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Matt Smith – Shift Nudge Pro

Join the premiere online learning experience for designing beautiful & functional interfaces.

Shift Nudge is the systematic process to learn the visual skills of interface design, even if you don’t have a design background. Perfect for those wanting to enter or advance in the field.

✓ Typography
✓ Layout Techniques
✓ Choosing Colors
✓ Design Direction
✓ Interface Elements
✓ Real World Tactics


This course is absolutely jam-packed with all the best information for creating great visual design for interfaces. No fluff, just practical content tailored specifically for interfaces.


10 Lessons  •  1h 17m

  • Welcome to the Course 02:45
  • How Everything Works 04:25
  • Pro-Designer Mindset 04:29
  • Choosing Design Software 05:59
  • UX vs. UI 06:00
  • Design Process Overview 16:55
  • Using Reference Material 24:57
  • Quick Keys Fast Workflow 03:35
  • Organizing Design Projects 08:19
  • Figma Organization 00:00


11 Lessons  •  4h 32m

  • Font Size 16:44
  • Font Weight 17:29
  • Hierarchy 25:42
  • Titles & Body 31:32
  • Callouts 17:52
  • Truncation 36:21
  • Text Style Definitions 27:53
  • Interactive Text 25:20
  • Combining Text & Element 22:59
  • Start With System Fonts 28:04
  • Using Alternate Fonts 22:23


10 Lessons  •  4h 47m

  • The Box Model 24:50
  • Grids & Containers 28:34
  • Implicit Grid 23:41
  • Negative Space 21:54
  • Alignment 12:40
  • Optics vs. Math 24:49
  • High & Low Density 28:18
  • Scale, Weight, & Hierarchy 22:07
  • Affordance 19:25
  • Interactive Layouts 26:22


10 Lessons  •  5h 25m

  • Color Picking Methods 23:17
  • Contrast & Accessibility 26:57
  • Structural vs. Interactive 34:53
  • First, Second, Third 21:46
  • Strategic Definitions 16:58
  • Amount & Modification 23:37
  • Gradients 31:49
  • Nifty Shades of Grey 14:13
  • White & Almost White 25:20
  • Secrets of Dark UI 14:38


10 Lessons  •  5h 06m

  • Design Direction 27:32
  • Subtlety is Key 19:59
  • Corner Radius 36:34
  • Borders & Dividers 31:15
  • Depth, Lighting and Shadow 27:30
  • Opacity & Blur 24:18
  • Deconstructing Styles 73:08
  • Button Styles 23:04
  • Marketing Site Style 21:41
  • Form vs. Function 21:53


11 Lessons  •  3h 08m

  • Imagery Overview 11:46
  • Static Images 21:48
  • To Rasterize or Not 12:38
  • Dynamic Images 19:30
  • Blend Modes 18:23
  • Photo Manipulation 26:46
  • Resourceful Assets 17:42
  • Creating Icons 24:01
  • Using Icons 25:20
  • Simple Illustrations 29:32
  • App Icons 12:45


11 Lessons  •  3h 14m

  • Introduction 01:34
  • Navigation 23:42
  • User Input 12:52
  • Forms 33:52
  • Profile 18:38
  • Settings 16:52
  • Lists & Cards 15:49
  • Detail Screens 12:51
  • Sorting & Filtering 18:58
  • Modals 13:58
  • Tables 27:14
  • Design Systems 41:29


12 Lessons  •  3h 25m

  • No-stress Experiments 18:21
  • Low-Fidelity Designs 16:40
  • Mobile-First Responsive 38:39
  • iOS Design 23:42
  • Material Design 09:50
  • Design Doc Organization 22:28
  • Leading Design Reviews 20:07
  • Prototyping 01:11
  • Developer Handoff 17:22
  • Pricing & Getting Work 24:39
  • Bonus: Figma Variants 16:43


I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from UGA in 2005 and have specialized in interface design ever since.

I’ve led projects around the world, served as an adjunct design professor, guest lectured at Harvard, and taught workshops at conferences all over the US. Now, I’m going to teach everything I know about the visual-side of designing great looking interfaces.

Shift Nudge is the system I’ve developed over the last two decades, for clients big and small, across dozens of industries, and now thousands of paying customers have it too. It covers the entire design process for creating beautiful interfaces.

✓  How to master typography, layout and color specifically for mobile and desktop interfaces.
✓  Start off slowly and choose topics you’re interested in or go through every single lesson in detail. I’ve helped thousands of people do both.
✓  How to approach your designs with a trusted system so you never have to get stuck again.


This course is right for anyone who wants to advance their craft of creating beautiful interfaces, whether you’re just starting out, or want to take your skills to the next level.

😃 Aspiring/Junior Designers

You’ve made a little progress, but are now ready to fast track your interface design skills. This will give you a roadmap to becoming a pro.

🎨 Students or Recent Grads

You’ve learned the basics, but not how to directly apply everything to interfaces. This is the situation I found myself in 15+ years ago.

💻 Developers

You’re right at home making things work on the screen and now want to make designs as beautiful as your code. I got you, this is it!

😐 Struggling Designers

You feel stuck and aren’t making much progress as you’d like. You’re ready to take things to the next level. Shift Nudge is your new secret weapon.

📲 UX Designers

You live and breathe user flows, content maps, and wireframes, but now you want to sharpen your visual skills to conquer the world. This is for you!

🗓 Project Managers

You’ve been itching to jump into the creative track, but might not have found the best place to start. This course will give you just what you need to make the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Innovative Business Model:
    • Embrace the reality of a genuine business! Our approach involves forming a group buy, where we collectively share the costs among members. Using these funds, we purchase sought-after courses from sale pages and make them accessible to individuals facing financial constraints. Despite potential reservations from the authors, our customers appreciate the affordability and accessibility we provide.
  2. The Legal Landscape: Yes and No:
    • The legality of our operations falls into a gray area. While we lack explicit approval from the course authors for resale, there’s a technicality at play. When procuring the course, the author didn’t specify any restrictions on resale. This legal nuance presents both an opportunity for us and a boon for those seeking budget-friendly access.
  3. Quality Assurance: Unveiling the Real Deal:
    • Delving into the heart of the matter – quality. Acquiring the course directly from the sale page ensures that all documents and materials are identical to those obtained through conventional means. However, our differentiator lies in going beyond personal study; we take an extra step by reselling. It’s important to note that we are not the official course providers, meaning certain premium services aren’t included in our package:
      • No coaching calls or scheduled sessions with the author.
      • No access to the author’s private Facebook group or web portal.
      • No entry to the author’s exclusive membership forum.
      • No direct email support from the author or their team.

    We operate independently, aiming to bridge the affordability gap without the additional services offered by official course channels. Your understanding of our unique approach is greatly appreciated.

Refund is acceptable:

  • Firstly, item is not as explained
  • Secondly, Item do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

Thank you for choosing us! We’re so happy that you feel comfortable enough with us to forward your business here.

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