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Rob Judge – The 4 elements of Game

How to Become the Guy Who

Can Get Women Breathlessly

Panting,“I Usually Never Do This…”

Within 28 Days Guaranteed—

Even if You’re Already Pretty

Good with Women

You Remember That Girl Who Caught Your Eye,

but You NEVER Approached? You’re About to

Discover the Exact Steps to Meet & Attract Her

By Rob Judge, co-Founder of Date Hotter Girls, LLC

Thursday, September 7, 2023 Imagine it’s a Friday night. Which of the following best describes how your interactions with women will probably unfold?

  •  “I’ll go out, see some girls I find attractive, but I won’t approach them”
  •  “I’m holding out for this one girl—she’s not my girlfriend or anything, but if she calls I’ll drop everything for her”
  •  “I really hope the girls I meet on World of Warcraft aren’t actually dudes pretending to be girls”
  •  “I’ll hit the town, approach some girls, but I can’t ever be sure if I’m going to have a great night or if I’m going to end up going home alone”
  •  “I have a girl, so it’ll probably be another night at home with her as I fantasize about other girls”
  •  “I have a date, but I’m not 100 percent confident I’m going to take her on the best date she’s ever had”
  •  “I’m just going to stay in and jerk off…”

If you even considered checking one of the above, then the following article will be the most game-changing one you’ll ever read.

Here’s an important secret you need to know: you’re not alone. The vast majority of men (95%+) will never sleep with—let alone date—a woman they find to be stunningly beautiful.

These men will settle for some bland girlfriend or watch mindless hours of porn. All because they’ve convinced themselves that they can’t do any better. Men have this awful belief about themselves because they simply don’t understand how to effectively meet, attract, and seduce a beautiful woman.

Did you know…that just by being a man, you possess masculine drive, which is an overwhelming power to stop a woman in her tracks, make her drip with anticipation for you, seduce her into doing things you both only fantasized about, make her want to please you in only the way a woman can—and beg to fulfill your desire?

Yup. It’s true. And the most awesome part is that you can do it all with simple ease. It will be as if it were a reflex you were born with. You will understand exactly what it means “to be yourself” to attract women. I’m going to show you exactly what I’m talking about in a moment…

Just give me 5 quick minutes of your time. I’m going to prove there is an answer to your secret, burning question: How can you possibly meet and attract women so desirable they seem “in another league” without changing who you are, how you look, or how much you earn?

Who We Are… and Why We Can

Get You Dating Hotter Girls

“Zack and Rob doing some research for the bookMy name is Rob Judge and I love hot women.

In fact, I love them so much that I developed an attraction method so a normal guy like me could date as many hot girls as I’d like. This method is for guys who lead busy lives and want women of REAL beauty and quality.

But we’ll get into “the method” in a moment…

First, I can already tell you’re a lot like me. How do I know that? Because you’re still reading. Sure, every guy *loves* hot women…but, like me, you actually want to date them.

Guys like us already know we should be dating these beautiful women. But…we need a way to make sure we constantly to display our most attractive qualities…

…like holding strong eye contact, speaking with a booming voice, staying cool under pressure, knowing the perfect lines and responses to whatever she says, confidently touching her and getting sexual…

If we could do all that OF COURSE we could get the girl.

How many times have you thought…

If ONLY She Knew How Good I’d Be For Her, She’d Totally Fall For Me?

In fact I was haunted by that thought a few years back, right after I graduated college…

I’d just landed a job “in the real world,” working in New York City. So I’d see tons of hot women throughout my day. Awesome, right?

Wrong. It was like torture…

See, I was certainly no Casanova in college but at least I could go to parties or meet girls through friends.

Out in the real world things were so intimidating they seemed impossible…

Whenever I’d spot a cute girl I wanted to talk to her…but I felt like I was suddenly being held underwater: I gasped for breath. My heart raced. I could not concentrate. I always thought of things I should have done or said later…but I never did a damn thing. I just stood there, staring.

I couldn’t approach a single girl. So I remained lonely. Single. And extremely frustrated. It got so bad that I seriously feared that I might never kiss a girl again if I did not figure something out.

I knew the first thing I had to do was get the courage and confidence to approach women…so I started reading up on ways to do it. (I’m a huge nerd if you haven’t already guessed.)

