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Cat Meyer – Sex Love Yoga – Sensual Awakening

The 14 Day Sensual Awakening
Jump start that sensual, embodied lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about…

In this 14 day initiation, I give you my best guidance on breaking into the lifestyle of sensuality.

You may have gotten a glimpse into your sensual essence before… Maybe you’ve felt her flames,  her power, her puuuurr and didn’t exactly know how to hold her.  Babe… Let’s make sensuality a baseline for your life.

If you are craving a lifestyle of greater ease and sensuality in the body, these two weeks will transform your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

This isn’t just some fluffy course, either.

We are diving into the science of why your nervous system may be unable to fully RELAX and how that connects to your pleasure. You will receive tools and prompts for self-regulation and embodiment. You will be connected with womxn on the same journey.

Listen, I value efficiency + realistic practices more than anyoneee. I’m an entrepreneur of my own company and recovering “type A” personality- Your girl can’t tolerate a bunch of woo + a waste of time! (Maybe you feel the same way.)

That’s exactly why I’ve given you these tangible, simple practices that have EMPOWERED me and set me FREE. These are the depths of my favorite tips and tricks that have kept myself and my clients connected with the sensual nature of life.

Sensual awakening is a LIVE journey taken personally with me as I introduce to you what I have found that works to expand not only pleasure, but our blooming journey of eroticism, as well.

How to know if Sensual Awakening is for you:
✓  You’re seeking to really KNOW your body. And know what genuinely feels good for YOU- (Not what feels good for other people)

✓  You’ve explored avenues of self exploration + are looking for a true level up.

✓ Boundaries may have been a struggle in the past… And now you’re now committed to fully taking care of yourself.

✓ Unconsciously criticizing / critiquing yourself in the mirror? Yuuuup, time to let that go.

✓ You find yourself getting stuck “in your mind” throughout the day + would rather get “lost” in a steamy erotic life.

I previously mistrusted the sensual nature of life, and now, we exchange the same breath.

This is possible for you too.

Are you ready to go all in?

Sensual Awakening
Sensual Awakening is your initiation to feel the sensual essence within and without.

✓ 13 interactive videos on the SCIENCE + practice of sensuality

✓ Two LIVE Zoom calls with myself + the like-minded community

✓ Shed layers of  limiting beliefs + disconnection

✓ Guided Meditations, Breathwork Audios + Sensual yoga flows for your pleasure to keep after the 14 days.

✓ Activate your heart space + open yourself to blissful orgasm (Yes, you’re ready for it.)

✓ Break through resistance, blocks, fears + heaviness on your heart.

Hey kittens… I’m Cat,
Growing up I was far from having a healthy relationship with my body, let alone my sensuality. I moved so fast in the world + distracted myself so I wouldn’t feel the pain of what was truly present for me.

Touch was aversive. My voice was silent. My power, unknown.

Until the day I decided: No. More.

It was here that my journey to reclaiming my body + developing a relationship with myself as a sensual, sexual, being began.

In this 14 day initiation, we will explore principles of psychology, embodiment, yoga, + pleasure to help you unlock and reclaim that pleasure-filled life you’ve been craving. This immersion has been a labor of love combining years of research in the field, true trial + error, raw conversations with clients, + the depths of my heart. I hope you’ll join me + all the other pleasure-seeking womxn.

In love + play,

Dr Cat

How Sensual Awakening Works: 
Over 14 days you will receive:

➝ Daily emails that guide you simply + safely into your sexually liberated self.

➝ Curated videos on some of my favorite practices for nourishing your sensuality.

➝ Breast massage for greater activation of your heart space. (And orgasms.)

➝ Journal prompts to ignite contemplation on who you are as a sensual, embodied being

➝ Insights on how to reclaim the affection towards your body.

➝ Tips on exactly how to identify + blast through resistance.

➝ Guided meditations that allow you opportunities to feel the safety around RECEIVING. (In both the mundane + the sexy.)

