the strategies and tactics you need to write better emails… I also install a new ‘operating system’ into your brain so every time you sit down to write an email you know it’s going to sell… and that your readers are going to get a ton of value from it.

You’ll go through this course one time… and for the rest of your life, every other email you write will perform better.

Think about how powerful that is:

Imagine if every single email you wrote made more sales…

Imagine if every email got more happy replies from your subscribers…

Imagine if people started reaching out, telling you how much your emails brighten their day…

Imagine if you could make more sales on command… without having to pressure or ‘hard sell’ the people on your list…

It’s not hard to do, when you use Stealth Selling.

When you get Stealth Selling today, I’m going to give you FOUR bonuses

Bonus 1
How to Edit Your Emails to Polish Them Into Gold
Before you hit ‘send’ there’s a few things you should check for to maximize sales and engagement. This first bonus is all about simple tweaks you can make as you’re editing your emails to make every email you send as powerful as possible.

Here’s what I cover in this bonus module…

  •  The ‘80 Method‘ for getting any task done faster… whether it’s emails… webinar slides.. or anything you’re creating from scratch. (This will save you a ton of time when you’re writing copy.)
  •  The ‘Don Draper Method‘ for using your subconscious to create awesome copy ideas… without you having to consciously think about a thing. (You’d be amazed at how creative you can be once you try this.)
  •  The 6 critical parts of your emails to focus while editing that have the biggest impact on your emails.
  •  When you should ‘show, not tell‘ in your copy and exactly why it’s so important. (Plus, a simple thought experiment that helps you ‘paint a scene with your words’ so your subscribers get sucked into every story you write.)
  •  My formula for coming up with irresistible subject lines that your subscribers can’t help but click on… even if they’re getting hundreds of emails a day. (They’ll keep an eye out for YOUR emails specifically, if you use what I show you here.)
  •  Over My Shoulder Tutorial: Watch me review and rewrite REAL emails from my students. I talk you through my thoughts for each edit and show you how to use this advice to make your own emails better.

Bonus 2
“Micro Conversions” With Ryan Schwartz
Ryan is the co-founder of Copy Hackers and he’s also the behind-the-scenes copywriting genius for giants like Amy Porterfield. I interviewed him so we could crawl inside his brain and pull out his best tips for making every piece of copy you write more powerful. We ”geek out” in this session where we dove deep into email copy… psychology… persuasion… and a whole lot more.


In this bonus module, Ryan breaks down a whole bunch of emails… explaining the subtle nuance that makes his copy buzz with persuasion and pulls readers in.

Here’s what’s covered in this bonus module…

  •  Specific ”micro conversions” most course sellers overlook… pivotal little points in your prospects’ decision making process you can influence to increase conversions.
  •  How to get your subscribers to physically FEEL the pain your problem solves using ”the moment of highest tension” concept. (Good copy can cause a visceral reaction in your prospects that only your products can soothe. It’s a super powerful concept that gets people taking action.)
  •  How to “stop being Canadian” in your copy so you can get more signups for webinars.
  •  Using “The Bieber” at the TOP of your funnel to get more people subscribed… which helps grow your list even faster.
  •  How to coach the “Show Up” with a powerful webinar show up sequence… so every webinar you run gets more engagement and sales.
  •  A specific PS you can start using in your copy right away. Just pop it on the end of your webinar reminder emails to boost attendance rates… easy money!
  •  A ‘stealthy’ way to layer in social proof without coming across as bragging (this is one of my Stealth Selling techniques – and it makes sales like crazy).
  •  How to establish “know like and trust“ in less time with cold traffic by demonstrating it with a “Ghostbuster“ email. (This is especially important if you’re running ads.)

Bonus 3
Interview With Traffic Insider with “Mr. X”
Are you using paid traffic to grow your business? If so, this module is a ‘can’t miss.’

I’ll leave his identity a mystery for now but, “Mr X” is the go-to traffic expert who typically buys more traffic in a month than most of us buy in a year. He shares where to start to get the highest ROI, how to cut your retargeting budget by 50-60%… and the three metrics you should track whether you’re spending $100 or $100,000 to make sure you’re getting the best ROI on your ads as possible.

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this bonus module…

  •  How to get the highest quality traffic to your content and offers. (Coming from a man who has spent as much as $2,760,000 in traffic… in ONE MONTH.))
  •  We debunk the myth of spending more on ads to get better results and show a simpler approach to take instead to scale faster.
  •  The “Airplane Conversation” framework for writing top performing ads any small business owner can use to pump out copy in a fraction of the time.
  •  The 3 types of traffic to consider… and what to do if you’re just starting and don’t have much of it going towards your offers.
  •  How to “start with perfect” to get better conversion rates at scale when increasing your ad spend.
  •  The only 3 metrics you need to figure out what actions lead to results… so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the data inside your analytics dashboard.
  •  How to leverage comments and questions from your audience to give your ads even more power.
  •  How to take your ads to the next level even if you’re making less than $100K/year in revenue. (This works especially well if you don’t have the money to hire out an agency or the time to do it yourself.)

Bonus 4
StoryMapping with Mike Rinard
This bonus ALONE might be worth more than the price of Stealth Selling, all by itself.

If you don’t know Mike Rinard, you should. He’s one of the hottest Facebook Ads experts in the game. He’s the creator of The StoryMapping Method for writing Facebook ads that sell. Mike has cracked the code on how to write ads for Facebook that get the highest ROAS (return on ad spend).

In this training you’re going to learn how he does it, the frameworks he recommends, and how to quickly test ad copy… plus how to get inspiration from other Facebook advertisers by accessing their best ads in just a few clicks. Facebook ads and emails go hand in hand. And the storytelling techniques you learn in this bonus module will make every piece of copy you ever write much more powerful.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this module…

  •  How to 5x your paid traffic results with a 20-minute brainstorm.
  •  How to use Mike’s framework for writing Facebook ads that get the highest return on ad spend.
  •  How to quickly test ad copy and get inspiration from other Facebook advertisers by accessing their best ads in just a few clicks.
  •  The most important part of your Facebook Ads to focus on and an easy strategy (with examples) for finding the best hooks to draw your readers in.
  •  The five Above The Fold “Dialogue” Variations you can use for your Facebook Ads and a simple way to find inspiration for new ideas that grab your prospect’s attention.

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