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Complete Cash Flow System has really changed my life. I no longer work to pay someone else’s bills. So far in two months, I’ve worked just about every deal explained in your courses, and my income has skyrocketed! Your courses are very thorough and self-explanatory leaving little to the imagination.

Ron’s Cash Flow System – Global Publishing

  • Pretty House Terms Course
  • Flipping Ugly Houses Fast Course
  • Rehabbing Ron’s Way Course

Three main forms of income in the Pretty House Business(Pretty House Terms Course)

  1. If you are selling with a lease purchase, your deposits cannot be refunded. If you are selling with owner financing, it will be a down payment. You will receive at least ten thousand dollars after two or three days after agreeing with your tenant buyer
  2. There will be a monthly difference between the payment you receive and make or the rent. It goes from two hundred to three thousand dollars a month if they are luxury homes.
  3. The backup profit is the difference of the owe between “you and your buyer” and “you and your seller”. It can be little as nothing or a big amount

Our purpose is to make deals with 3 income sources, sometimes we do with just 1, you are going to see it soon. Our profit centers are determined by the seller’s needs and the numbers. One hundred percent of the workload will be done by Virtual Assistants and scripts.

Selling is really simple because there are just two ways to do it in the TERM

  • A tenant rents your house and chooses whether to buy and pay an amount as a non-refundable deposit (some takes thousand dollars). It’s like a down payment before they have enough to purchase. When you collect that money, you can keep them even if they decide to buy or not. You also can use it right away.
  • You sell the house with the financial help from the owner, they collect monthly down payment until they are refinanced. They take responsibility for the house and you have to accept the terms. Ten thousand dollars is the smallest amount for a down payment. However, most are more expensive because it depends on the homes’ value. If the value is higher, the down is bigger also.

Wholesale & Retail Cash Flow System (Flipping Ugly Houses Fast Course)

  • It’s not you who handle the insurance and taxes. Then whose responsibility and why?
  • When strangers should never be in your house.
  • Make your customers to become a good source of buyers for your next sale. Almost my houses are sold to previous buyers’ acquaintances
  • Make a financial commitment from filtered buyers without posting your houses on the selling web. Proceeding 5 buyers on 1 house is such easy work without any commitment to any of them by a special agreement. Your work is just selecting the most suitable for you. I wish I had this agreement two decades ago, I would save a lot of money and time.
  • Closing deals with your buyers whether by owner financing or lease purchase method with 6 figures.

Lame mistakes need avoiding when selling houses. It costs me 6 figures to study.

It would be extremely interesting when you can purchase two or three houses per month without getting involved in the sales processing. Moreover, you can know how fast it is sold.

With thirty-three years experience of turn-around properties of all kinds of finagling & financing, all surroundings, shapes & sizes, different styles of sellers and coping with every kind of potential experts and investors, closing deals with a big amount to pay or such a little to spend, deals in 4 seasons in a year, bad and good times, both sellers’ and buyers’ markets,…more than three thousand deals in total has brought me a deep thought in a deal from beginning to end as well as a good ability to teach you more than just technique.

Big Money In Big Chunks (Rehabbing Ron’s Way Course)

New system with speciality in applying my TERMS to more than $1.000.000 luxury houses.

It handles as well as covers those sellers and buyers along with special scripts.

A 2-day seminar on CD made to help you to make 6 figures/deal with actual case studies. I will not expose in order not to show your meter.

It costs 997 dollars for this system. It will be yours if you get it before the form’s deadline date.

Nothing is more exact than the fact that sellers own houses with million dollars of value wont take terms. I’ll show you how to get big deals via this system. You just need to pay 6 figures to avoid money risk or resources.

This extra class could be the largest advantage for you in ordering the TERMS System. Maybe you can luckily find your own process of moving beyond, maybe this extra class is even more beneficial than the primary system.

I promise to help you think outside the box.

Our refund policy:

  1. You don’t receive item as describe.
  2. Complete Cash Flow System do not work the way it should.
  3. Most importantly, support extension can not be used.

Thank you for your attention to this matter ! We appreciate it.

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