Pandit Rajmani Tigunait – Yoga Sutra Master Course 2: Reversing the Wheel of Karma



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Pandit Rajmani Tigunait – Yoga Sutra Master Course 2: Reversing the Wheel of Karma

The Yoga Sutra is vibrant, powerful, and ripened by the light of centuries of unbroken tradition.

The four-part Yoga Sutra Master Course, taught online by Pandit Tigunait, uses the blueprint of sadhana defined in the Yoga Sutra to give the modern yogi all the tools needed to build a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each of the four segments includes approximately eight hours of content, accompanied by a downloadable guidebook and lecture notes.

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, is a modern-day master and living link to the unbroken Himalayan Tradition. He is the successor of Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas and the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute.

As a leading voice of and the author of 15 books, his teachings offer practical guidance on applying yogic and tantric wisdom to modern life. Over the past 35 years, Pandit Tigunait has touched innumerable lives around the world as a teacher, humanitarian, and visionary spiritual leader.
Course Outline

Section 1
Yoga Sutra Prep School: Why Study Yoga Sutra, Why Now?

Why Yoga Sutra, Why Now?

Yoga Sutra: The Text

Patanjali and His World

Yoga Sutra Timeline

Yoga Sutra Contextual Map

The Quest of Life

Why Study the Yoga Sutra and Why Now?

Yoga Sutra Talk: Yoga Journeys

Traditions that Influenced the Yoga Sutra

Coming Closer to Patanjali

Section 2
Prep School: Yoga on Your Mind

How the Mind Works

Making the Unconscious Conscious

The Four Faculties of Mind

Quick Notes for Yoga Sutra 1:1 – 1:11

Towards a New Philosophy of Life

Sankhya Yoga–A Beginner’s Guide and Five Things to Know

Section 3
Prep School: Living a Yogic Lifestyle

Six Pillars of Yogic Living

Pillar 1: What Makes a Yogic Diet?

Saying Grace at Meals

Pillar 2: Right Exercise

Stretch and Breathe

Pillar 3: Sleep Well

An Experiment with Sleep

Pillar 4: Your Breath and Stress Reduction

Guided Diaphragmatic Breathing Practice

Pillar 5: The Importance of Cleansing

What in the World Is Triphala?

Pillar 6: Self-Awareness and Reflection

Lifestyle Realities

Lifestyle: Keeping Your Practice Simple

Section 4
Prep School: Transforming the Mind

Working With the Mind

Uniting Breath and Mind

Uniting Breath and Mind Experiential Practice

Daily Practice

Contemplative Practice of Sutra 1.33

Vairagya: Refining Your Sense of Self-Identity

Successful and Non-Attached

Conquering Negative Habits

Section 5
Prep School: Divine Grace, Self-Effort, and God in the Yoga Sutra

The Divine in the Yoga Sutra

Who Is God?

How Can Ishvara Be Known?

Trustful Surrender in Life and in Meditation

Guided Meditation

The Concept of God in Yoga

What Is Trustful Surrender?

Yoga Sutra Talk: Faith

Finding Faith in the Spirit of Yoga

Section 6
Prep School: The Wheel of Karma

Samskaras, Karma, and the Kleshas

Creating Our Character and Destiny

Three Types of Karma (Exerpt from Death to Birth)

Karma Vocabulary

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The Law of Karma vs. Divine Grace

The Relationship Between Karma and Destiny

Satsanga: Wise Company

Summary and Closing

Section 7
Part 1: Mastering the Mind — The Secret of the Yoga Sutra

Course Notes: Mastering the Mind & Audio Recordings

Chapter 1 Notes


Introduction to the Yoga Sutra

Why the Yoga Sutra Now?

The Yoga Sutra for Purposeful Living

The Four Chapters of the Yoga Sutra

The Main Message of the Yoga Sutra

Section 8
Part 1: Living with Purpose

Chapter 2 Notes

Yogic View of Life

The Cornerstone of Self-Conquest

Creating a Yogic Lifestyle

Five Pillars of a Yogic Lifestyle

Relying on Direct Experience

Section 9
Part 1: The Inherent Power of the Mind

Chapter 3 Notes

Mind: The Center of the Universe

Unveiling the Mind’s Inherent Luminosity

The Source of Willpower and Determination

Freeing the Mind of Its Conditionings

Section 10
Part 1: Unlocking the Power of the Mind

Chapter 4 Notes

Five States of Mind

What Happens When the Mind Is Perfectly Still?

