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Neil McCoy-Ward – ‘UNLIMITED WEALTH’ The Psychology Of Wealth Accumulation

Neil McCoy-Ward Presents


The Psychology Of Wealth Accumulation

Master Your Own MIND & Build SECURE & Abundant WEALTH For The Rest Of Your LIFE…

No matter who you are, or what your education level, anyone can use the principles in this course to build long term wealth – (even if you are currently in debt and have no income!)

This strategy will still work for your long term SUCCESS!

This Was Me Not Long Ago…

Most people assume I grew up wealthy, attended the best schools and universities and had a career path already planned out for me… But this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Actually I was broke, depressed, with no qualifications and had no direction. I felt hopeless, not knowing what to do with my life… growing up I had very few prospects that didn’t involve earning money through crime…

And just to prove to you how broke I was, this image speaks for itself…

The flat where I lived didn’t even have wall paper on the walls… With a musty carpet that was at least 20 years old!

My clothes were dirty, and my shoes worn…

I really lacked direction and clarity of thought, and on top of this, I had HUGE burdensome levels of debt…

I just couldn’t see a way out and definitely couldn’t see a way forward…

But “at least I had my best friend” I would say to myself… until even my dog was tragically taken away from me at Christmas…

That’s When Everything Changed…

And my Life Turned Around Forever… But before I tell you all about that… I want to share with you…

The Simple CODE

For Unlocking The Door To UNLIMITED Wealth And

Abundance RIGHT NOW…

But First, I have a Question for you…

Do You Even Want to Become Wealthy?

Do you want to accomplish your goals and make an incredible life for yourself and your loved ones?

Do you want to be able to work on your own terms? (And not someone else’s terms)

Then why hasn’t it happened to you yet? Maybe You Even Feel That TIME Is Running Out?

I’m guessing that like most people, you’ve been searching for the answers for awhile now. You’ve been working really hard and trying many different things, but so far, you just haven’t made it yet.

And now, you don’t feel like you’re moving fast enough with the way the World Is going

And maybe you don’t feel like the things you’ve been doing are making a real difference in your ultimate wealth and success…

Sure you’ve built up some savings, perhaps even invested some money… but with Inflation in recent years… WOW, I get it…

Maybe you have money in the bank, but it’s not anywhere close to what you want to build for yourself…

But the hardest part is, you’re not even sure if you’re on the right path?

Well today, I want to help you solve this problem forever! But first, allow me to introduce myself…

A World Class Wealth Coach;

Trusted By Over 400,000 Subscribers On YouTube…

Hi, I’m Neil McCoy-Ward & I’m determined to give people the tools to create a more satisfied life full of wealth and happiness. My only question is, will you be next?

Note: Neil is the personal mentor to over: 20 celebrities, 30+ multi millionaires, dozens of CEOs & even 2 hedge fund managers…

From ZERO to Over 400K Subscribers?!

All Within Just 3 Years…

How Could Someone with no prior experience of YouTube, and no team – go from Zero To Over 400,000 Subscribers within the space of 3 Years?!

How is that even possible?

More on this later…

If I were reading this page, the first question I’d have is this: ‘How on Earth has Neil achieved so much in such a short space of time?’

(But More Importantly, Can These Skills Be Easily Learned By Me Too?!)

You’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is YES.

The answer to how I did it is simple. I spent 20 years studying the wealthiest people in the World…

Then I listed all their traits into a simple to follow, step by step process! Not only did this turn me from broke to a multi millionaire within just 5 years, but I’ve now gone on to help others to do it in even less time!


You don’t need me to tell you this, you and I both already know this statement to be true…

They don’t want you to be wealthy or successful, or even worse, free…

Free to spend your time however you want to, free to choose your own path…

They want you slaving 9-5, nose to the grindstone, paying your taxes like a good little ‘SERF’

While they themselves find loopholes to avoid paying taxes… all the time flying around in their private jets…


But I’ll show you how to beat it

What’s Inside The Program?

  • 141 Full Length Video Training Sessions: 13 Hours of Content!
  •  Available for Immediate Online Streaming!

