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Andrew Harvey – Radical Regeneration: Tantra & Sacred Activism – Collection


Perhaps more than any other wisdom path, Tantra embodies spirituality in action, spirituality as sacred service to the other, to the world. Robert Beer, the colorblind British painter of vibrant Tibetan thankas, once remarked that Tantra “has a universal appeal and application that transcends culture, religion, and race.” It is this deeply universal nature of Tantric nondualism that will be accessed and emphasized in this course led by world-renowned author and sacred activist Andrew Harvey and scholar/practitioner Ramesh Bjonnes. Together, they will unveil how the nondual spirituality of Tantra and its transcendental embrace of Shiva/Shakti wisdom can inform and inspire our lives to help heal this broken yet beautiful world. Tantra instructs us that this planet of ours, this Gaia, is conscious and sacred. Tantra also instructs us to embrace both meditation and action, both enstasy and ecstasy, and thus deep-dive into an inspired activism guided by divine love and the embrace of all beings. Using Tantric philosophy and practice as inspiration, in this course you will learn the basic concepts of Harvey’s sacred activism fused with the dynamic spirit of Tantra and how you can turn them into practical tools for personal and planetary change.

Module 1: The Tantric Vision of Sacred Activism
Andrew will explore: The global dark night crisis we are in is an unprecedented and extremely dangerous confluence of several crises- economic, political, environmental, and spiritual-within the context of the exploding pandemic. He will lay out in detail his vision of how this global dark night is a massive evolutionary event that could be the birth canal of a new embodied divine humanity empowered through the birthing force of the Mother (Shakti) to co-create with the divine (Shiva) a new way of being and doing everything.

Ramesh will explore: The Tantric Vision: Tantra sees the world not as an illusion, as in some Eastern philosophies, but rather as a manifestation of a divine reality that has both transcendent (Shiva) and immanent (Shakti) expressions. Shiva is the divine in its most transcendent form—as pure consciousness—and thus the ground of all being, while Shakti is the flowing energy giving birth to the whole manifest universe.

Tantric Practice of Sacred Activism: Tantric practice can broadly be divided in two—the enstatic and the ecstatic. During enstatic practice we turn within in meditative contemplation and through deep concentration we surrender to the inner divine flow of Shiva consciousness. During ecstatic practice, we express our divine nature in acts of sacredness through creativity, love, and engaged activism.

Connecting the Dots: This interlinked crisis of spirit and of society can only be solved in an integrated way, by connecting the dots between the broken human spirit and the breakdown in the various societal systems.

Module 2: The Dark Night
Andrew will explore: In this module, Andrew will share in detail the deep meanings and laws of the global dark night to reveal the evolutionary truth of its birthing power. He will show, drawing on Rumi, Kabir, and St. John of the Cross, how the entire world is now going through a process which destroys old structures of every kind and creates massive anxiety and chaos to compel a species mutation. Drawing on evolutionary science and on his own experience of the dark night, he will reveal how its multiple devastations contain the seeds of a galvanizing and sometimes outrageously new possibility. He will also share his vision rooted in the evolutionary mystics such as Sri Aurobindo of the new embodied divine human that this process is ordained to birth.

Ramesh will explore: Our worldly problems are rooted in inner vrittis, or tendencies, our narrow human sentiments of greed, narrowness, possessiveness, and hatred of the other. You will learn how we may overcome them through a Tantric worldview and practice. You will be introduced to two universal sentiments and outlooks–atmasuka-tattva: the sentiment of selfishness and sama-samaj tattva: the sentiment of social equity—and why we need to overcome the first and increase the radius of the other in order to create more social balance. In addition, there are narrow geo-, socio-, and religious-sentiments proclaiming various dogmas which we must overcome to create true freedom and dynamic balance in society. You will also learn about these three important aspects of Tantra: 1. Via Positiva: the path of Tantric Love; 2. Madhuvidya: the art of Honey Knowledge; and 3. Darsana: developing an Integral Outlook.

Module 3: Tantra and the Birth of a New Humanity
Andrew will explore: The five great passions of the birthing Mother force (Shakti) as it aligns with the transcendent and eminent power (Shiva) of what he calls the sacred marriage, can birth a new kind of human being. He will stress five things: 1. The necessity of a direct connection with the divine. 2. The sacred importance of cultivating radical joy. 3. The challenges of rooting the light in the cells of the body to transform the body. 4. The new powers of creativity and passion energy that this process will engender. 5. The challenge of putting its discoveries of unity and reverence for all life into action that transforms the structures of our world.

Ramesh will explore: Tantric cosmology and ecology. Many religious dogmas have placed God and the Divine as judges in Heaven and thus separated us from both spirit and the earth. This dualism has caused us to treat the world as “material” and enabled us to commodify nature, literally causing the planet to be trashed and burn. To save bot us and the planet, we need a spirit-centered worldview, a blending of cosmology and ecology, which Tantra offers.

Tantric enstasy and ecstasy. Tantra also offers practical tools of personal practice in both enstasy, or meditation, and ecstasy, or sacred service through karma yoga, art, music, or activism to the world rooted in embodied spirituality, in the worldview of Shiva/Shakti nondualism.

Module 4: Sacred Activism Today
Andrew will explore the vision of Sacred Activism that he laid out first in his book, The Hope, that began a global movement. He will lay out the five kinds of service that every sacred activist now needs to fuse together to be an effective co-creative agent of transformation. He will show how the way forward through our dark night is through an alignment of Sacred Activism with the transfiguration mutation process that is the secret meaning of our dark night, and he will give specific and practical teachings about both the kinds of practices that sacred activists need and the way to recognize your own particular mission in this great birth and put it into wise, inspired action with others.

Ramesh will explore: A Tantric outlook or lifestyle inspires a subjective, contemplative approach to life while informing us to live in dynamic balance with the objective side of life, with people and planet. Tantra is spirituality in action, an embodied spirituality rather than a spiritual escape from the world. In presenting Tantra as neo-humanism, or love for all beings, we can cultivate Divine Love as a revolutionary force for creating systemic change in the world.

Participants in this course will learn:
Enstasy and ecstasy practices for meditation, service and activism.
The basic philosophy of Tantra and how to use it as inspiration and guide in daily life.
The basic lessons of Andrew Harvey’s Sacred Activism Practices.
How to turn darkness into spiritual gold and challenges into inspiration and activism.
A Tantric meditation practice using chakra visualization and mantra recitation.
Madhuvidya Tantra—a practice creating oneness and union while living in the world.
Five kinds of service practices you can fuse together to be an effective co-creative agent of transformation.


Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed writer, poet, translator and mystical teacher. He is the author of over 40 books, including Son of Man, The Hope, Way of Passion, Turn Me to Gold and Savage Grace with Carolyn Baker. He has taught all over the world, given over 20 courses for the Shift Network and is the founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism.

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