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Joey Coleman – Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

  • 31 Video lessons in HD
  • 15h 53m of class content
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime

If you’re looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I’d suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn’t you talking about how great you are, it’s someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients’ or customers’ expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this.

As a side note, we’ve made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it’s that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!

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  • Class Introduction
  • Build Relationships With Your Clients
  • Day 0 To Affirmation
  • Who Is Your Audience?
  • Personas Of Your Clients
  • Customer Goals
  • Customer Emotions
  • 6 Points Of Communication
  • Mapping Out The 100 Days


  • Recap And Question
  • Review And Assess: Sherry’s First 100 Days
  • Review And Assess: Internet Viewers’ First 100 Days
  • Identifying Preferences: Listen
  • Identifying Preferences: Pay Attention
  • Maximizing Channel Mix
  • Creating A Map For The Future
  • Creating A Map With Shari Part 1
  • Creating A Map With Shari Part 2
  • 100 Days: Photography Part 1
  • 100 Days: Photography Part 2


  • Overview Of The Day
  • Recap Of The Photographer’s 100 Days
  • 100 Days Mindset And Goals
  • Your Team’s Mindset
  • Trusting Your Employees
  • Trusting Your Employees: Megan’s Story
  • Tools And Deliverables: Activation
  • Tools And Deliverables: Affirmation & Admission
  • Tools And Deliverables: Acclimation To Advocacy
  • Measure And Tweaking Part 1
  • Measure And Tweaking Part 2


Are you ready to design an unstoppable customer experience plan for your business? Join CreativeLive instructor Joey Coleman to learn how to strategically turn a new customer into a lifelong fan.

The first 100 days of your relationship with a customer are pivotal, and Joey will teach you how to maximize that time. You’ll learn customer service best practices that consistently exceed customer expectations. You’ll also learn how to track the lifecycles of your customers so that you can market to them more specifically. Joey will also outline how to apply these strategies not only to your new customers, but to your existing customer base as well.

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’re a long-time business owner tired of one-time customers, this course will give you the tools you need to transform customers into powerful advocates for your brand.



  • CL-F100-AudienceEmotionMapping.pdf
  • CL-F100-AudienceEmotionsCatalog.pdf
  • CL-F100-AudienceGoalTracking.pdf
  • CL-F100-AudienceInfoTrack.pdf
  • CL-F100-AudienceJournal.pdf
  • CL-F100-AudiencePersonas.pdf
  • CL-F100-AudienceSegmenting.pdf
  • CL-F100-CurrentInteractions.pdf
  • CL-F100-CurrentTouchpointMapping.pdf
  • CL-F100-FutureInteractions.pdf
  • CL-F100-FutureTouchpointMapping.pdf
  • Calendar and Checklist.pdf


Joey Coleman is the Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony – a customer experience branding firm that specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences. His clients include individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, government entities, and Fortune 500 companies.

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