Your ‘World Class’ Curriculum

Chapter 1 – Introduction

1.1. An Introduction To ‘The Psychology Of Wealth Accumulation’ Course(8:11)PREVIEW

1.2. My Guidance For Getting The Most Out Of This Course For Ultimate SUCCESS!(4:25)

1.3. Powerful Introductory PRINCIPLES For Wealth Accumulation(3:29)

Chapter 2 – You Were ‘CREATED’ to be Wealthy, But ‘PROGRAMMED’ To Be Poor…

2.1. You Were Born Wealthy, But They Programmed You With A Poverty Mindset!(2:43)PREVIEW

2.2. Understanding The WESTERN ‘EXTRACTION’ Based System Of The Populus(9:38)PREVIEW

2.3. The EDUCATION System Is Not What You Think It Is…(9:27)

2.4. The Illegality Of Income Tax (PART 1)(8:02)

2.5. The Illegality Of Income Tax (PART 2)(8:08)

2.6. How ‘THEY’ Use Taxes To STOP You From Achieving Wealth & FREEDOM(7:23)

2.7. The Illegality Of USA Taxes (& The Corruption Of The System)(6:48)

2.8. How The Education System Programmed You For A JOB…(7:30)

2.9. The Psychology Of Taxation & How It STOPS You From Creating WEALTH!(7:25)

Chapter 3 – Taking Account & ‘Cleaning Your Slate’ For MASSIVE Wealth Accumulation

3.1. Taking A Personal Account Of Your Income Vs Expenses(4:09)

3.2. How Much Money Have You Earned In Your Lifetime?! (Surprising Results!)(6:56)

3.3. Assessing Your Remaining Earning Potential (& Looking To The Past)(5:22)

3.4. Tracing Your Family History Around Money… (Unbelievable Correlations!)(5:22)

3.5. How Your Role Models Will Try To Hold You Back From The SUCCESS You Deserve!(4:44)

3.6. Making A Detailed Study Of Your FAMILY HISTORY (Observations & Patterns)(4:56)

3.7. Calculating Your NET Worth (& Reframing Your ‘Worth’)(5:38)

3.8. Understanding The Paradoxical Value Of ‘VALUE’ (& Assessing Your Value)(6:51)

Chapter 4 – The HIDDEN Secrets Of MONEY & How We Psychologically Relate To It…

4.1. (99.99%) Of People Have No Idea What Money Really Is!(6:13)

4.2. What Exactly Are The Metrics Of Money? (Historical, Commodity & Values)(8:09)

4.3. The EIGHT Principles Of ‘REAL’ Money (& The Fallacy of ‘Barter’ As Money)(7:06)

4.4. Money Vs Currencies Vs CBDC (Understanding The Difference To Accumulate The Correct Thing!)(4:13)

4.5. Why Fiat Currency Is A Digital SLAVERY System…(4:17)

4.6. The THEFT Of Hyperinflation (& HIGH Inflation TAXATION)(6:12)

4.7. Hyperinflation Is Always Deliberate & Intentional… (And Will Happen Again In Our Lifetime)(7:19)

4.8. Hyperinflation Is NOT A Rare Phenomenon (All Events Listed)(6:17)

4.9. The Importance Of Personal Development (& A Powerful Lesson On How We Relate To Money)(5:57)

4.10. The CRAZIEST Lesson I Ever Received On The Psychology Of Money(5:12)

4.11. The Most POWERFUL Exercise You Will Ever Do For Valuing Your Life Energy Vs Purchases(6:15)

4.12. Your TRUE Wealth Is Your TIME & ENERGY (Correctly Applied Through Language)(6:46)

4.13. The Difference Between 9-5 Workers & Dairy Cows… (Surprisingly Correlated)(2:58)

Chapter 5 – Breaking the Societal Mindtrap & Setting Yourself FREE To Live Life On Your Own Terms