The psychology and self-help books made sense while I’d read them, but once a hot girl walked by…poof! All my confidence and courage flew right out the window again.

Then, I met “Tony.”

Tony was a construction worker I passed every morning on my way into work. Like clockwork, every day at 8:47a.m. he was waiting with a cup of coffee and a glazed doughnut ready to bark at any and every female who passed by.

Tony was just a repulsive loudmouth to most morning commuters, yet secretly I admired him.

I wished I had his complete inhibition in talking to women, no matter how beautiful.

Finally, one morning, I worked up the nerve to ask him:

“Excuse me sir,” I stammered. “Can I ask you something?”

“Name ain’t sir,” he croaked, “It’s Tony. Big Tony to some. But to you just Tony.”

“Okay, Tony… I just really respect how you…you know…greet women.”

“Greet ’em?” Tony sneered. “I hit on ’em!”

“Exactly!” I exclaimed, “How do you get up the nerve to do that?”

Tony snorted, snatched a pen from my front pocket, and scribbled 12 words on a napkin. He crumbled the napkin up, shoved it into my pocket, and said, “There ya go. There’s how I get up my nerve.”

When I uncrumpled the napkin and read the 12 words, it was almost like I’d unleashed a magic spell…

All My Fear and Anxiety Seemed to Fly Out of My Body

I actually started laughing hysterically in the middle of 31st Street as I realized how obvious, yet powerful Tony’s words were.

To this day if I ever feel an inkling of anxiety or hesitation before approaching an attractive woman, I just remind myself of those 12 words. Those 12 words move me to approach every time.

With my newfound courage I decided to try everything when it came to approaching women. I listened to whatever advice I could find. I hit on any woman who wasn’t running away from me. I decided nothing—and I mean NOTHING—was going to stop me from dating gorgeous women.

Eventually, this lead me to my partner-in-crime, Zack.

I met Zack at a dive bar doing what I did every night back then: I was hitting on babes.

Suddenly, a shouting match errupted across the bar. I couldn’t hear what the fight was over, but some girl wound up laying a mean slap across the face of some big, shaggy-haired dude.

The entire bar froze. The music went silent. The world seemed to stop turning, waiting to see how the shaggy-haired guy was going to respond…

He Just Stood There and Laughed

The bar patrons shook their heads and went back to their drinks and conversations…but I had to find out what was up with this guy.

Was he…like me?

“Two Bud Lights,” I said to the bartender, pulling up a stool next to Zack. “For me and my new friend here.”

Zack looked at me, his eyebrows arched.

“That was harsh,” I said. “Was that chick your girlfriend?”

“Nah,” Zack took a sip of the beer, “Just met her tonight,”

“Really?” I smiled, “So why were laughing when she slapped you?”

“Who cares,” Zack shrugged. “I’d get slapped by a thousand girls if it teaches me a thing or two about ’em.”

That’s when I realized that me and Zack, like you and I, are on the same page. We all have a burning, passionate love for hot women…and we refuse to let anything get in our way of being with them.

Over the next year and a half, Zack and I went out to bars and nightclubs nearly every night. We hit on every girl. We tried every line. We applied every tip.

Then…finally…one night…

We Cracked the Code!

Together we stumbled on a method to ensure we could meet, attract, date, seduce and keep the kinds of women other guys FANTASIZE about. Once we pieced it together we were almost embarrassed that it was this simple all along. Here’s a screenshot from a Facebook album Zack put together during that time:

As you can see, Zack and I are just normal guys and that’s why our method is so incredibly SIMPLE and EASY-TO-LEARN. You can master it WITHOUT the headache of endless hours of practice or acting outside your comfort zone. Zack and I already went through all that so you can save yourself the trouble.

