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George Ten – CopyThinking 2023 + 2024

For Marketers & Entreprenuers Who Want A New Unique Skill Under Their Belt…
Become a Founding Member Of The CopyThinking Community And Get The Copy Matrix For FREE!
So you can finally start doubling and tripling the results your copy rakes in by outTHINKING your competition

Imagine if you could…
• Position what you’re selling in a way that you’d not have to compete with your competitors. Meaning: Get more clients. Easier. While charging more

• ​Write ETHICAL copy that’d outperform many of the GREAT copywriters out there… Without using any of their sleazy over-the-top promises or fake marketing tactics

• Discover the secret language behind copywriting so that you can UNDERSTAND why a piece doesn’t work – and be able to immediately fix it and look like a freakin’ magician.

Those MIGHT look like over-the-top promises. I understand that.

But they are not promises. They’re just SKILLS.

Skills I’ve been teaching in my small (and closed) circles for 5 years.
All while walking the walk and using those skills on a daily basis myself.

You see…
All I Offer Is A Glimpse Into My World. A Unique Skill I’ve Mastered.
Look. I spent 11 years in marketing – focusing on ONE skill. A skill that allows me to teach anyone how to THINK in order to outsell their competition. Time after time.

In the last 5 years I used this skill to do some incredible things. Including:

• Building an $8.5M e-Commerce store

• Selling close to $1M of my own course within just over 3 months (with 52% profit and ZERO organic audience)

• Spending more than $10M on FB ads PROFITABLY — using BOOTSTRAPPED money. No investors

• Helping a client of mine build TWO 8-figure info-businesses

• Beating dozens of copy controls for SaaS and info-business clients (some by 10X) — Controls written by HUGE copywriting and FB ads agencies…

But hey.

That’s enough about me.

You might be asking yourself “Well OK George… You can do it. But can I?”

Good question.
Let me show you a couple of my friends who have done the same (and later I’ll show you what the community members achieved in the month-and-a-bit of them being in the community). Deal?

Itay Made $30K From One Deal Working 3 Hours A Week
And then his client got a $2.5M investment by showing his results to an investor

Alex Made $750K And Then Sold His Position In The Company
Went on to invest in Crypto and is now going to school to fulfill his lifelong dream – becoming a coach

I Taught The Same Skillset To My Wife Who Sold About $180K Of A Guitar-Playing Course (She Doesn’t Even Play Guitar)
We lost the screenshot so I’ll just show you a cool photo of her. I’m lucky. I know 🙂


Listen. I could show you dozens of more screenshots and make a million more claims.

But since you’re STILL staring at my wife… I’ll move on. Look:

People On Twitter Begged Me To Teach Them For A Year And A Half
But I didn’t have time for everyone.

I literally got 50 DMs per day some days.

And even though I’d write 2-3 value-packed threads per week…

It was not enough.

I have threads out there about most topics you could imagine:
• How I made $15,000/mo from my first client (and how you can copy-paste EXACTLY what I did so you can get the same result). WITH DETAILS.

• How to make your prospect imagine by tapping into the emotional part of the brain. WITH the exact WORDS to use. So you can do it too…

• How to sell ANYTHING without competing with ANYONE in your market – and how that allows you to raise your prices.

• How to launch products like a pro – using the same method I used to make $305,500 from an OLD list – selling a $47 product.

I have a ton of those.

And yet…

This was not enough. People wanted more and more and more.
… And I also wanted to give more. I enjoy sharing and teaching (my dad is a teacher. Can you blame me?)

And now finally…
You can get more. And I can give you more.

I Found A Solution For You To Get More Direct Access To Me Without It Costing You An Arm & A Leg:
You see…

And neither is an option right now.

There are no cohorts. I’m not taking on any more one-on-one clients.

So if you want to learn more directly from me…
• If you want me to take a look at your work and help point out places where you could improve

• Teach you whatever it is that you’d want to learn next
• Answer your questions LIVE and show you how I’d do things differently…
Then obviously you need to understand that this will not be one-on-one coaching. But this is where I plan to spend most of my attention in the foreseeable future.

And since we have a small number of members right now?

NOW is the best time to join. Before we let the masses in…

Here’s The Deal: You Can Get Access to the Community Right NOW.
And when you buy today…
You will also get a resource that I believe to be incredibly valuable.

Understand this: most of the people who follow me get this one basic and crucial element wrong. Time after time.
And I want to catch you up to speed on this BEFORE you join. Let me explain.

You see…

• MOST of the ads I see (probably 60-70%)…
• AT LEAST 80% of the Twitter content I see…
• Probably close to 90% of the emails I read…

Are talking to the wrong audience.

Talking to the right audience in the wrong way.

And then coming to my DMs and complaining about not being able to make the sales they thought they would…

And I get it. It stinks. And is super demotivating. I’ve been there… And that’s why when you join the CopyThinking Community today?