5.1. You Don’t Really Want Money, You Want ‘THIS’ Instead…(9:28)

5.2. Jobs Are A Modern Day Phenomenon (For Wealth Extraction/Profit) & The 1/3 System(8:39)

5.3. The Methodology Of Income Scaling (& Trialing Business Ideas) / The ‘CONTROL’ Principle(4:51)

5.4. The Insanity Of Working For The Weekend, Poor Work/Life Balance & Having No Life Purpose(7:16)

5.5. Case Study: From Trapped & Unhappy to HAPPINESS & FREEDOM! (Part 1) ‘Changing Belief Systems'(7:12)

5.6. Case Study: From Trapped & Unhappy to HAPPINESS & FREEDOM! (Part 2) ‘Finances'(6:47)

5.7. Case Study: From Trapped & Unhappy to HAPPINESS & FREEDOM! (Part 3) ‘Acceptance Of Change'(6:10)

5.8. Case Study: How He Went From HOMELESS To Extreme Wealth Within 7 Years(6:08)

5.9. Are You Being Paid Your True VALUE For Your Life Energy?(6:33)

5.10. Observing Your Belief Systems Around Money(8:12)

5.11. Observing Your Belief Systems Around Money (Parents, Values, Spending, Feelings)(9:11)

5.12. How Aware/Present/Conscious Are You Of Your Money? What Would You Do If You Had Unlimited Money?(9:08)

5.13. Negative Beliefs That Hold Us Back From Wealth & Success(5:00)

5.14. Why Your Family & Friends Might Try To Stop You Becoming Successful!(7:43)

5.15. The TRUTH About Real Wealth & How The Media Manipulates Us To Steal Our Wealth(7:32)

5.16. Other People’s Money Is None Of Our Business! & You Have To Take FULL Responsibility For Your Wealth Creation(5:47)

5.17. You May Have To Become Unsuccessful (For A Short Time) In Order To Become Successful!(5:09)

5.18. Why INTERNAL Investment Will Give You A Much More Powerful ‘ROI’ Than EXTERNAL Investment(6:21)

5.19. Why You MUST Escape A TOXIC Environment If You Want To Stand Any Chance Of Wealth & Success!(8:15)

Chapter 6 – How To Raise Your Financial Thermostat (EXPLODE WEALTH!)

6.1. The Reason 70% Of Lottery Winners Go BROKE Within 4 Years…(9:47)

6.2. How Emotional And/Or Traumatic Events As Children Can Corrupt Our Relationship With Money As Adults(7:13)

6.3. How Comfort Limits Your Level Of Income (& How You Can Leverage Your Skills)(5:16)

6.4. Success Leaves Clues! (Mapping The Patterns Of Billionaires)(5:51)

6.5. Raising Your Thermostat Leads to Greater Confidence, Competence & Income(4:40)

6.6. My Wealth Breakthrough (Studying Larry Ellison & Warren Buffett)(5:43)

6.7. Breaking the Limiting Belief of ‘Undesirable’ Circumstances (& The Fallacy Of ‘LUCK’)(5:13)

6.8. Mental Exercise Questions To Shatter Your Glass Ceiling (& Your Marketplace Value)(9:25)

6.9. The Correlations Between DEBT & How It Effects The Creation And Accumulation Of Wealth(5:22)

6.10. Focus On Eliminating ‘BAD’ DEBT & (Leveraging ‘GOOD’ Debt)(6:25)

6.11.  Taking On & Looking Forward To Challenges! (The More Challenges You Solve, The More Money You Make)(9:18)

6.12. (PART 1): Rich People ARE NOT Smarter Than ‘NON Rich’ People (They Just Know The RULES Of Wealth)(5:19)

6.13. (PART 2): Rich People ARE NOT Smarter Than ‘NON Rich’ People (They Just Know The RULES Of Wealth)(7:45)

6.14. Don’t Expect A Psychological Blockage To Remove Itself (EXTREME Example Of Multi-Millionaire Bank CEO)(8:31)

6.15. PASSIVE INCOME – The Gold Standard Of Income Generation(5:01)

6.16. (Exercise): How Having Resentment Around Money Can STOP You From Building Wealth(5:47)

6.17. (Exercise): Who Do You Blame For Your Lack Of Wealth? (Let’s Fix These Incongruencies)(6:51)

6.18. (Exercise): What LIES Are You Telling Yourself About Money? (The TRUTH Shall Set You Free!)(3:36)

6.19. (Exercise): How Do You Justify Your Spending Habits? (Your Money Enables Your Life)(3:38)

6.20. (Exercise): Does Money Really Equal Freedom? (Surprising Truth)(9:22)

