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Linking Your Thinking – How to Work a Book

How to Read Work a Book

Change Your Reading Habits in a Weekend

Master the Art of Working a Book

📚 The best two hours you can spend with any book

Think of How to Work a Book as the best two hours you can spend with any book you want to read.

In this concentrated window of time, you will tangibly improve how you learn from non-fiction books.

Here is a rundown of everything you’ll learn:

🕸 Rapid Context-Building: Learn how to learn, apply, and remember what you read better than ever before. Optimize for context!
🤯 The # 1 Meta Question to Ask With Any Book You Want To Read: With this question in mind, it will truly change how you interact with every book you read…as you read it.
🛠 The Book as a Tool for Thought: The most-harmful misunderstanding about books and what a new paradigm does for our note-taking and note-making efforts.
💥 Emergent Questions & Emergent Answers: The art of engaging with a book (allowing your exploration to be the catalyst to drive your next steps).
🕵🏻 Book Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight: Start seeing “the story behind the book” and leverage it as a way to build better context.
🗺  LiDAR for Books: Create a depth map of the book to dive into the most resonant material first. They who make a better map, make a better mark!
🍨 Have Dessert First: Why reading feels hard sometimes, and how to “make it fun” on demand.
🧘 Apply Embodied Learning: Leverage the fact that we learn better when our bodies are involved.
🎙 Articulating Insights: The simplest way to transform sparks you read into remarks you remember.
🌱 Planting Compelling Concepts: The simplest way to build your knowledge.
🔥 Applying Actionable Ideas: The simplest way to actually apply something actionable from the books you read.

👍 Who is this for?

This is for you if…

  • If you want to confidently apply what you learn from what you read.
  • If you want to achieve better levels of understanding, more efficiently, and more enjoyably.
  • If you want to stop feeling dread or guilt about reading more from a book.
  • If your note-taking is devoid of fun and often over-whelming, yet you believe (even hope or pray) that there is a better way.
  • If you want to know how to actually make useful notes.
  • If you want to make notes that help you apply what you learn and help you remember what resonated.
  • If someone brings up a book that you’ve read before and you want to be able to remember a story or takeaway from it…and actually be able to articulate it—in the moment—in a conversation with someone.
  • If you have trouble remembering what resonated so strongly in a book you read last year (even last month!).
  • If the thought of processing your highlights overwhelms you.
  • If you have trouble focusing when you try to read.

Who is this not for?

This is not for you if…

❌ One-way readers: If you want to hold onto false belief that you must read a book from front to back without bouncing around.
❌ Fiction optimizers: If you want to “optimize” reading fiction. Fiction should be enjoyed linearly and savored at its own pace, without many of the context-building techniques that serve non-fiction so well. That said, The note-making exercises—especially the emergent questions and answers—will still be valuable for reading fiction.
❌ Integration magicians: If you want to figure out integrations between tools like Readwise or Zotero. While this may be important for a specific workflow, it is outside the scope of a Work a Book event..
❌ Misguided highlighters: If you are convinced you need to highlight the highlights of your highlights in some misguided and rigid summarizing workflow, just to maybe, at the end, get to an understanding of the material.

🧩 What you’ll experience

🎻 Lean in and live note-making while watching the recording
🏋️ Guided exercises
🙃 Paradigm-shifting arguments
🗣️ Contagious energy in the live chat transcript that offers insights and co-discoveries from the audience
📒 Obsidian Template: Emergent Book Note
♻️ Continued access to the video recording

What to bring before starting the recording

  • Your non-fiction book
    We’re going to be working through this live, together so have yours ready and in front of you before we start. What book will you bring?
  • Your PKM, journal, or note-making tool
    Again, have it in front of you to capture and connect ideas live as you work your book. We’ll be providing a downloadable Obsidian Template after the event, but the process is tool-agnostic.
  • Your enthusiasm!
    You’re here because you want to make more meaningful connections with what you’re reading. Get ready for an exciting two-hour session and lean in while watching. It doesn’t have to be a passive experience!
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