All you need to do is spend an afternoon reading…

The 4 Elements of Game

Imagine How Women Would

Treat You If You Knew…

  • How to avoid 2 classic traps EVERY guy falls for that absolutely repels a woman and sends her running to the nearest asshole guy—pg. 128
  • A way to perfect your sense of humor so that you keep women laughing and hanging on your every word—pg. 69-77
  • A deadly understanding of vibing with women that you will learn after reading a story about Zack “motorboating” a girl at a dive bar—pg. 87
  • One statement that will annihilate ALL your anxiety so you NEVER let another hot girl walk out of your life again—pg. 6
  • Step-by-step instructions for the absolute PERFECT date that always ends passionately in your bed—pg. 146-149
  • 6 failsafe lines that seamlessly transition from chatting with a woman to taking things physical so you NEVER hear “Well, it was nice to meet you, but I’m going to get back to my friends” AGAIN—pg. 136
  • 4 conversation topics that instantly heat up a woman’s mood (even just 1 of these can completely save your next date from fizzling out)—pg. 109
  • The key secret that separates “cool” people from “uncool” people that is IMPOSSIBLE to guess but will completely change how you are perceived—pg. 73
  • 2 tips that can FLIP a “conversation-to-nowhere” around and get her hanging on your every word—pg. 67-68
  • A way to make starting conversations with women so simple and easy that it will seem like cheating—pg. 133
  • A treasured tactic EVERY pickup and dating instructor knows but NO ONE wants to tell you (hint: it makes a woman’s emotional circuitry go HAYWIRE)—pg. 60
  • “5 Basic Rules of Texting” that breaks down text messaging into a simple, easy-to-follow formula—pg. 140
  • A proven way to inject sexual tension at ANY moment to get women feeling passionate so you can move situations toward sex ridiculously fast—pg. 75
  • The exact secret why some women respond coldly or disinterested toward men and use that “insider” knowledge to totally warm her up until she cannot get enough of you—pg. 60
  • How to stay out of the dreaded FRIEND ZONE for life by simply learning how to balance emotional connection with sexual tension using a simple step-by-step formula—pg. 117-119
  • Twelve words that will radically shift your thinking allowing you to always approach gorgeous women with cool, unflinching confidence (This is what Tony wrote on the napkin!)—pg. 25
  • A mindset trick that will INSTANTLY expand your conversation skills so you ALWAYS know exactly what to say to keep women completely attracted and interested—pg. 579
  • How to get a beautiful woman attracted within seconds with a step-by-step formula that prepares you for ANY reaction you can possibly expect to encounter—pg. 48-51
  • How to craft your own flawless “openers” that will begin great interactions at nightclubs or during the day time WITHOUT using sleazy pickup lines—pg. 58-59
  • How to never hesitate when going for the kiss or get anxiety about making a move by learning the truth about the “escalation stage”—pg. 136-137
  • The REAL reason why guys get “on-and-off” results with women, then use that understanding to keep yourself consistently “in your prime” and at your best—pg. 20
  • How to get a woman’s phone number within 30 seconds of meeting her WITHOUT relying on lame gimmicks or trickery once you simplify the process by learning this amazing offbeat technique—pg. 139
  • An encyclopedic understanding of how you can improve your appearance so you absolutely maximize ALL your natural advantages to attract women you might consider “out of your league”—pg. 152-157
  •  The PROPER way to work phone numbers, allowing you to set up AS MANY dates you like—pg. 139
  • The “pacer/pursuer” secret, which is one of the BIGGEST hidden truths about attraction that will SKYROCKET your sex appeal (if you only read one thing, you MUST check this out—it’s a complete game changer)—pg. 279
  • The 8 traits of unshakable, rock-solid confidence that are so powerful that even learning 2 or 3 can make you irresistible to women—pg. 35
  • The mindset that makes touching girls ORGANIC and as if “it just happened”—pg. 32
  • How to cut right to the truth by learning the “3 modes of female reaction” (once you know these, a woman’s burning hot attraction for you will practically take of itself)—pg. 125
  •  An effortless two-step process that makes ANY objection a woman throws at you a CINCH to handle—pg. 43
  • The 1-question test that will ALWAYS let you know if you are coming off as “needy” or “attractive” when taking things physical (this is so EFFECTIVE and DEAD-ON accurate that it will blow your mind)—pg. 37
  • A shortcut for attracting SUPER hot women that will take all the complications and anxieties OUT OF approaching the women you REALLY want—pg. 39
  • An understanding of what “the waypoint” means and how it ensures you always keep women attracted to you—whether it be for an entire night or an entire relationship—pg. 14
  • How to eliminate ALL your negative thought patterns that stop you from meeting and dating stunning women in 3 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS (this is so money that you will probably run out to try it immediately)—pg. 26
  • The EXACT signs a woman gives off when she wants a man to “make a move” physically (I guarantee you will NEVER miss another opportunity to get physical with women)—pg. 43
  • An absurdly motivational way to overcome your anxieties and fears that is sure to kick your ass into gear and get you out meeting all the hot, amazing women you have time for—pg. 44
  • 5 proven ways to effortlessly get around ANY objection a woman can throw at you (this one is going to save countless relationships)—pg. 61
  • A simple technique that draws on your environment for inspiration so you always have a quick line or witty comment at ALL times—pg. 64
  • The roadmap for taking women home with you the night you meet them with a potent guide that breaks down rigorously field-tested knowledge into a foolproof plan—pg. 145
  •  An EXACT text transcript straight from my personal cell phone that shows you EXACTLY how to keep women from flaking—pg. 142
  • How to catapult yourself over “all those other guys” by understanding the 5 levels of emotional connection and how to navigate them—pg. 119
  • How to use something you are already doing NATURALLY but you are not using to attract women—in fact, you are probably hiding it so it is working AGAINST you (and no, you have NEVER heard this before in any other book or seminar)—pg. 92-93
  • A way to “break the ice” with surefire ways that instantly make women feel comfortable around you so that an interaction can move forward (if I only understood this a few years back, I would have hooked up with at least a dozen more girls in college)—pg. 98
  • A way to map an interaction using the “5 stages of transition” to turn strangers into lovers without ever thinking “What do I do next?” (this is so CRUCIAL that guys once paid thousands of dollars to learn this from us)—pg. 123