6.21. (Exercise): Proof That You Don’t Want Money More Than Your FREEDOM(5:00)

6.22. (Exercise): What Are Your 3 Biggest FEARS Stopping You From Being Wealthy? (We Have To Overcome Our FEARS For Success)(3:21)

Chapter 7 – How To EXPLODE Wealth! Using These Psychological Concepts/Constructs

7.1. Changing Decades Old Belief Systems (Within ‘TIME’)(7:25)

7.2. Why Most People Simply Can’t Relate To Or Even Manage Their Money (Anymore)(6:17)

7.3. How Your ‘AGE’ Will Dictate How You Relate To Money & Investing… (Don’t Allow It To!)(6:30)

7.4. Wealth Through ‘Value Creation’ – Why Marketing & Sales Are CRUCIAL!(5:58)

7.5. How I Became A ‘TOP’ UK Salesperson (Through SERVICE, Not Selling) – ‘Massive Value Creation'(4:40)

7.6. How Mistakes Will Get You To Success Faster! (Fail As Often As Possible!)(5:09)

7.7. Massive Successes & Massive Failures (Mindset Management)(5:51)

7.8. How ‘This’ Technology Can Accelerate Your Path To GREAT Wealth…(5:15)

7.9. Why You MUST Become Your Own Financial Advisor!!! (Reactive Vs Proactive, The Imposter Syndrome & Being Paranoid About Your Money)(7:20)

7.10. “That Will Never Happen!” (Until It Does) – A Lesson On The ‘Low Level’ Thinking Of The Masses…(5:11)

7.11. ‘Fake It Until You Make It!’ – Why You Probably Don’t Need To… (Congruency & First Impressions)(7:31)

7.12. My Thoughts On ‘Leverage’, Taking On Debt For Investment & Get Rich Quick Schemes(7:44)

7.13. The Craziest Story Of Leverage ‘Stupidity’ You Will Ever Here!(6:19)

7.14. Money & Wealth Does NOT Discriminate!(6:39)

7.15. The Fallacy Of Working Longer & Harder, Just To Spend/Waste More! (The Fulfilment Curve)(7:03)

7.16. (Part 1) FALSE Beliefs Which Are Passed Down From Generation To Generation… (Keeping You Trapped)(6:00)

7.17. (Part 2) FALSE Beliefs Which Are Passed Down From Generation To Generation… (Keeping You Trapped)(5:04)

Chapter 8 – The Rules & Principles Of Wealth (Break Them At Your PERIL!)

8.1. Why You Must Make Yourself Irreplaceable & Pleasing… (People Buy From & Relate To PEOPLE!)(7:27)

8.2. You Can Re-Create Yourself Into Anyone You Want To Be! (Your Future Isn’t Destined By Chance)(4:40)

8.3. The Fallacy Of ‘Saving To Save’ (WRONG!) + Always Wanting Instant Gratification(9:19)

8.4. It’s Time To Take Back Your POWER In Your Personal Finances! (From Victim To VICTOR)(6:12)

8.5. The Important Of Good Health & The Impact Of Energy Levels (To Avoid Burnout!)(7:14)

8.6. Why LAZY People Can’t Get Wealthy (& Even If They Do, They Won’t Keep It!) But Procrastinators CAN Get Wealthy If They Do This One Thing! (ENERGY)(6:35)

8.7. NO! Don’t Cut Out Your Daily Luxuries… Instead Focus On Creating More Cashflow (But Don’t Get Carried Away With Too Much Leisure Time)(7:27)

8.8. Why You Must Get The Best Help Possible In Order To Maintain Your Wealth(6:36)

8.9. Getting Wealthy On Your Own Is VERY VERY TOUGH! (Play To Your Strengths & Outsource Your Weaknesses)(9:05)

8.10. How To Leverage Other People’s Skills & Time To Explode Your Own Wealth(5:24)

8.11. Why You Must Remove Your EMOTIONS From Your Investment/Investing Process… (& Be Careful Who You Take Advice From!)(6:38)