You get the key that unlocks the only skill you need to beat most of your competitors.

On email. Twitter. Ads. Instagram. Organic. Paid. Content. Copy. Videos. VSLs. Promotions. Launches…

…And everything else that requires you to write (or even record videos) on ANY topic that’d speak to your audience…

You Get The Copy Matrix Course For FREE.

The Copy Matrix is a video course that you can finish in a single weekend. You’ll also get a working-PDF with all the same information that’s in the videos. Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside…
• Why awareness levels are the key to making any copy work (this is how you scale businesses)

• How to decide on an awareness level to target and what to write in order to get the sale (get this wrong and you’re toast)

• The sneaky way to get more sales for a new business by NOT competing (you can do this once you fully understand awareness levels and how to pick them)

• Each market has one awareness level. Right? Wrong! You can pick the awareness level you’d be targeting. And there is a specific equation to know which one to pick (get this and you’re already light years ahead)

• The silly mistake 90% of advertisers make that THEY THINK will get them more money (but actually makes their ads flop).

Let’s stop here for a second. Do you understand that this one skill will allow you to scroll through Instagram…

And understand exactly what the advertisers are doing wrong. But also…

Have full clarity of how to fix what they’re doing wrong AND/or scale their business.
Yeah. You’ll also:
• Understand once and for all why it’s a bad idea to use templates and formulas to write copy (unless you want it to suck)

• Know what to write at each awareness level in order to convert buyers. This also works for cold DMs and cold emails (Yeah. Most cold emails are done WRONG)

• If you watch module #3 you’ll see how to connect the ad’s (or any type of content’s) awareness level to the sales page’s awareness level correctly

• In the same module you’ll also understand how different-awareness ads can lead to the same sales page (scaling with ONE sales page)

• Learn the most important element in “snatching” your competitor’s prospects — by targeting high-awareness people who and are ready to buy (with an example from Twitter)

You could mistake this information to be the same as in the book Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.

But it’s NOT.

Eugene wrote the book when there were no elaborate funnels. No intent-based targeting. Only one-page magazine ads.

CONTEXT matters. And you won’t get it reading the book.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in the Copy Matrix:
• Understand the 5 sophistication levels of any market (and why we will never write copy in the first two and the last one).

• A better-than-forum-doom-scrolling technique to determine your market’s sophistication level simply by looking at 3-5 competitors

• Are you confused about the difference between awareness and sophistication levels? No more after watching module #5

• Why you can NOT choose your market’s sophistication level (unlike awareness levels) and how you’ll get a few sales but will never be able to scale if you do

• 99% of the marketers who THINK they understand sophistication levels – actually don’t (Module #6 will put you in the 1%)

• The truth about why most OG copywriters (THINK David Oglivy & Gary Halbert) wrote ads in high sophistication levels — and why you are making a HUGE mistake if you try to model them.
But that’s not all. You’re also getting 3 uber-cool bonuses:

BONUS ONE: The Twitter Matrix
You’ll discover ONE “lock combination” of one specific awareness level and one specific sophistication level that I’ve used myself to grow to 140K+ followers faster than 99.9% of the accounts that’ll ever get there
How to transform any piece of content that you write into one that gets the maximum number of eyeballs and engagement – you can do this in any niche and it works in virtually every market
​One sneaky technique I use in order to “steal” other creator’s viral hooks and make my threads get more reach and engagement than theirs (Used this technique for several big accounts you know – before they became big).

BONUS TWO: The Email Marketing Matrix

Understand why sophistication levels become irrelevant in email marketing and why email marketing allows you to compete in the level everybody is losing in: sophistication level 5
​”Get” the two different business models you can use for email marketing and finally see the matrix behind email marketing
​See a live breakdown of an email I wrote and why I use a specific awareness-level structure that I suggest you start using too (unless you want to do email marketing wrong – like most of your competitors).

BONUS THREE: The Competitor Matrix
Watch behind-my-shoulder as I find ads in any niche – any market – and “manipulate” the search results to find specifically what I’m looking for (THINK: only courses. Or only sales pages)… And you’ll be able to do it too
The same video will show you my thinking process while I look for competitors and how I decide whose ads are good to model or analyze and how I know whether their ads are successful
​How to spy on any business that’s running ads and funnel-hack their whole funnel – including – see what their customers are REALLY saying and who they are – specifically.


Now you know all the details of what’s inside. And there’s only one thing missing…

This Is NOT A Good Fit For:
For template-using and push-button solution seekers. THERE ARE NO TEMPLATES INSIDE.
For newbies who think this will change their lives overnight. It won’t.
For complete beginners who have no idea what the words on this page mean.
​For anyone who expects to learn everything in 3 days and leave. This is a process. And it will take me time to transfer the information from my head to yours.

