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Judith Blackstone – Body-Mind Integration: Personal and Relational Healing and Spiritual Awakening – Collection


This course presents the main Realization Process practices for body-mind integration and the realization of a subtle ground of consciousness pervading our body and environment as a unity. These practices cultivate internal depth and wholeness, sensory and emotional resilience, grounding, authenticity, and self-acceptance. They deepen and refine our contact with ourselves and other people. Judith will discuss the application of the Realization Process to psychological and relational healing.

Module 1: Internal Wholeness and Self-Other Unity
This class will teach the Realization Process practice for inhabiting the body and attuning to fundamental consciousness pervading the body and environment as a unity. In the Realization Process, body/mind integration is the experience of inhabiting the internal space of the body. Wherever we are in contact with ourselves in our body, we are also open and responsive to our environment. When we inhabit our whole body, we uncover the subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness that pervades our body and our environment at the same time. As the embodiment of fundamental consciousness, we know ourselves as the integration of awareness, emotion and physical sensation. We perceive, understand, touch, move, and express ourselves with the whole breadth of our being. We also experience greater internal fluidity, balance, and vitality.

Module 2: The Subtle Core of the Body/Mind
This class will teach how to attune to, and breathe within, the subtle vertical core of the body in the torso, neck and head. This core of ourselves is our entranceway into fundamental consciousness and our oneness with our environment. This means that the deeper we are in our individual body, the more connection we have with life around us. The subtle core is also our deepest perspective on both our internal experience, and our surroundings. Accessing it helps us disentangle from our habitual reactions to other people and our environment, and to respond in more positive and authentic ways to problematic situations. Breathing within the subtle core of the body refines the breath and integrates it with our energy system, so that we experience our breath in our whole body.

Module 3: Body/Mind/Space Qualities and Sensory Refinement
This class will teach how to attune to the basic qualities of fundamental consciousness, and also how to shift from a divided sensory experience of our surroundings to perceiving as the wholeness of body/mind integration. When we attune to fundamental consciousness, we uncover the essential qualities of our whole being. Realization Process divides this spectrum of qualities into awareness, emotion and physical sensation. Opening to these three essential qualities can help us shift from living just in the part of ourselves where we are most comfortable, such as our mental or our emotional capacity, to living in our whole body. Attuning to fundamental consciousness also shifts our perception from fragmentation to wholeness. All of our senses function at the same time. Perceptual stimuli seem to emerge directly out of the clear space pervading our body and environment. This shift can facilitate body/mind integration because it enables us to see, hear, touch, smell and taste with our whole being.

Module 4: Healing from Trauma
In this class, Judith will describe how the Realization Process practices can be applied to healing from trauma, and to deepening and healing relationships. She will talk about how and why we constrict our body in reaction to abrasive interactions and events, mostly in childhood, how these constrictions obstruct body/mind integration, and how they can be released. The Realization Process practices can also help very sensitive people live more comfortably in the world by cultivating resilience, grounding and internal depth.


Judith Blackstone

Judith Blackstone, PhD, developed the Realization Process, a method of embodied psychological and relational healing and nondual spiritual awakening. She is the author of Trauma and the Unbound Body, Belonging Here, The Enlightenment Process, The Intimate Life, and The Empathic Ground. An audio series of the Realization Process is available from Sounds True.

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