8.12. The POWER Of The ‘Mastermind’ Principle…(4:44)

Chapter 9 (BONUS) – The Metaphysical World Of Wealth Accumulation

9.1. An Introduction To The World Of Metaphysics… (ADVANCED Lessons)(9:19)

9.2. The POWER Of ‘Desire’ (& The Energy Behind Creation)(5:18)

9.3. The Importance Of Having ‘POWERFUL’ & Targeted GOALS (While Staying Positive & Driving Away Negative Influences)(5:46)

9.4. The Unlimited Wealth Power Of Having A Niche & Unique Specialised Knowledge(6:46)

9.5. An Example Of Having Unique Specialised Knowledge & Designing Your Life For SUCCESS(5:30)

9.6. Visualisations Without Action & Planning – Leads People To Failure, Not Manifestation(6:46)

9.7. The Incredible Life Changing Power Of Imagination!!!(7:04)

9.8. The Mind Boggling TRUTH About Reality, Empty MATTER (& Why You Should Focus On Creation, NOT Competition)(8:17)

9.9. The Incredible Power Of GRATITUDE(2:28)

9.10. Creating The ‘Bridge’ From Thought To Reality, The Importance Of ‘Psychology’ OVER Strategy & Resolving The Negative(4:43)

9.11. The Power Of GOALS Compounding – ‘Living In Small Actions'(5:45)

9.12. How Visualisations Will Change Your Life (#1 Top Accelerator)(7:39)

9.13. The Power Of AFFIRMATIONS (Language In Creation) ‘Affirming The Positive’ & ‘Destroying The Negative'(5:07)

9.14. The Power Of The VISION BOARD! (With My Unbelievable Personal Testimonial)(4:27)

9.15. My Personal Vision Board For The Next 2 Years(7:29)

Chapter 10 (BONUS) – Strategic Wealth Building! (How To Earn Vast Sums) ‘STRATEGY SESSION’

10.1. An Introduction To Wealth ‘Strategy’ & My System For Purchases/Spending (Part 1) SMALL(6:27)

10.2. My System For Purchases/Spending – (Part 2) MEDIUM(3:09)

10.3. My System For Purchases/Spending – (Part 3) LARGE(4:58)

10.4. My System For Money – EXPENSES (Part 1)(6:41)

10.5. My System For Money – (Part 2) SAVING/DEBT & EDUCATION(5:08)

10.6. My System For Money – (Part 3) FUN/LEISURE(4:35)

10.7. My System For Money – (Part 4) CHARITY(4:19)

10.8. Why You Must Have A Great Presentation & Excellent Communication Skills(7:49)

10.9. Why You MUST Raise Your Profile & Publish Your Work – For Ultimate Success!(7:21)

10.10. How Partnerships Will Help You Grow Faster & Increasing Your Earning Potential(4:31)

10.11. Why Scale & Leverage Is Key To Compounding (Moving From ‘The 1’ To ‘1,000,000’)(3:46)

10.12. The Value Of An Audience, Respecting Your Customers & Being Committed To Personal Improvement(4:36)

10.13. Understanding The Cashflow Quadrant (Employee->Self Employed->Business->Investor)(5:09)

10.14. Why Multiple Streams Of Income Are CRUCIAL For Security (& Future Survival?)(5:35)

10.15. My System For Building A WINNING Business (Part 1) ‘REQUIREMENT’ & ‘ENTRY'(6:27)

10.16. My System For Building A WINNING Business (Part 2) ‘CONTROL’ & ‘TIME'(6:46)

10.17. Just Get Out! (Move To A Better Country, Pay Less Tax & Create A BETTER LIFE!) Don’t Be Afraid Of The Adventure…(4:43)

Chapter 11 – Conclusion

11.2. Understanding The Difference Between ‘Investing Vs Spending’ In Order To Store Wealth(3:47)

11.1. Course Concepts Summary(6:31)

11.3. Exercise (Part 1): The Ultimate Reframing Exercise For Transforming Your Beliefs To Create Wealth SUCCESS!(5:01)

11.4. Exercise (Part 2): The Ultimate Reframing Exercise For Transforming Your Beliefs To Create Wealth SUCCESS!(5:43)

11.5. Examples Of People Who ed In Poverty, Yet Became RICH (You Can Do It Too!)(5:39)

11.6. My Book Recommendations For You (List Below Video)(4:34)

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