➝ Recommended pleasure products for your further and deeper exploration.

➝ Nutritional PDF that guides you to the relationship of food and pleasure.

**BONUS interview about how to be a sensual woman in this day and age + my personal story from trauma to becoming sensually awake. 

“…And I honestly we had the most powerful sexual experience we’ve had in a loonng time. I’ve been going through a journey of being pressty sexually blocked.. And going on a journey to become cracked open and that’s exactly what happened. Muli orgams, out of body, shakes, shivers, so many tears. Thank you thank you thank you sister for the exact nudge I needed.”
– Client Mo

“It was a FUCK YES in my body from the start and I’m so incredibly grateful that I listened to my intuition on this one and signed up. To be able to witness the sheer rawness, vulnerability, and deep connection that ensued between all of us was such a blessing that I will forever cherish in the depths of my womb.”

“…I have been calling in a goddess tribe for sometime now, craving deep connections with badass, empowered sisters that own their sexuality and are liberated AF. After this week I can truly say that I have come home. I want to honor for holding such beautiful, safe, sacred space and for being the fierceAF fully embodied QUEENS…”

What to expect over this journey

Day 1: Living from our five senses 
+Video on the difference between sensuality + sexuality.

+We define what sensuality is + HOW to access her more fully.

+Proven ways to drop deeply into sensuality.

Day 2: Noticing + the Somatic of our body
+ Video on the somatics of our body

+Learn HOW your nervous system connects to your sensuality

+Self-regulation guide + our first devotional practice.

+Action steps on how to regulate our nervous system

Day 3: Meeting your body exactly as she is
+Self-compassion as a practice

+Breast massage ritual for heart + body opening

+Expanding our energy + radiance

Day 4: Do you know your own womb?
+Video on the womb-space

+Learning to listen to our bodies

+Synching the breath with the vulva

+Nourishing our intuition + emotion through creative expression

Day 5: The energetics of sensual embodiment
+Magnetism VS. chasing

+Red flags to be aware of

+Audio guide of receptivity + sensuality

Day 6: A luxurious life is attainable 
+Real check on what we are surrounding ourselves with

+How to infuse the mundane with more pleasure

+Suggested pleasure products + practice

Day 7: Navigating resistance
+Cultivating a curious approach

+Self-guided inquiry of how to heal your resistance

+Sensual body opening + expansion practice

Day 8: Dancing as meditation
+Sensual playlist

+Mirror dancing practice

Day 9: We are clearing and cleansing EVERYTHING 
+Don’t love it? Let it go

+Clarity is attainable today

+Nutrition guide for more easeful body connection

+Exclusive self care recipe

+Boundaries as a priority

Day 10: Redefining self-pleasure
+Mindfulness practices of touch

+Self exploration

Day 11: Judgement + body image
+Sensual Un.done yoga class

+How body perception impacts our level of sensuality

Day 12: Pleasure tolerance 101
+Uncovering self-limiting beliefs and habits

+Dealing with criticism, judgement

+Breathwork practice into deep surrender

+Book recommendations

Day 13: Unpacking cultural and familial conditioning 
+Journal prompts for discovering what’s alive inside of you

+Practice for deepening your intuition + self-knowing

Day 14: Transitions between busyness to sexiness
+Effective transitions from boardroom to bedroom

+Discussion on gratitude

About Your Guide: 
Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT is a licensed relationship therapist #88224, sex therapist, yoga instructor, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. She is the founder of, an online platform integrating various schools of thought including science, tantra, body movement, and psychology designed to help people create a deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational and sexual life. As an expert and published researcher on the topic of sexual health, Dr. Cat sees clients in her private practice office in Beverly Hills and leads workshops, lectures, and retreats internationally. Dr. Cat is the host of the podcast, Eat.Play.Sex, co-founder of Un.done women’s sensual yoga experience, and co-creator of Goddess Celebration. To learn more about her work, visit her at her website or Instagram.

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