Mantak Chia – Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing part 1&2



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Mantak Chia – Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing part 1&2

Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing part 1&2

Tan Tien Qigong

The Lower Tan Tien is the energy reservoir of the body – the bio-battery. It is the centre of activation and balancing of primal energies. The Tan Tien is a container of Qi/Chi and deserves adequate attention for its essential role in our energy management. This is the cornerstone of the Taoist practice – without awareness and without actively working with the Tan Tien, you have no practice. So it is important to cultivate it.

Come to know the power of your Tan Tien as you learn the 11 animal postures and the Tiger and Dragon Breath in this grounding, centering Qigong form.

In this workshop you’ll learn to:

  • Connect with your abdomen as your first brain, enhancing its ability to store energy
  • Increase the power in your perineum – and prevent energy leakage
  • Develop internal Qi Pressure, strengthening your organs and fasciae
  • Nourish your centre and refine your energies and emotions
  • Provide grounding and structure to advance in all levels of the Universal Tao practices

Cosmic Healing Qigong (Parts 1 & 2)

This form, also known as Buddha Palm is a healing form. It trains the practitioner in moving and channeling Qi. As you learn this form, you’ll feel Qi coming into your body and hands and be able to project Qi with your fingers. The key is to be connected to the Universe and develop an ability to expand your awareness to nature and beyond the visible to the Source of your power.

Cosmic Healing Qigong is split into 4 parts – each part develops a different type of energy mastery.

Part 1: Connect to Heaven and Earth – this is very beneficial for self-healing. Learn to open to the forces in the macrocosm and let them flow through you, making you infinitely more effective and energised.

Part 2: Open the Bridge and Regulator Channels – here you will learn to open the 8 extraordinary channels. You’ll also learn to take in Universal Qi and emit Qi from your body to help others, which is the essence of this form.

What You Will Get:

  • 2-days workshop
  • 11 hours of video lessons
  • A mix of practical exercises and theory
  • Morning Qigong routine
  • Booklet written by Mantak Chia

Level: All levels, Beginners

Course Content

Tan Tien Qigong E-Booklet
Cosmic Healing Qigong (Part 1&2) E-Booklet

Nov 20: Morning Qigong Walter Kellenberger
Nov 20 [Part 1] Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong
Nov 20 [Part 2] Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong
Nov 20 [Part 3] Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong

Nov 21: Morning Qigong Luc Leyten
Nov 21 [Part 1] Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong
Nov 21 [Part 2] Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong
Nov 21 [Part 3] Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong

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