What Happens When the Mind Is Run by Its Roaming Tendencies?

The Subtle Causes of Our Inner Restlessness

The Technique for Creating a Reality of Our Choice

Section 11
Part 1: Path to Self-Conquest

Chapter 5 Notes

Practice and Non-Attachment According to Patanjali

The Practice (Abhyasa)

Non-Attachment (Vairagya)

Perfecting the Practice

Section 12
Part 1: Key to Self-Conquest

Chapter 6 Notes

The Force Behind Self-Conquest

The Four Steps of Vairagya – Part 1

The Four Steps of Vairagya – Part 2

Section 13
Part 1: Obstacles to Self-Conquest

Chapter 7 Notes

Nine Categories of Obstacles

Five Companions to the Fundamental Obstacles

Yogic and Ayurvedic Approaches to Conquering Obstacles

A Regimen for Living Life Without Obstacles

Section 14
Part 1: Yogi in the Making

Chapter 8 Notes

What Makes Us a Yogi?

Five Laws for Becoming a Master – Part 1

Five Laws for Becoming a Master – Part 2

Section 15
Part 1: Becoming Perfect

Chapter 9 Notes

Crossing the Threshold to Imperishable Power and Wisdom – Part 1

Crossing the Threshold to Imperishable Power and Wisdom – Part 2

The Benefits of Becoming Established in Inner Luminosity and Inner Joy

Section 16
Part 2: Reversing the Wheel of Karma — The Dynamics of Karma and Reincarnation


Reversing the Wheel of Karma Course Notes & Audio Downloads

Chapter 1 Notes

Introduction: Acquired and Intrinsic Aspects of Mind

Building Blocks of Our Individuality

The Force That Governs and Guides

Changing the Course of Destiny

Section 17
Part 2: The Mystery of Karma, Karmic Impressions, and Destiny

Chapter 2 Notes

Karma Chakra—How the Cycle of Karma Works

What Makes Some Karmic Impressions So Powerful?

Three Categories of Karma

Which Karma Creates Destiny?

Section 18
Part 2: Freeing the Mind of Its Karmic Impressions

Chapter 3 Notes

Create New Karma

Story from the Mahabharata

Five Golden Laws for Creating Positive and Illuminating Karma

Story of Rakshoha, Chitragupta, and Brihaspati

Section 19
Part 2: Avoiding the Creation of Negative Karma

Chapter 4 Notes

Neutralizing Negative Karma

Five Negative Karmas

Listening to Our Conscience

Importance of Avoiding the Five Negative Karmas

Section 20
Part 2: The Force Beyond Karma

Chapter 5 Notes

The Gap Between Our Actions and Their Fruits

Our Mind and Karmic Impressions When We Die

Time, Space, and Law of Cause and Effect When We Die

What Pulls Us Out of Death?

How Do We Return to This World?

The Unique Intention of the Divine Being

How Our Mind, Karma, and Life Force Reunite

Section 21
Part 2: Our Inner Guide and Companion

Chapter 6 Notes

The Inner Guide and Us – Part 1

The Inner Guide and Us – Part 2

Why We Turn Away from Our Inner Guide

Dynamics of Our Shrunken Self

Dynamics of Divine Grace

Journey of Life with Limited Power and Wisdom

Section 22
Part 2: Mantra—An Agent of Change

Chapter 7 Notes

Yogic Meaning of “In the Beginning Was the Word”

Relationship Between Mantra, Mind, and the Inner Guide

Dynamics of Mantra Meditation

How Mantra Turns Our Awareness Inward

How Mantra Frees Us from the Nine Obstacles

Section 23
Part 2: Dynamics of Meditation

Chapter 8 Notes

Preparing for the Inner Quest

Learning to Sit in a Comfortable and Steady Posture

Uniting the Power of Mind and Breath

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Entering the Luminous Space Within

Using Mantra to Sit Firmly in Our Luminous Inner Space

Section 24
Part 3: Discovering Your Luminous Joy — Lotus Heart, the Center of Luminous Joy