This Is For You Only If You’re The Early-Adaptor Type:

The community has some really cool content right now. Here’s a lil’ taste:
9 stages to help take you from the old way of looking at copywriting to becoming a CopyThinker who looks at copy from a unique perspective and out-sells their competition by out-thinking them.

Stage 1: The beginning. Catching you up-to-speed with The Copy Matrix so you can finally understand what happens behind the words.

Stage 2: Basic copywriting. Includes 7 golden rules you should follow at all costs and two psychology lessons so you understand how to persuade your readers PLUS suggested books to read.

Stage 3: The art of writing. How to tell stories that get people glued to their screen plus how to come up with endless UNIQUE ideas for your stories. You’ll also learn about emotional writing and how to make sure EVERYONE understands what you write.

Stage 4: Advanced copywriting. This is where we’re starting to see the bigger picture and making sure WHAT we’re gonna write is gonna captivate people and get them to open their wallets.

Stage 5: Becoming a CopyThinker. Learn about the two MOST important elements to writing copy that converts: The CopyThinking Triangle and Positioning. Copywriting will NEVER be the same after you go through this stage.

Stage 6: Turning you into a brain ninja. This one is all about understanding what your audience wants — the CopyThinking way. Meaning: without scrolling through endless forums. You’ve NEVER seen anyone do market research this way. I guarantee.

Stage 7: Testing yourself. You’ve achieved a lot when you get to this point. Now’s the time to test yourself and start implementing your newly-acquired skill of yours with an exercise.

Stage 8: Getting an unfair advantage. Learn about the logic behind funnels and advertising to get a leg-up over 99% of the marketers out there. Including different funnel types and “The Value Ladder Scam” module.

Level 9: Stepping outside. This is where you take your knowledge into the real world and start implementing it using our “two pathways to start” framework.

And then?
Once you’re done?

It’s time to take a close look at copy reviews and live call roasts. YEAH. You’ll see me critiquing copy and roasting members’ sales pages from previous calls and posts AND you’ll gain access to our future live calls to see it happening in real-time.
You’ll also be able to submit your own copy to be reviewed with me hand-in-hand (from sales pages to which market you should choose to your ideas. Anything you’d like).
And yet…

This is only the beginning. The biggest chunk of information will be built with you.

… YOU tell US what you want us to build next.

So Only Join If You Understand This:
I’m over-delivering by a ton with the Copy Matrix Course AND the information that’s ALREADY inside the community. Not to mention the live calls and copy reviews and everything else…

But it MIGHT seem like the community is still underdeveloped. And you wouldn’t be wrong. There are a TON of more things coming.

• Peer-to-peer activities that’ll allow you to have accountability and increase your chances of getting to your goals
• Hanging out calls so you can chill and get to know other members and build relationships
• Topic-based small group calls so you can hear only from the people interested in the same topic you are.
And much more.

Tim Pearce – DCAM 2.0 Aesthetics Marketing & Social Media

Course Contents

Video Modules
Get Their Attention
Become Their Bestie
Become Their Hero
Trigger Them To Book
Save Time
Tech Tutorials


Video Introduction by Miranda Pearce

Did you know that a shocking 69% of Injectors are only getting 0-1 booking per week from social media?
And what’s worse… they’re spending up to 5+ hours creating content every week… but getting almost no results from it.

I hear Injectors struggling with this every day…

“The time it takes to create content doesn’t reflect the revenue that should come from my efforts”.
I get it… it’s like adding a full-time job on top of everything you already have on your plate as a Practitioner.

You put your heart and soul into creating the perfect post, you spend ages on it, you hit publish… and… nothing. Crickets. Or maybe a few views from other Practitioners, your mum and your grandma.

But no real engagement from potential clients.

And definitely not enough bookings to make it worth your while.

You get so tempted to throw in the towel because it feels like it’s all a waste of time.

But on the other hand, you also know that social media can be a GOLDMINE.

And you also know that if you just rely on word of mouth, you’ll get left behind.

You know others are having success with social media… you see those Injectors that get huge engagement, lots of bookings.

They’re posting content online and laughing all the way to the bank.

So why is it just not happening for you??

What are they doing that you’re not doing?

Do they know something you don’t?

The truth is… they DO know something you don’t.
And they ARE doing something you’re not.
Over the past few months I’ve had more and more Injectors telling me they’re in the same situation…

And if you’re stuck there too,


Reach, views and engagement have dropped for everyone. It’s the algorithm’s fault.

But I know it’s not the answer you want to hear.

I’ve helped thousands of Injectors tap into the power of social media over the past XX years and I noticed something curious happening lately…

While a lot of Injectors are struggling to get consistent engagement and bookings from social media…

There’s another group of Injectors that are absolutely crushing it.

And I wanted to know why.

