Jeff Bierman – The Quant Guy-2-Phase A.I. Trade Spy Total Immersion Experience



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Jeff Bierman – The Quant Guy-2-Phase A.I. Trade Spy Total Immersion Experience

Your best chance to make money with A.I. – is right under your nose.

Professor Jeff Bierman here…

And answer me this:

What weird, new, and potentially richly lucrative phenomenon ties these 3 different stocks together?

Strange as it sounds…

On a near daily basis…

Each of these charts hides a lucrative secret that maybe 0.01% of traders know anything about.

Simply put: these stocks (and many more!) are secretly infested with stealth algo activity.

Wall Street algos are so powerful today (estimates say 90% of trades are now executed by machines) that these algos can hold price hostage UP or DOWN for sustained “unnatural” durations.

“Professor, I hope you are well. I am traveling all over Asia having a blast so I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the webinar because of the time zone difference. I made $435K profit in January with one more trading day left.” Peter P.

I’m sharing this incredible market development (that shows no signs of slowing) because it could be the news YOU need to boost your trading results…
As believe it or not…

Ordinary people – with no advanced skills whatsoever – just need to know what curious patterns and easy to spot “A.I. Thumbprints” to look for, and they can play these A.I.-driven moves with simple directional trades.

All while the trading masses get crushed to ash by these unstoppable A.I. moves.

This under-reported A.I. Infestation (that’s only growing more suffocating by the day) demands that you get savvy to these A.I. chart patterns – or face the dire long-term consequences of again and again and again, becoming A.I. mincemeat.

You can tell by now that A.I. is no passing fad like bell-bottom jeans…

The A.I. revolution is here to stay… but how can it be a force for prosperity for you and those you love?
You could invest in a startup company with ties to some kind of new whiz-bang A.I technology… but it’s basically like buying a lottery ticket.

Whereas when you know how to systematically spy on A.I. – you are rewarded day after day, with countless high-probability trades…

Presenting you with the best and perhaps ONLY opportunity of your life to turn this new, historic A.I. era into the potential wealth builder you need and deserve.

So, should you hog-tie yourself to your trading screens and scour the markets for this A.I. activity yourself?

There’s no need.

I’m giving you my official A.I. watchlist.

The 49 Stocks On This Watchlist Are Dripping With Daily A.I. Profit-Potential… 

I’ve curated this watchlist after months of research and detective work.

By all accounts, it represents a potential pile of trading cash that could stretch all of the way to the moon and back.

On a recent packed-house live webinar I discussed how these 3 watchlisted stocks below are prime examples of this A.I. Takeover…


I want to give YOU the chance to turn this history-making takeover into the fattest pockets at your family reunion…

…as when you know ALL of these patterns and “A.I. Thumbprints” you are sitting pretty my friend, as everyone else nurses their wounds from A.I. stomping them into oblivion.

“Professor, it was a fantastic year for me. I have learned so much from you. I was able to increase my account by 70%.” Bruce C.

So, I’m faced with 2 choices:
I can leave you to your own devices – hand you my watchlist – and over time, you can learn to locate these patterns and “A.I Thumbprints” yourself… and since I’m sure you’re a determined individual, after a steep learning curve, you might find some success on your own.


I can take an active role in helping you crush that learning curve down to dust, and arm you RIGHT NOW with the further education and resources you need to make sure you thrive in this algo dominated trading era.

The good news is: I decided on this second choice. 

So here’s what I’m doing…

With great pleasure…

We need to keep this an intimate learning experience for everyone, so we’re capping this unique opportunity at the first 50 sign ups!

And the masterclass is this coming Tuesday!

So the biggest risk is waiting!

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