Course Notes and Audio Recordings

Chapter 1 Notes


Review of the Previous Master Course Seminars

Introduction to Discovering Our Luminous Joy

The Lotus in Different Traditions

The Lotus in Indian Mythology

The Lotus in the Yoga Sutra

The Meeting Ground of the Individual Soul and the Supreme Being

Section 25
Part 3: Restoring Our Mental Purity

Chapter 2 Notes

The Fundamental Problem: Fear

Four Mental Contaminants Born of Fear

Four Attitudes for Overcoming the Four Contaminants

Section 26
Part 3: Passage to the Lotus of the Heart

Chapter 3 Notes

Locating the Access Point to Our Inner Heart

The Spiritual Anatomy of Our Nasal Passages and Eyebrow Center

Entering Our Inner Space

Awakening and Absorbing the Energy of Talu Chakra with Pranayama

Pranayama Precautions, Prerequisites, and Detailed Instruction

Section 27
Part 3: Removing the Veil Covering the Heart

Chapter 4 Notes

Accessing the Non-Physical Dimension of Our Senses and Sense Organs

Using Non-Physical Sensory Experience as a Meditative Object

Becoming Mentally Absorbed in the Luminosity in Our Forehead Area

Transcending Body Consciousness and Becoming Immersed in Inner Light

Section 28
Part 3: Entering the Heart

Chapter 5 Notes

The Technique for Locating Our Core, the Lotus of the Heart

Ascending and Descending Between the Lotus of the Heart and the Crown

Witnessing the Luminous Joy Arising from Ascending and Descending

Section 29
Part 3: Guided Meditation on the Lotus of the Heart

Chapter 6 Notes

Instructional Session (48 minutes)

Section 30
Part 3: The Fruits of Meditation

Chapter 7 Notes

The Rise of Intuitive Wisdom

Becoming Established in Self-Luminous Joy

Unfolding Our Innate Ingenuity and Creativity

Loosening Our Weaknesses—Our Mental Conditionings

Participating in the World Without Becoming Caught in It

Section 31
Part 3: Guided Meditation on the Lotus of the Heart, 2

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Chapter 8 Notes

Experiential Session (49 minutes)

Section 32
Part 4: Samadhi — Freedom Here & Now — The Quest for Samadhi


Invocation Mantras

Course Notes and Audio Recordings

Chapter 1 Notes

Review of the Previous Seminars

The Secret of Samadhi

Samadhi as a Process and a State of Pure Experience

Section 33
Part 4: Overcoming the Biggest Hurdles

Chapter 2 Notes

The Problem of Letting Go

False Expectations, Unbalanced Living, and Lack of Preparation

Section 34
Part 4: The Four Stages of Lower (Sabija) Samadhi

Chapter 3 Notes

The Difference Between Meditation and Samadhi

Samadhi Manifesting from Meditation on a Physical Object

Samadhi Manifesting from Meditation on a Subtle Object

Samadhi Manifesting from Meditation on Our Innate Joy and Luminosity

Section 35
Part 4: The Technique for Inner Immersion

Chapter 4 Notes

How the Mind Takes On the Qualities of the Meditative Object

Using Breath as the Object of Meditation

How Meditation Becomes Subtle, Leading to Inner Joy and Luminosity

Section 36
Part 4: Reaching the Highest (Nirbija) Stage of Samadhi

Chapter 5 Notes

The Difference Between Lower and Higher Samadhi – Part 1

The Difference Between Lower and Higher Samadhi – Part 2

What Prevents Us from Reaching the Highest Samadhi?

