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Carlos Gil – Social Media: Build Engagement Across Top Platforms

  • 57 Video lessons in HD
  • 2h 6m of class content

while using storytelling to brand yourself as a newer form of content. Marketing allows users to see individuals and corporations as real or relatable. It also takes away from the need to post professional looking content, which has led to many users growing tired of seeing content that seems like an advertisement. The storytelling form of social media was made popular by social networks like Snapchat instagram as well as Youtube personalities. Those platforms allow users to create content without the hassle of a professional producer so they can become the star of their own reality series when creating stories you want to think less about the platform and more about the message you want to convey. Social networks usually only display stories for 24 hours, which means they should be short, attention grabbing and drive users to take a specific action. Here’s a storytelling checklist. What is the objective of the story that you’re trying to tell is to raise money to build awareness, build community. You want people to hang onto a hook, pick your channel. What’s the channel that will give you the biggest return meaning you have access to the most people select your storytellers, who are they are they employees, fans, donors storyboard your content. Your stories should have a beginning a middle and an end. Your story should also bring people on the natural progression of what you’re doing and and your story with the call to action community is King. Remember that if you don’t have a community, you don’t have an audience watching. Also spend more time having conversations than posting content. Daily conversations is a form of content marketing. Take viewers behind the scenes, draw people in with your storytelling and create a natural progression of what you’re doing. Ask your community to share or take action. It needs to be less about identifying influencers and more about creating influencers of your own, remember to own the screen and have fun, become a digital savage when thinking about creating stories for corporations or businesses. One idea is to create stories that revolve around the launch of a product. You can record a product demo, do a day in the life of using Snapchat or instagram stories or get influencers who are compensated for taking over your brand account.




  • Class Introduction
  • Making Your Content Go Viral
  • 4 Pillars Of Social Media Strategy
  • Engage Influencers, Brand Advocates, And Customers Of Competitors
  • How Often You Should Post On Social Media
  • Personal Branding Must Have’s To Build Your Influence
  • Become An Influential Personal Brand By Sharing Stories
  • Storytelling And Humanizing Your Brand In The Age Of AI And Robots
  • What Does Your Content Say About Your Brand
  • Recap Video
  • Quiz – Chapter 1


  • Chapter Introduction
  • Become An Industry Authority On LinkedIn
  • Build Your Personal Brand By Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How To Find Prospects On LinkedIn
  • Types Of Content Facebook Favors
  • Strategies For Organic Facebook Reach
  • Build Your Presence On Twitter
  • Grow Your Youtube Channel
  • The Benefit Of Using New Social Networking Sites
  • Recap Video
  • Quiz – Chapter 2


  • Chapter Introduction
  • Agorapulse For Social Media Management
  • Optimize Your YouTube Channel With TubeBuddy
  • Discover Trending Topic Ideas With BuzzSumo
  • Make Animated GIFs With Giphy
  • Posting Long-Form Video Content On Instagram
  • Create A Podcast With Anchor
  • Recap Video
  • Quiz – Chapter 3


  • Chapter Introduction
  • How To Use Hashtags Effectively
  • Save Twitter Search Results For Prospecting
  • Engage “Missing” Facebook Fans
  • Strategies To Build Strong Engagement
  • Get Your First 10K YouTube Subscribers
  • Social Listening Strategies
  • Community Management Must-Have’s
  • Growing Your Reach Through Advocacy
  • Recap Video
  • Quiz – Chapter 4


  • Chapter Introduction
  • KPI’s To Measure
  • Built-In Channel Analytics
  • How To Find Work As A Freelancer
  • Instagram Growth Hacks
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Maximizing Facebook ROI With Ads
  • How To View YouTube Analytics
  • How To Use Instagram And Facebook For E-Commerce
  • Recap Video
  • Bonus Lesson: How To Optimize Your Fiverr Seller Account
  • Bonus Lesson: Hire Fiverr Sellers
  • Quiz – Chapter 5


  • Closing Video


  • Final Quiz


Award-winning digital storyteller and bestselling author with 10+ years of experience leading social media strategy for global brands including LinkedIn.

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