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Kim Loh – Heart Connections: Strategies for Navigating Conflict & Difference – Collection

In this course, you will develop skills for more effective and connected conversations, become more conscious of your own habituated patterns, and through this process discover how to be more authentically yourself. Being genuinely available for others and their own challenges while learning how to facilitate intense moments in conversations will bring us back to a more choiceful and connected place when the going gets tough.

Few of us were ever taught how to ‘do’ conflict well. Yet, for virtually all of us, conflicts can cause us enormous stress, revealing individual limitations and collectively unhealthy patterns.

With a focus on how to engage from the heart in some of our most difficult yet most important conversations, Compassionate Conversations weaves together a framework utilizing essential principles from conflict resolution, Zen Buddhism, adult developmental psychology and Integral theory.

Topics we will cover: 

Conversation Essentials (Ground Rules) & Intention
Conversations Evolve/Sameness and Difference
Working with Strong Emotions
Truth and the 3 perspectives
Shadow in Conversation (with an exercise)
Wholeheartedness and Returning to Intention

Module 1: Conversation Foundations
In this session, we’ll cover the foundations. We’ll set the container for our learning process by establishing the guiding principles (ground rules) that we recommend in order to create the conditions for more satisfying, heartfelt, and growthful conversations. Setting an intention is vital to focus our energy on what matters most to us, and gives us a north star to return to should we lose our orientation. We’ll also introduce the fundamental framework of sameness and difference. We’ll learn how to wisely balance these for an experience in conversation that feels safe yet enlivening. Acknowledging our animal nature is paramount and is addressed by working with strong emotions and our nervous systems so that we can regulate, process, and ask for what we need (should we choose to), in order to have more connected, honest encounters.

Module 2: The “What” of Our Disagreements
In our second session, we’ll go deeper into the ‘what’ of our disagreements. How can we disentangle the facts encountered in competing truths and make space for more perspectives to exist? We will also work on cleaning up our own acts through an exploration of the “shadow”, so that we can clear out ignorant reactivity and become more flexible in how we view ourselves. When we dissolve the illusion of ‘enemy’, how we perceive and treat others shifts fundamentally; it makes us more effective instruments of change and impacts our ability to stand up for our values and ethics with a clear heart. Finally, we will return to the power of intention and learn how to take refuge in our own heart – the source of our true resilience and capacity for love, despite all odds.

In this course students will:

Gain a broader frame about the evolution of our human consciousness and why conflict is so valuable in aiding our growth.
Receive key ground rules to support heartfelt and honest conversations.
Develop a strong intention about how they want to evolve themselves in relationship to conflict.
Deepen in embodied awareness of the experiences of sameness and difference in conversation.
Learn the Transmutation of Emotion process.
Reframe arguments around truth and validity.
Explore shadow, dialogue with it, and integrate it for a more holistic self-image.
Nourish their heart and learn to trust it as a guide in difficult conversations.

Kim Loh
Kim Loh works at the confluence of communication, embodiment and mindfulness. Kim helps people navigate conflict more fluently, with clarity and compassion, and transform their conflicts and themselves in the process. Kim is the co-author of Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart with Diane Musho Hamilton and Gabriel Wilson. Her past work includes mediation and conflict facilitation, peacebuilding research and policy development for the United Nations, international NGOs and universities, and work as a lawyer in London and Singapore. She also is a guide of embodiment and meditation, teaching on and off since 2013, since completing two 200-hr RYTTs gratefully received on the healing, alchemical island of Bali, Indonesia. She has found her spiritual home within Zen Buddhism, and is a lineage holder in the White Plum Assanga. Kim is grateful to live and play on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. She is currently hosting online weekly sitting groups that all are welcome to join.

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