I wanted to figure out what that successful group of Injectors were doing that was helping them to get 6+ bookings per week from social media.
So I set out on a mission.

I surveyed over 870 Injectors and audited hundreds of social media accounts and a pattern started to emerge…

And I realised that the Injectors missing even ONE of these things, were struggling to get any results from social media.

So that’s when I put all my findings together to create a simple framework ANYONE could follow to get amazing results.

I call it… The Stairway To Bookings

Just imagine…

No more wasting time and energy wondering what to post or creating content for the sake of it. You know exactly what to share, and best of all, every post feels like a direct conversation with your ideal client – it never feels like wasted effort.
Confidently waving goodbye to your public health sector job knowing you’re on your way to building a wildly successful business. You open up your booked-out calendar every morning, all thanks to the magnetic pull of your social media presence.
No longer hoping for word-of-mouth referrals. Instead, you can rely on your social media to act as your unstoppable, 24/7 ambassador, bringing in clients even while you sleep.
Clients walking into your clinic fully trusting you and your expertise. They’ve seen your content and they’re already convinced they’re in the right hands. No hard selling, just genuine connections.
Having a reliable and proven strategy to grow a thriving clinic that gives you the financial freedom you dream of and deserve. You know how to get clients consistently and you can finally focus on your dreams, passions, and maybe even that dream holiday you’ve been putting off.
This is all possible when you follow a PROVEN system to turn social media into your own goldmine.

Dream Customer Attraction Method 2.0
Dream Customer Attraction Method (DCAM) 2.0 is an online marketing course designed specifically for Aesthetic Clinicians who are serious about growing their business. Updated for what’s working NOW in social media and based on evidence-backed strategies that TRULY WORK.

Everything you need to know from top to bottom and beginning to end is inside, so that you can:

Easily create social media posts that get ENGAGEMENT and CONSISTENT BOOKINGS, instead of wasting time creating content that gets ignored.
Set up a proven step-by-step system to convert scrollers into clients, so you can create financial freedom for your family.
Stop trying to attract patients with discounts, and instead, attract the RIGHT kind of patients by establishing trust and genuine connections. Get people to see you as the expert and as their trusted friend, so that they don’t want to book with anyone but YOU.
Do all this with a tribe of like-minded clinicians to cheer you on.
All delivered in a clear, easy to use way, and not just from some random marketing generalist. This course is 100% bespoke to aesthetics based on myself and Tim’s success in this industry…

Founders of a multi-million pound clinic
Trained 20k Practitioners in our training academy and online
Combined social media following of over 290,000
Here’s What’s Included:

Video Masterclasses
You’ll learn how to:

Set yourself apart and get attention from the right kind of followers.
Create content that makes people online gravitate towards you and want to book with YOU and no one else.
Create content that shows off your knowledge and expertise so that patients come to you already trusting you and ready for treatment.
Trigger people to actually book in, so that they’re not just seeing your content and scrolling on.
Plus 6 incredible bonuses:

The Purple Book
This is the marketing bible! This gorgeous book will be delivered to your home and includes all the course material from the video masterclasses in a book. And it’s got space for reflections in there so you can use it like a journal as well and it’s also a great accountability tool.

Content Cheat Cards
These cards are designed to make content creation feel FUN instead of feeling like a chore. There are 52 cards with step-by-step instructions and content ideas you can use. No more overthinking what to create – each content card gives you the hook, instructions about what to do, a call to action, and some fun tips to make your post even better.

30 Days Of Done-For-You Canva Templates
You don’t even have to think about what content to share – we’ve created one month’s worth of content that you can just plug and play easily with these beautiful templates. You can add your own touches to the templates using Canva and you’ve got an entire month of content ready to publish. And you get to reuse these forever.

Canva Mastery Course
Canva is an amazing and free online software you can use to easily create professional-looking content, even if you have absolutely no experience designing graphics. We’ve worked with a Canva expert and this course walks you through everything step by step, including editing the templates & designing your own content. You’re never going to need a graphic designer again after this.

Time-Saving Bible
I know that creating content can be really time-consuming, so this is a print-out you can refer to any time with 7 hacks that professionals use to save time when creating content. You’ll learn how to use ChatGPT to make creating content so much easier and faster, and some amazing apps you can use to save time.

Meet Miranda Pearce

​Expert Marketing Advisor for thousands of Aesthetic Clinicians
​Founded SkinViva Clinic in 2008 with husband Dr Tim Pearce (over 1,000 5 star reviews)
Successfully grew the business to over £3 million per year
​Took Dr Tim brand from 5,000 – 37,000 Instagram followers in 18 months
Co-hosts the UK’s number 1 aesthetics podcast
Founded ‘Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors’ Facebook Group with 4,500+ members
DCAM 2.0 Aesthetics Marketing & Social Media By Tim Pearce, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)

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