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Trading Tuitions – The Swing Trading Mastery Course

The Swing Trading Mastery Course
Includes a highly profitable turnkey trading system with complete hands-on

Course Introduction

Most of the super successful traders, who do trading for a living, practice Swing Trading to generate consistent cash flow from financial markets. This method of trading is so powerful that you can exponentially grow your capital in no time irrespective of any market conditions. In fact, it is the safest strategy when compared with intraday or long-term trading.

This course is intended for everyone who wants to learn and master swing trading. There is no pre-requisite at all for this, everything is explained from the very scratch. The course is divided into several sections, and each section consists of result-oriented lessons which can be acted upon immediately. See the curriculum to learn more.

The course is also accompanied by an incredibly powerful Swing trading system that works like wonders on most of the stocks and indices. It’s a turn-key system that you can readily use for live trading. The system is coded in a google spreadsheet and you will learn every single detail of it in a step-by-step fashion.

If you want a fair idea of how profitable this system is, let me tell you that it has generated over 200% CAGR on average when backtested on the world’s most popular indices. See the results below:

* Results based on backtesting for 2000 calendar days up to 22nd June 2023

The spreadsheet will allow you to backtest this system yourself and gauge the returns. And that too with just few clicks.

What are you going to learn from this course?

  • Fundamentals of swing trading
  • Trend following in the context of swing trading
  • Concept of moving averages and how they are used to perfectly speculate price movements.
  • A highly accurate and profitable swing trading system that works on the majority of financial instruments (backtest results included)
  • A detailed walkthrough of a Google spreadsheet designed specifically for the Swing trading system.
  • Step by step instructions on how to trade based on the buy/sell signals from the spreadsheet.

And many more interesting things. Check out the course curriculum for details.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for (but not limited to) to people belonging to one of the following groups:

  • Stock market Traders
  • Stock market Learners
  • Finance Students
  • Technical Analysts
  • Algorithmic/Quant Traders
  • Forex traders
  • Commodity traders
  • Trading system programmers

Course Structure

The course contains several bite-sized video lessons that start from the very basics and gradually transition into advanced concepts. Everything is organized in a step-by-step tutorial fashion. There is a mix of video as well as text lessons which makes learning easier.

And no, we are not talking about boring theoretical lectures, every single lesson in this course is practical which you can readily implement. You’ll also get lifetime access to the Google spreadsheet using which you can backtest the swing trading system on the instrument of your choice. The spreadsheet also contains buy-sell signals for trading on the live market.

Your Instructor
Trading Tuitions is an initiative to educate people on profitable trading concepts, and help them achieve their financial goals. We specialize in algorithmic trading, trading system design and quantitative analysis. In the last decade, Trading Tuitions has mentored thousands of traders across the globe.

Course Curriculum

  • Let’s get Started
    What to expect from this Course? (2:03)
    Link to Swing Trading Spreadsheet
  • Introduction to Swing Trading
    What is Swing Trading? (4:03)
    Trend Following Basics (2:30)
    Concept of Short Selling (1:38)
    Moving Averages Overview (4:47)
  • Swing Trading System
    System Overview and Rules (2:46)
    Risk Management Rules (3:15)
    Which Instruments to Trade? (1:36)
    Swing Trading Spreadsheet Walkthrough (5:42)
  • Swing Trading Spreadsheet
    Parameters Worksheet (6:18)
    Backtest Worksheet (11:23)
    Next Day Signal Worksheet (1:26)
    Last 50 Days Trades Worksheet (1:30)
    Profit and Loss Summary Worksheet (4:24)
    Monthly Yearly Profit Worksheet (1:19)
    Charts Worksheet (1:05)
    Scenario based Illustration (3:53)
    Commision Calculation (2:20)
  • Historical Returns
    Historical Returns Summary on Popular Indices (3:05)
    Parameters used for Backetsting Indices
    How to Backtest? (4:19)
    Variations in Backtest results
  • How to Trade using this System?
    Step 1: Backtest and Optimize (5:07)
    Step 2: Monitor the signals (2:02)
    Step 3: Place Orders (4:08)
    Futures Contract Rollover (1:42)
    How to deal with Slippages? (2:25)
    Drawdown Risks? (3:35)
  • Conclusion
    Is this a Holy Grail? (1:41)
    Additional Download
  • Limited Time Bonuses
    Gann Square of 9 Calculator
    Special Promo on our other Courses

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