The Secret to Attracting

Beautiful Women is Something


Ihad this friend back in college who hooked up with every hot girl on campus…and even some hot chicks who didn’t live on campus…

Whenever I’d stop by his dorm room, I’d see lace thongs hanging from his ceiling fan, hoop earrings scattered across his dusty floor, various articles of female clothing tucked between couch cushions or draped from his bed post…

Yet whenever I walked across campus with him, girl after girl would run over to him, blow kisses at him, shyly wave to him, and whisper about him as he passed.

Back then, I was totally confused. What did this guy have that I didn’t? He wasn’t better looking than me, or taller than me, or in better than shape than I was…

….I just couldn’t put my finger on it…

Now I understand that women were drawn to my friend because he understood a secret…it’s the same secret Zack and I discovered that one night out and our lives haven’t been the same ever since…

…it’s the secret of balance.

You and I are no different from my friend in college…he doesn’t have anything you or I don’t have. (In fact, you probably have some advantages over him!)

You just need to learn to apply balance…just like he did…and just like Zack and I learned to do.

Oh, and here’s the good news: learning balance is not some incredibly challenging task. It’s NOT something you only get after countless rejections and embarrassing failures.

Learning balance is just harmonizing 4 elements of attraction and dating (a.k.a., “game”)…and then everything else takes care of itself. No need to worry or feel nervous…it really is THAT simple.

I get emails and Facebook messages from guys every day that tell me how our method helped them to RELAX, have FUN, and feel MORE like themselves — all while creating passionate relationships with the women they’d only dreamt about before.

If you can just remember 4 easy things, you can attract all the QUALITY, AMAZING women you could EVER want.

Stop Ignoring What Works

If getting girls is so simple and easy, then why doesn’t every guy do it? Well…ask yourself this: how do most guys go about attracting beautiful women?

Like idiots.

A lot of guys have no idea what they’re doing. They never stop to consider their behavior or how it makes a woman feel. They treat women as if they were men with vaginas… and then they wonder why women aren’t magically attracted to them.

Other guys listen to garbage advice — which gets them garbage results. Some guys follow the advice from their moms, Hollywood movies, know-it-all friends, and maybe even other dating instructors or pickup artists.

These guys never consider the SOURCE of this advice. I love my mom to death, but she’s never picked up a girl in her life.

The same is true of most of your friends, things you see in a movie, and even most pickup and dating instructors. (An inside joke in the pickup and dating advice industry is that most of the “big names” of the industry are nothing more than internet marketers…they don’t actually pickup or date hot women.)

And that’s why most of the advice sucks. Sure, sometimes you’ll hear a story about a guy who gets lucky and lands a cute girlfriend by luck or using an “angle.” But these stories are rare, and the guy ACTUALLY KEEPING the girl is even more rare.

The sad truth is: Most guys just DON’T want to learn what works.

