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Laura Amazzone – Yogini: Empowering Mandalas of the Divine Feminine – Collection


In this emerging age of the empowered feminine, individuals are seeking out methods to channel and invoke their energy in productive ways.

The yoginī traditions of India and Nepal offer a roadmap and tools for cultivating inner transmutation and outer transformation. These traditions, while ancient, can still be found in parts of India today; their awakened iconography and holistic cosmology direct the practitioner to the center of their own mandala and therefore to the center of his or her own power.

In this 4-week online course, instructor Laura Amazzone will take you on the yoginī’s adventure to the center of the mandala, where the differentiating and distorting forces of a patriarchal paradigm finally surrender and succumb to the healing and nourishing ground of the empowered feminine.

On this four-week journey, you will discover the rich history, philosophy, cosmology and iconography of the yoginī traditions of India and Nepal. You will explore the rich symbolism of these ancient traditions and learn how to engage with them in your own practice and life.

This course is not simply for female modern postural yoga practitioners (the demographic commonly associated with the word yoginī today). It is not simply for those interested in the historical curiosities of an ancient tradition. This course is for those who who seek a living representation of the ground of existence and tools, principles and practices for aligning with that primordial ground.

We hope you join us for this four-week adventure to the center of the yoginī mandala.

Module 1: What is a Yoginī? Who are the Yoginīs?
This class will introduce the Yoginī and her various mandalas. Laura will offer several different definitions of the Yoginis’ power and functionality within specific spiritual and cultural contexts. We will look at various images of Yoginīs and trace their evolution from ancient times. The first of four meditations and visualizations of a specific form of Yoginis will be shared.

Module 2: Yoginī Temples
This class will look at different chakras (groups) of Yoginīs, their temples and the significance of their iconography. We will examine the spiritual, cultural, and historical context out of which the Yoginī traditions emerged.

Module 3: Yoginī Mandalas
This class will focus on subtle expressions of Yoginīs. We will explore the function of Yoginī mandalas within a specific Tantric lineage and geographic location where the Yoginīs’ shakti still thrives and informs the experience of its local residents to this day.

Module 4: Yoginī Ritual Arts
Dance, poetry, music, writing, tattooing, culinary delights, herbal elixirs and potions, oracles and sacred adornment are some of the many ritual arts of embodied Yoginīs. Depending on the interests of class participants, several offerings from the Yoginīs’ rich repertoire of sacred arts will be shared.

Students who take this course will:
learn about different functions, categories, powers and expressions of Yoginīs
broaden their understanding of Yoginīs in both ancient and contemporary Tantric contexts.
understand the cultural, historical, and spiritual context and significance of Yoginī temples and practitioners between the 9th and 15th centuries
cultivate an experience of a Yoginīs through subtle body attunement and develop a toolbox of practices that deepen one’s connection to the Yoginī Mandala


Laura Amazzone

Laura Amazzone, M.A. is a teacher, writer, intuitive healer, yogini and initiated priestess in the Shakta Tantra and Kaula Sri Vidya traditions of India and Nepal. She is the author of the award-winning book, ÒGoddess Durga and Sacred Female Power.Ó She has published numerous articles within the fields of Hinduism, Tantra and WomenÕs Spirituality in many different encyclopedias, anthologies, journals and also online publications. Laura teaches in the Yoga Philosophy Program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She offers a diverse array of authentic and undiluted lineage-based rituals and spiritual practices as well as pilgrimages to Nepal that promote spiritual empowerment and divine embodiment.

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