Pendulum Alchemy – Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation with your Pendulum



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Pendulum Alchemy – Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation with your Pendulum

Experience the Extraordinary

Do you want to massively increase the success of your ghost hunting and paranormal investigations?

Would you like to safely experience ghosts & other unusual phenomena?

Do you need to accurately determine the exact location and type of paranormal activity in an area for increased peace of mind and safety?

Do you feel that a haunted location requires healing help?

Do you wish to safely communicate with spirits and do healing if needed?

If you answered yes to any of these this course is for you.

Paranormal investigators Robin Schade & Erich Hunter Ph.D. will teach you revolutionary techniques to use your pendulum to safely experience ghost hauntings and a wide range of paranormal events.

The course is designed to provide massive value for people at all levels of skill & experience. If you are an expert who has been doing this for decades, a complete beginner who is just curious, or someone seeking answers about all the weird stuff going on in a location this course will be invaluable. There is a lot for everyone.

Course curriculum

Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation with your Pendulum

Introduction to Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation

The Ethics of Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation

The Different Types of Ghosts & Paranormal Phenomena

The Pendulum Method for Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation

Locating Ghosts & Paranormal Activity Using Your Pendulum

Determining the Safe & Dangerous Ghost & Paranormal Activity Using Your Pendulum

Communication with Ghost & Paranormal Phenomena Using the Pendulum

Healing Ghosts & Paranormal Phenomena with Your Pendulum

Using Your Pendulum to Support Traditional Methods of Ghost & Paranormal Investigation

Real Life Stories about Ghosts & Paranormal Phenomena

A New Way to Experience the Paranormal

Massively increase the success of your ghost hunting and paranormal investigations by using a pendulum.

Improve the performance of your traditional investigation methods.

Safely experience ghosts & other paranormal phenomena without fear of attachments.

Determine if healing is required for places with ghosts & paranormal phenomena and be able to safely do the healing. This can be done on location or remotely.

Communicate with ghosts & paranormal phenomena in real-time without expensive equipment.

Easily get detailed information about the ghosts and paranormal activities in a given area so you understand what is going on replacing fear with knowledge.

Accurately determine the exact location, type of paranormal activity for a given location for increased peace of mind and safety.

Be able to send healing to any situation that would benefit.


Greatly increase your chances of discovering ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon saving you time and making your searches more rewarding and fun.

Save money by being able to experience ghosts and the paranormal without paying tour guides, or purchasing expensive equipment.

Improve the quality of your life by knowing what is going on in strange places and by being able to safely experience ghosts & the paranormal.

Learn how to detect and safely heal hauntings and unwanted paranormal activity.

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