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The YouTube Lead Gen For Real Estate Agents Course will reveal the secret to creating video content that attracts your ideal clients and consistently brings you commissions, so that you will never have to cold call or pay Zillow another dime.

It is intended for all real estate agents who wish to abandon the race to the bottom and embrace new, 2021-appropriate practices. It includes:

Video lessons
Over 15 video lessons covering everything you need to know to create a profitable YouTube channel that generates hot leads.

Comprehensive guides
Guides to the best tools to use to create your videos, the best videos to make, and templates for creating your channel art.

Who is Malcolm.

Since 2014, Malcolm has been a real estate agent in Annapolis, Maryland, and a YouTuber. He has organically generated over ten million views on YouTube, and his most popular channel, Survival Know How, has over one hundred thousand subscribers. Malcolm’s Real Estate channel has over 11,000 subscribers and serves as his primary source of real estate business leads. In 2019 and 2020, he has earned well over $100,000 in GCI from the leads he generated and closed through his YouTube channel. He is now a YouTube coach and teaches other real estate agents how to use YouTube to generate leads for their businesses. Malcolm has also taught numerous public speaking courses and been featured on numerous podcasts, including RE TV Podcast, Lab Coat Agent Viral Video, and Real Estate RockStars Podcast.

Hi. I’m Malcolm.

Before pursuing a career in real estate, I had a previous occupation, as have many others. I formerly served in the military and worked at the White House for a number of years.

I switched to real estate in order to spend more time with my son. Like you, I was drawn to the concept of determining my own schedule and serving as my own boss.

My first year was difficult. I did everything they instructed, but it did not work.

I loathed cold calling and door knocking. I began to question whether real estate was the best option.

I decided to experiment with making videos. I already had a YouTube channel dedicated to the outdoors, but I was uncertain of the best strategy for real estate. So I followed the advice I discovered, but it failed.

Then I followed my intuition and created a video of a different genre. This was quickly viewed 800,000 times. And most importantly, it generated leads for me!
I knew I was on the right track. I then experimented, researched, joined masterminds, and spent thousands of dollars learning from YouTube experts.

Soon, all of my leads originated from YouTube. I now earn more than $200,000 annually in commissions from YouTube leads. And I reject leads so that I can continue to spend quality time with my family and enjoy my free time.

Now I want to assist others in ditching cold calls and door knocking in favor of YouTube leads.

YouTube Lead Gen For Real Estate Agents Course from Malcolm

Stack #1 – Getting started

In Module 1, you’ll learn the principles behind the YouTube Lead Gen technique to fully understand how you’re going to leverage YouTube to get hot, quality leads.

You’ll also learn all the basics to immediately get started with creating your channel:

  • Create a brand with banner art which is optimized to attract leads – including a template you can use to create your own
  • All the important settings to ensure you have full capacity to add custom thumbnails and add other customisations

Stack #2 – How to create videos even if you’re not techy

In module 2, we go over everything you need to know to start making videos which will bring you calls and emails from home buyers and sellers eager to work with you.

You’ll learn about:

  • Which equipment you can use to create great quality videos without breaking the bank
  • Which software you can use to edit your videos so they look professional
  • My 4-step editing process to get the videos looking great in a snap
  • Finding and hiring an editor if you’d prefer to outsource
  • Creating a studio in your own home so you can easily create videos whenever you want
  • The best sites to find music, photos, and videos to complete your videos

Stack #3 – Getting your videos to the top of search

More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You need to be tactical to make sure that your content won’t get lost. In this module, you’ll learn how to ensure that your videos are popping up at the top of search pages daily.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make thumbnails that get a maximum of clicks
  • Which words to use in your titles to make them irresistible
  • How to hack the YouTube algorithm using tags and playlists
  • How to find the topics and search terms that your ideal leads are searching for
  • Common mistakes to avoid which can plummet your results

Stack #4 – Optimizing for leads

Now you have your channel up and running and your view count is shooting up. How can you optimize so your content brings a steady influx of potential customers contacting you every week?

You’ll learn to:

  • Create a sales funnel so each video can produce leads
  • Dive into YouTube analytics to get the insights on your viewers
  • Find the perfect time to upload so more potential customers see your videos
  • Use banner links, video descriptions, clickable watermarks
  • Pair with Facebook by creating a group funnel and sharing dynamic GIFs so as not to mess with the algorithm


Guide to the First 15 Videos You Should Make

With this guide, you can skip the research and dive right in. You’ll know exactly which videos to create to have your phone lighting up with texts, calls and emails from potential buyers and sellers who are dying to work with you!


Save time and hassle by using these templates which are especially optimized for lead generation. From cover image to subscribe button, you’ll have everything you need to get viewers to take action.

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