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White and Salt – Design Intensive Master Training

Design Intensive Master Training
A blueprint to help brand and website designers dramatically scale their income with lower budget inquiries and short timelines


Trying to scale your income as a designer can be beyond frustrating
01. No matter what you do, you only get “low budget” inquiries which makes raising your prices feel impossible.
02. Your timelines always go over which makes booking new projects stressful and staying motivated to finish projects exhausting
03. How do I even start? What should I name my studio? How do I accept payments? What systems/programs should I be using?

There’s a way to fix that
You can make anywhere from $1k-$3k+ a DAY doing intensives!

A design intensive is a type of brand or website project structure.
Instead of a traditional design process that takes 4-8 weeks to complete, we “intensify” the process to only include what is absolutely necessary for a solid rebrand (or website); a strategic prep period, 1 prep meeting and 1 design day (or design week) to design a full rebrand or 5 page website.


3 years ago, I learned that day rates were a thing and I decided to implement them into my business right away. I made an IG post that night and pressed “post.” *Crickets* My excitement faded. I decided to pitch it on my next sales call later that week but the response was disappointing. They weren’t interested and it confused them. Ugh. I continued to try on future calls but was losing hope. No one wanted it. I only booked 2 day rate projects the rest of the year.

Determined, I decided to re-approach and restructure the entire offering. Through lots of trial and error, I made significant changes then BAM! It clicked and everyone I pitched it to started saying “yes!” without hesitation.
Now, I consistently book 1-2 of these offerings per week and our schedule is booked out 3 months! We are making $10k+/month with intensives alone (not including the full branding projects we still do!) and I am only working part-time hours.

I started talking about it on IG and the response was overwhelming. Now, I’m teaching other designers my exact process for creating, selling and executing a design intensive offer so you can do the same thing!

In this course, you’ll learn. . .

01. My sales pitch (and call script) for Design Intensives that makes them a no brainer decision for the right client

02. The mindset you need to fill your schedule and start making $10k+/month working just 1-2 full days per week

03. The Design Intensive structure and process from inquiry to prep work to design day to final file hand off

04. How to strategically prep for a successful design day so your client leaves happy and you feel confident

05. How to differentiate this offer from your full brand and website projects so you can still book those too!

06. How to fill your schedule, automate/streamline your process and scale this offer to include a team

BONUS. You’ll also receive ALL my templates for everything from emails to questionnaires to the prep work presentation, brand guidelines and call scripts

Scaling your income doesn’t have to be hard. It’s possible to work less and make more with the inquiries you’re already getting.
Let’s do the math, it’s insane!
$12K/MONTH = $144K/YEAR
If you do this part time and book 4, $3k projects a month that each take 1 day to complete…that means you’re making $12k that month and are only working 4 full, dedicated days. That’s just 1 work-week a month. If you did that every month, you’d work 48 days out of 365 days that year and make $144K/yr. This isn’t accounting for any full brand or website projects you do in addition to this and this is if you do it part time! I’m doing this exact thing. I work 20-25 hours a week total and stay home the other part with 3 very young kids who I’m the main caregiver for. This is more than possible for you!!

We all want to book $10k+ projects but here’s the problem:

There just aren’t as many of those opportunities as there are “low budget” requests.
Think about it, how many ‘low budget” inquiries do you get per week? And how often do you feel frustrated about that?
What if you could turn each of those low budget inquiries into profitable projects instead of turning them away and feeling frustrated? (All while still booking the high budget clients too!)

What if you could make your $3k design intensive projects just as, if not more, profitable than your $10k projects?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Innovative Business Model:
    • Embrace the reality of a genuine business! Our approach involves forming a group buy, where we collectively share the costs among members. Using these funds, we purchase sought-after courses from sale pages and make them accessible to individuals facing financial constraints. Despite potential reservations from the authors, our customers appreciate the affordability and accessibility we provide.
  2. The Legal Landscape: Yes and No:
    • The legality of our operations falls into a gray area. While we lack explicit approval from the course authors for resale, there’s a technicality at play. When procuring the course, the author didn’t specify any restrictions on resale. This legal nuance presents both an opportunity for us and a boon for those seeking budget-friendly access.
  3. Quality Assurance: Unveiling the Real Deal:
    • Delving into the heart of the matter – quality. Acquiring the course directly from the sale page ensures that all documents and materials are identical to those obtained through conventional means. However, our differentiator lies in going beyond personal study; we take an extra step by reselling. It’s important to note that we are not the official course providers, meaning certain premium services aren’t included in our package:
      • No coaching calls or scheduled sessions with the author.
      • No access to the author’s private Facebook group or web portal.
      • No entry to the author’s exclusive membership forum.
      • No direct email support from the author or their team.

    We operate independently, aiming to bridge the affordability gap without the additional services offered by official course channels. Your understanding of our unique approach is greatly appreciated.

Refund is acceptable:

  • Firstly, item is not as explained
  • Secondly, Item do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

Thank you for choosing us! We’re so happy that you feel comfortable enough with us to forward your business here.

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