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The Tax-Free Living Course will teach you how to get the most out of your money by taking advantage of every legal tax break. I’ve mapped out more than two hundred tax write-offs so you can start your journey toward tax-free living right away!

Who is Carter Cofield?

Carter Cofield is the author of the book Deduct Everything – Your Blueprint to Tax-Free Living and the founder of Cofield Advisors, a financial services firm catering to professionals in the entertainment, writing, and social media industries.

The goal of Cofield Advisors is to relieve artists of all financial burdens and help them save thousands of dollars in taxes. In the two podcast interviews I’ve done with Carter, I’ve picked up a lot of useful information.

Tax-Free Living Course – Your Blueprint to Tax Free Living from Carter Cofield

What you will learn:

  • These strategies will help you save over $100,000 in taxes!
  • Transform Your Personal Costs Into Business Costs!
  • Create Generational Wealth by Distributing Funds to Your Children Tax-Free!
  • Utilize Tax Deductions to Create a Tax-Deductible Lifestyle

First: Welcome to the course!

  • A Mess from the instructor
  • How to utilize this program
  • Before we begin…
  • Quick Disclaimer (please read)
  • Subtract Everything Power point Slides

Second: The Tax Code is Your Friend

  • How to Make the Tax Code Your Friend
  • Employees Vs. Entrepreneurs – The Golden Formula
  • The Golden Formula Example
  • Bonus: Side Gig Cheat Code!
  • Side Hustle BootCamp (Optional)

Third: What Are Tax Deductions (Write-offs)

  • Understanding The Basics – What are Tax Deductions
  • What Expenses Are Tax Deductible?
  • Common Deduction Every Entrepreneur Must Know
  • Downloadable Freebies!

Fourth: Deduct Everything – Making Your Lifestyle Tax Deductible

  • Turning Personal Expenses Into Business Deductions
  • 10 Personal Expenses that Are Business Deductible
  • Ultimate Tax Deduction Calculator Walkthrough
  • Tax-Free Traveling & Shopping!
  • Side Gig Cheat Code Pt.2
  • How to Write-off a G-Wagon & Tesla!
  • Paying Your Children Tax-Free!
  • How to Write-Off Cartier Frames!
  • Tax-Free Living E-Book! 200+ Tax Deductions!!
  • Finding Business Use For Every Toy You Own!

Fifth Tax-Free Investing (Stocks)

  • Long Terms Vs. Short Term Capital Gains
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Tax Advantaged Investment Accounts
  • Self-Employed Retirement Accounts
  • Investing in Cryptocurrency Tax-Free (Self Directed IRA)
  • Taxes For Traders
  • Taxes for Traders Cheat Sheet!

sixth Tax-Free Investing (Real Estate)

  • Earn in Pocket – Lose on Paper
  • 1031 Like-Kind Exchange

Seventh Staying Organized to Avoid Audits!

  • Getting Organized & Record Keeping
  • Bookkeeping Masterclass (Full Quickbooks Walkthrough)
  • IRS Red Flags – 10 Tips to Avoid Audits

Eighth Bonus Resources

  • Copy of Join Our Tax-Free Living Facebook Community!
  • Monthly Mentorship Calls
  • Bonus Resources
  • Tax Saving Webinars, Workshops, & Interviews

Ninth Final Words!

  • Final Words
  • Help Us Help You!

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