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Hale Dwoskin – The Sedona Method – The Peer-to-Peer Releasing Retreat

Releasing with partners is one of the most powerful ways to benefit from The Sedona Method. As you help others release, you release too, automatically, on a very deep level, without your conscious mind needing to be involved. That’s one of the reasons we release with partners during all of our retreats-it is always very powerful and effective for both partners.

This retreat will focus on you learning how to help another release while releasing some of your own core hold-backs and freeing yourself to achieve even your most ambitious goals.

This course will benefit anyone who would like to help family and friends, and, of course, anyone would like to experience this highly effective releasing simply for themselves. You do not need to want to help others.

This retreat is also ideal for anyone who works with other people and would like to help them release. This includes coaches, trainers, facilitators, counselors, doctors, spiritual leaders, and members of any support team.

If you are ready for a week of extraordinary releasing, to free you of anything holding you from living to your full potential, and if the idea of helping others is intriguing, please join us on this powerful new retreat.

Our new Peer-To-Peer Retreat is designed to help you have the same opportunity to grow, expand your consciousness, and help those you care about find freedom from suffering and manifest their dreams.

If you have a friend that needs a shoulder to cry on or simply a buddy to hear their pain, you will also be able to give them the direct experience of what is beyond the hurt and confusion and simple tools to help them continue to help themselves on their own.

If your mother or father is lost in regrets or struggling with the aging process, you will be able to help them release and regain their inner youthfulness, vigor, and love for life.

When there is a coworker in need you can be the one that people come to to regain clarity and purpose.

If your partner is overwhelmed with emotion you will be able to step in directly to not only be able to be a good friend and confidant, but you will also be able to help them to release the emotions directly and find equilibrium and joy again.
If you are already a coach you will be able to take your coaching to the next level and have new and powerful tools to help people find lasting success in their lives.
If you are a therapist you will be able to better incorporate The Sedona Method into your practice and get even better results combining releasing with your other existing therapeutic modalities.

If you simply would like to become a better releasing partner and get more out of your relationship with your releasing buddies this retreat will help you to become a sought after partner and a better peer in releasing.

In short, if you would like to help others and yourself at the same time and would like to have the tools, techniques, and perspectives to do just that then this retreat is for you.

Please come to the retreat with your own issues that you would like to shed and your own goals that you would like to achieve. Each session you do, learning how to release better with others, will be focused on your personal issues so that you will leave the retreat with immediate results and amazing transformation.

When we used to do coach training after retreats we often were told that doing one releasing partnership after another on topics that are near and dear to you was even more powerful than the retreat that had just finished.

I am not sure when or if I will lead another Peer-To-Peer Retreat so please sign up early to make sure you reserve your place in this amazingly transformative event.

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