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John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles

A New Way For Marketers And Copywriters To
Own A-List Copywriting Skills
More Quickly Than You Would Ever Believe

A while back, I revisited an obscure training by A-list copywriter Parris Lampropoulos. It ended up turning my world upside-down.

The whole training consisted of Parris reading, word-for-word, one old issue of The Gary Halbert Letter. Once Parris finished reading this very special issue, he concluded by saying:

“So do what Gary says. You [will possess one of the greatest skills you can have as a copywriter]. And you’ll make lots of money.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d heard this training, or come across this bit of advice.

Unfortunately, every other time, I did what I do way too often with copywriting books and courses — I nodded my head, I said “good idea,” and then I completely forgot all about it.

But this time, on a whim, I did something different. Right then and there, I took Parris’s advice, which meant taking Gary’s advice.

So I typed a few words into Google — and I got sucked down a deep rabbit hole, which kept me under ground for months.

But it was well worth it. Because at the end of it…

I had in my hands a bunch of secret A-list copywriting tools and tricks.

This was stuff I had never heard or read anywhere before… in spite of years working as a well-paid sales copywriter… and in spite of thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars spent on getting better at the craft.

This discovery has transformed how I write copy and the results that I get. And the few other copywriters I’ve shared this with have told me the same.

So what are these secret A-list tools and tricks? And what was Gary Halbert’s advice that led me to them? Read on, and I’ll tell you all about it. And I’ll also tell you:

The “super fun” tactic one elite copywriter, whose sales will soon hit the billion-dollar mark, has found to make his prospects keep reading and ultimately BUY…

Why the most direct and obvious way to “break in” as a copywriter can backfire — and what you should do instead…

A mechanical exercise (not hand-copying ads) that implants A-list copywriting knowledge in your brain. It’s the simplest and fastest path to copywriting breakthroughs that I’ve found.

So let’s get going:

That very special issue of Gary Halbert’s newsletter had to do with a tiny skill, which one industry insider called…

… 90% of what it takes to be a copywriter.

Even though many winning sales letters are almost completely built up by this one skill, odds are good that nobody’s ever taught it to you, or even pointed out how important it is.

I’m talking about bullets.

“Bullets are one of the greatest skills you can have as a copywriter.”

Those aren’t my words. That’s what Parris Lampropoulos said in that same training that sent my copywriting mind reeling. In fact, Parris credits his entire successful career to discovering how to write and lay out bullets.

Bullets are also how A-list copywriters like Gary Halbert and his partner-in-crime John Carlton made millions of dollars on demand.

Whenever they wanted to make money, they’d write a sales letter, and pack 90% of it with bizarre, intriguing, big-promise, scary-warning bullets.

In fact, Gary once said that the only reason people buy from a sales letter, for the most part, is the quality of the bullets.

And Carlton put it even more bluntly:

Once I researched what moved a reader to buy… I discovered that, OFTEN, they fell off the fence due to a single bullet.

One bullet, out of hundreds. Without it, no sale. With it, all else fades into the background, and desire swells to “must act now” levels.
Of course, Halbert and Carlton were famous for their hype-and-drama style of copy, including in their bullets. But there are many situations in which that kind of copy doesn’t fly.

The great thing is, hype and drama are NOT necessary ingredients for bullets that make lots of sales.

As an example, take another Gary — Gary Bencivenga.

Gary Bencivenga is widely known as “world’s greatest living copywriter.” That’s because he has the best record when going up against other top pros.

Gary B. also happens to be famous for his subtle, un-hyped style of copy.

And yet, many of Gary Bencivenga’s most successful promotions were full of bullets. These bullet-heavy promos brought in tens of millions of dollars, and you can bet Gary got his share of those riches.

But Gary Bencivenga never once got accused of hype, exaggeration, or high-pressure tactics.

My point is that if you really own bullets, you can be incredibly subtle and under-the-radar, like Gary Bencivenga. You can drive lots of sales with finesse… while getting admiring compliments from your peers and appreciation from your customers.

On the other hand, if you don’t care what people say and you just want to make a ton of money fast, then you can turn your bullets and copy up to 11.

Do this, and as Halbert put it, people will “line up and beg you to take their money.”

So it’s your choice whether you want to be subtle or savage.

What is not your choice is how people’s brains work, and what kinds of messages they respond to. And the most condensed and powerful version of that is a good bullet. Which is why…

… if you check under the hood of any sales copy that makes a lot of money, you will find bullets in some form.

They might be very noticeable like in a Gary Halbert ad. Or they might be disguised and blended into the rest of the copy.

But either way, they are there.

This was true in 1983… it was true in 2003… and it remains true in 2023. And if you want proof, just look at copywriter Stefan Georgi.

Over the past eight years, Stefan has sold almost a billion dollars’ worth of products with his sales copy. He now charges $50k up front for a sales letter.

And Stefan says one of the biggest jumps he made as a copywriter came when he discovered bullets.

“They make great headlines,” says Stefan, “plus they are super fun to write.” But that’s not all.

If you look closely, you’ll find bullets, in camouflaged form, in the most critical places of Stefan’s sales letters, like the end of his lead. Stefan explains:

“Because even if my lead is a bit off, or if my big idea isn’t hitting as hard as I thought it would, throwing in those intriguing bullets at the end drastically increases the chances of the prospect sticking with me. And, the longer they stick with me, the more invested they become, and the more likely they are to ultimately buy.”

And it’s not just long-form sales letters where bullets create attention and lead to sales.

Facebook ads? Bullets.

Advertorial headlines and subheads? Bullets.

Sales emails?

Take a look at any email subject line, by any direct response business. What you will see, five times out of six, is a take on a classic bullet, just like what Halbert or Carlton or Bencivenga would write.

That’s why email copywriter and marketer Ben Settle, who makes over a million dollars each year by sending out a single email a day, says that…

“When written correct everything ‘comes’ from the bullets, including non-bullet copy or ads where there are no bullets.”

But let’s get back on track:

I promised to tell you Gary’s advice for making bullets a part of your own copywriting arsenal.

Because it’s clearly not enough to just put an * in front of a sentence and call it a bullet.

And you can’t just tack on “How to” in front of a promise… or “What never” in front of a warning… and expect your prospects to froth at the mouth and whip out their credit cards.

If that’s all bullets were, then everybody would be doing it… and companies wouldn’t be paying obscene paychecks to A-list copywriters who really own bullets.

No, there’s more to it than that.

After all, it took dozens of copywriters years of experimentation, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tested advertising, to discover the powerful ingredients that go into bullets that sell.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend years wandering in the wilderness, trying to retrace their tracks.

Because you can make use of Gary’s shortcut. It’s a simple way to take advantage of the years of hard work, experimentation, and failure of the copywriters who came before you.

Their best tricks can be yours instantly, if you only know where to look. But that’s not where you might think.

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