They simply ignore the truth. It’s as if they’re brainwashed to think that they need to go through a long and painful process to learn how to attract women.

Other guys believe they’ll only date hotter girls after they have money, looks, or some other “angle.”

Zack and I are living proof that’s COMPLETE BULLSHIT! (And if you have any doubts, we’re going to demonstrate it for you with the bonus—but more on that in a minute.)

Attracting women has absolutely nothing to do with “adding” behaviors, money, or possessions to yourself. Instead…

Attracting women is ALL about BALANCING who you ALREADY are and WHAT you already have

You don’t need to learn new behaviors or dramatically change your personality. You already have everything you need to attract the women you’ve always wanted — you just need BALANCE.

If you can do that then “WHO YOU ARE” will attract women in the most normal yet powerful way imaginable…no matter what happens…even if you make ‘mistakes’ women will actually fall for you even more.

(In fact, when you make mistakes with our method it actually HELPS you.)

Women will see your MOST ATTRACTIVE personality whether you are the life of the party or more of the QUIET and CHILL type.

One-Size-Fits-All Advice Simply DOES NOT Work

Instead, our method fits to YOUR personality like an expensive, perfectly-tailored suit.

Take it from me, I’ve read and tried MORE dating advice than you can imagine. Every book, course, and seminar I absorbed only brought limited results because I was failing to balance my behavior.

All the other dating and pickup advice forced me to add unnatural behavior to my personality . Even if I did stumble upon attractive behavior if I failed to apply balance then that same behavior later worked against me.

Perhaps you’ve seen this first-hand if you’ve had:

  • Women suddenly losing interest in you and have NO IDEA why
  • Women NOT returning your phone calls or text messages
  • Women saying that you ’re “nice” but have NO interest in a romantic or sexual relationship with you
  • Women making up excuses to avoid talking to you

Even internal struggles you have like anxiety before approaching women and running out of things to say. These are just a result of NOT understanding and applying simple balance.

I can still remember when I’d get crippling anxiety before making a move on a hot woman.

But since discovering how to balance my DRIVE element, putting the moves on beautiful women is something I do automatically now. Meeting and hooking up with new, incredible women is as simple as if it were a reflex.

Once you discover the element that completely shifted my mindset, you’ll never again hesitate to make a move on women either.

When I met Zack, he was always “running out of things to say” when talking with hot women. We laugh about it now, but back then Zack was hopeless when it came to knowing what to say.

But these days, Zack is one the wittiest guys I know because he got in touch with his inspiration. Once we devised a way to access his natural wit, Zack’s been on fire whenever talking and flirting with hot women.

Here’s to the Death of Pickup Lines

Rather than force you to memorize fake stories and stupid lines, our system breaks down inspiration so that you INSTANTLY tap into YOUR OWN creativity.

You’re always going to have a quick joke, witty remark, or interesting comment at your fingertips.

And the best part is — it is coming from YOU.

And DRIVE and INSPIRATION are just 2 of the 4 ELEMENTS in our revolutionary attraction method.

Once you learn ALL 4 elements and how they work, you’ll know exactly how to balance your behavior.

You’ll have the powerful secret of attraction at your command anytime, anywhere.

Zack and I have ONLY taught our system to a handful of students, but the results have been truly astounding. We’ve had guys completely transform their love and sex lives faster than anything we’ve ever seen…

…and we want you to be our next success story!

Next Weekend Will You Be Saying

“I Wish I Had” or “I’m Glad I Did”?

Don’t let another weekend go by where you aren’t 100 percent confident that you can go out, see your perfect dream girl, and know exactly how to approach her, flirt with her, attract her, kiss her, seduce her, and date her…

Don’t be the guy who’s clueless, sitting at home, wondering when (if ever) he’ll meet another girl…

…or have another date…

When next Monday morning rolls around which guy are you going to be? The one who’s still buzzing after “getting it done” with that girl you wanted to approach…

…or the guy who’s regretting another weekend of no girls, no fun, no sex…?

You can start right away (I mean as soon as tonight) enjoying the excitement and pleasure of having gorgeous, quality women automatically sticking to you like velcro

…without ever having to suffer through awkward moments or feeling weird.

There’s no-risk my fellow lover of hot woman. So why not stop delaying and give it a try?

Zack and I can’t wait to hear about your remarkable success.

To your new future with hotter girls,

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