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Michael Isted – Botanical Tonics, Fermentations & Potions

Botanical Tonics, Fermentations & Potions

Immerse yourself in the multi-dimensional world of plant alchemy. Learn how to infuse and extract plants to create healing herbal preparations including, botanical beverages, ferments, tinctures, oxymels, and hydrosols.

Length: 5.5 hours

Instructor: Michael Isted | Phytotherapist (BSc Hons), Aromatherapist, Nutritionist

Meet your course instructor

Michael Isted | Phytotherapist (BSc Hons), Aromatherapist, Nutritionist

Michael Isted is a trained phytotherapist (BSc Hons), aromatherapist and nutritionist who started up his company The Herball in 2013. Michael is a practising phytotherapist with nearly a decade of experience his passion is to promote and celebrate the many ways in which we can integrate plants into everyday lives in dynamic ways. Michael combines cutting edge technology with more traditional methods, to extract and distil plant compounds, he also works closely with a number of small independent organic growers and plant workers in the UK, Europe & India to source and produce artisanal plant-based products, such as skin care, drinks, perfumes, infusions, hydrosols, spices, extracts, and oils. Michael frequently runs workshops across the globe teaching plant therapeutics while also consulting, creating and formulating botanical drinks, skin care, medicines & perfumes for brands, cafes, bars, restaurants and spas. Michael is also a published author with his book ‘The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks being published in four different languages. The book reflects Michaels philosophy; a very modern take on an ancient practice, revealing the history and processes of making botanical drinks with herbs & plant extracts.

Course description

This dynamic course will immerse you in the multidimensional world of plant alchemy, showcasing contemporary methods inspired by ancient practices. Learn the basic principles of extraction and formulation to create a range of healing plant preparations in your home and kitchen. Specifically, learn how to make botanical beverages, including ferments, tinctures, oxymels, and hydrosols.

Connect with nature like never before, understand the foundations of biochemistry, and learn how you can extract and combine complex mixtures of plant chemicals to create healing and delicious potions. You’ll be guided through the basics of alchemy, its history and influence on herbal medicine and modern culture, and learn how to distill plants with traditional copper alembics to create hydrosols and essences.

Learn the basics of fermentation, the ancient biological processes involved, its healing potential, and how to create a range of fermented preparations and incorporate them into plant potions. Combining all this knowledge, you will be confident in creating signature beverages.

This is an inspirational course intended to engage budding alchemists, herbalists, chefs, bartenders, and plant workers to connect and build new relationships with nature. You will better understand how dynamic, progressive, resilient, and brilliant nature is, and you will learn to engage with nature in a new way. Join this course to open up endless creative plant portals and possibilities for health and happiness.

Lesson plan

Section I | Hello!
1. Introduction
2. Course Outline

Section II | Chemical Masters of the Universe
3. Plant chemicals
4. Processing plants: harvesting & handling
5. Tasting plants: organoleptic assessment

Section III | Practical Set Up
6. Creative set up

Section IV | Alchemy & Brief History of Extraction
7. History of plant extraction
8. Recipe: Mithridatium 1.0

Section V | Alembic Distillation
9. Alembic distillation: set up
10. Introduction to Hydrosols
11. Plant variations
12. Monitoring the distillation
13. Tasting the process
14. Collection & storage
15. Cleaning

Section VI | Solvent Extraction
16. Tincture set up
17. Alcohol extraction
18. Curcumin & piperine
19. Glycerine extraction
20. Oxymel

Section VII | Botanical Beverages
21. Water upgrade
22. Drinking Oxymels
23. Turmeric & Ginger Soda
24. Mithridatium Plant Milk

Seciton VIII | Fermentation & Fermented Beverages
25. Introduction to fermented beverages
26. Lacto-fermentation
27. Herbal vinegars
28. Fermented sodas

Section IX | Course Summary
29. Summary

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