How We Know That We Are Progressing Toward the Highest Samadhi

Section 37
Part 4: The Most Crucial Stage—Dharma Megha Samadhi

Chapter 6 Notes

The Transitional State Between Lower and Higher Samadhi

The Spontaneous Dawning of a Flawlessly Transparent Mind

The Demolition of the Wall of Duality and Our Sense of Loneliness

Section 38
Part 4: The Highest Reward—Ultimate Freedom and Unending Joy

Chapter 7 Notes

Freedom from the Effects of Causes

Transformation of Our Old Mind into the Light of Pure Consciousness

Freedom from the Desire for Liberation from Birth and Death

The Privilege of Being a Conduit for Divine Will

Section 39
Part 4: Meditation on the Lotus of the Heart

Experiential Session

Section 40
Part 1 Live Stream: Mastering the Mind

Friday, Nov 14, 7:30 EST — The Yoga Sutra: The Road Map for a Personal Quest

Saturday, Nov 15, 10:00 EST — The Wonder We Are: Our Body and Mind

Saturday, Nov 15, 3:30 EST — Deploying the Forces of Our Body and Mind

Saturday, Nov 15, 7:30 EST — Finding Our Connection

Sunday, Nov 16, 10:00 EST — Attaining Samadhi

Section 41
Part 2 Live Stream: Reversing the Wheel of Karma

Friday, Feb 13, 7:30 EST— Mind, Karma, & Reincarnation

Saturday, Feb 14, 9:30 EST—The Power to Design Our Destiny

Saturday, Feb 14, 3:30 EST—Energizing the Solar Plexus: The Focus on Pranayama

Saturday, Feb 14 7:30 EST—The Force Beyond Karma and Destiny

Sunday, Feb 15, 9:30 EST—The Transformative Power of Mantra and Meditation

Section 42
Part 3 Live Stream: Discovering Your Luminous Joy

Friday, May 22, 7:30pm EST —The Unique Qualities of the Heart Center

Saturday, May 23, 10:00am EST — Clearing the Passage: Manipura Chakra & the Ajna Chakra

Saturday, May 23, 3:00pm — Practicum: Hatha Yoga & Pranayama Techniques Leading to Prachardana and Vidharana

Saturday, May 23, 7:30pm EST — Entering the Heart Center

Sunday, May 24, 10:00am EST — Immersion in the State of Vishoka and Jyotishmati and Q&A

Get immediately download Pandit Rajmani Tigunait – Yoga Sutra Master Course 2: Reversing the Wheel of Karma

Section 43
Part 4 Live Stream: Samadhi—Freedom Here & Now

Friday, August 21st, 7:30 EST—Samadhi: The Most Natural State of Being

Saturday, August 22nd, 10am EST—Steps to Samadhi

Saturday, August 22nd, 3:30pm EST — Practicum

Saturday, August 22nd, 7:30pm EST — Dharma Megha Samadhi: Reaching the Summit

Sunday, August 23rd, 10am EST — Closing the Chasm: Nirbija Samadhi

Section 44
Supportive Materials: Q&A—Mastering the Mind

What Do You Mean By Binding and Releasing Forces of the Mind?

How Can I Practice When I’m Not Inspired?

How Do I Create an Environment That Is Conducive to Practice?

What Are the Main Elements of a Yogic Lifestyle?

What Are the Precautions and Prerequisites for Practicing Yoga?

What Are the Major Obstacles Encountered in the Practice of Yoga?

What Do I Get from Samadhi?

Why Do Some Succeed Easily in Practice and Others Struggle?

Section 45
Supportive Materials: Q&A—Reversing the Wheel of Karma

Why Are We Reborn?

What Does Mindfulness Really Mean?

How and When to Be Selfless?

Successful and Non-Attached

Is Anyone Not Bound by the Law of Karma?

Mantra: What It Is and Why We Use It

Meditation on Mantra vs. Meditation on “Pure Being”

Which Mantra Is Right for Me?

Using Mantra Vs. Emptying the Mind

Section 46
Supportive Materials: Q&A— Discovering Your Luminous Joy

The Relationship Between Tantra and Yoga

Meditation on the Heart Chakra vs. the Crown Chakra

Anahata Chakra and the Lotus of the Heart

What Stops Us from Reaching Our Inner Divinity?

How to Gain Access to the Lotus of the Heart

Is the Lotus of the Heart a Physical Space?

Why Is It So Difficult to Experience the Lotus of the Heart?

What Do You Mean by Self-Luminous Joy and Inner Luminosity?

How Do We Know Our Experience of Inner Light Is Real?

What Kind of Transformation Occurs Through Meditation at the Lotus of the Heart?

Balancing Mantra Meditation and Meditation on the Lotus of the Heart

Section 47
Supportive Materials: Q&A—Samadhi, Here & Now

How Do We Prepare for Samadhi?

Is Samadhi a Process or a State of Experience?

Do We Reach Samadhi Through Practice or Grace?

Sabija and Nirbija Samadhi Explained

When We Reach Samadhi Are We All-Knowing?

How Does Samadhi Impact Our Worldly Life?

In Samadhi Are We Free from Inner Turmoil?

Are We Free from the Realities of Life in Samadhi?

How Long Does Samadhi Last?

What Is the Most Significant Stage of Samadhi?

If We Drop Our Practice Before Samadhi, Do We Have to Start All Over?

What Do You Mean by Freedom and Unending Joy?

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