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Ash Ambirge – Selfish School 2023

Sell Your Sofa. Put Aunt Jennie’s Vase in Storage. Take the Leap. This is Your Reset Button.

Start a smart online business you can run from anywhere in the world. The Selfish Method will show you how to create a $250K income stream based on your passions, while working 50% less and using zero social media, so you can enjoy your life more.

Take Yourself to Italy, France, a Chic Cottage in Nantucket. Work Spacious, Leisurely Half Days. Do Really Great Work That Feels Good. And Find Yourself, Again—Wide-Eyed, Fulfilled, Well-Traveled, Happy…and With Damn Good Money in the Bank.

Then, live this way forever.

Introducing the all-new Selfish Method, a new way to start an online business without soul-sucking social media, constant content creation, group coaching communities, or other pressures associated with traditional online business models—all while working toward a target income of $250,000 annually, working 50% less, and having plenty of time left over in the day for pleasure, traveling to places like the French Riviera or London’s Mayfair, staying in design-forward Airbnbs and boutique hotels, favoring exciting gastronomy and a bon vivant lifestyle, seeking out unique and authentic experiences, having plenty of space in your day to pursue art, pleasure, purpose, and redefining what it means to be a modern professional who can work and live from anywhere in the world.

The Selfish Lifestyle is the future of the way we live and work.

And it’s an all-new era.

“I’m Determined to Book That Trip, Spend More Time With My Family, Connect With Nature, Explore the World, and Seek Experiences That Make Me Feel Alive.”

  1. But maybe you’ve been waiting until you build a big enough safety net: you don’t feel comfortable taking any sort of plunge until you’re 100% financially stable. *counts 90 years into future ⏳*
  2. Or maybe you’ve been trying to set up other revenue streams, but it’s going MUCH more slowly than you’d like. In fact, you’ve been hearing crickets instead of “cha-ching.” 💰
  3. Perhaps you’ve been doing freelance work with clients, but you’re having trouble scaling the business, getting enough steady income, and not running yourself ragged. 😵‍💫
  4. Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to start some type of online business that gives you freedom but doesn’t make you want to vomit. Things like Reels, TikTok, and the pressures associated with traditional social media have turned you off for so long, that you’ve been weary of starting anything, if it means doing all of that. (Good news: The Selfish Method is an all-new kind of social-free business model—and it works!)

“The Selfish Method is better than other online business models.”
I knew Ash’s Selfish School was gonna surprise the pants off me, but I didn’t expect it to make me feel excited again. I’d lost the drive that was fueling my go-get-em attitude, but before I finished Seminar 2, I already had pages of notes and ideas, and new concepts that I’d never considered and can’t wait to apply. The Selfish Model is better than other online business models: group coaching and memberships just didn’t match how I want to do business or serve. But, the Selfish Model does.

I’m so grateful for Ash’s experience and expertise; she plays with, works in and eats business for breakfast lunch and dinner, and doesn’t hold back on what she’s discovered or the mistakes she’s made. I’ve followed her like a stalker for years, but this program has let me step into my own and build something great, not just a weak imitation of what Ash does.


Selfish is Pioneering an All-New Way to Build a Lucrative Online Business and a Spacious, Ease-Filled Life. 

This movement has been in progress for years—the pandemic only served to accelerate the inevitable. It began over a decade ago when the first Generation 1.0 digital nomads put up a resistance to the traditional 9-5 paradigm, paving the way to an all-new career path that didn’t previously exist: the early-prototype online business.

The early-prototype online business leveraged technology to share a message far and wide, creating miniature sub-cultures of fans who were interested in a specific topic.

This was, in effect, a large-scale social experiment—and, it worked. Early online creators were rewarded handsomely for their leadership at a time when people were just starting to look for a new American dream: one that didn’t feel so disrespectful to their souls.

However, a new problem soon emerged: rapid-fire burn out. 

Without any guardrails on this new entrepreneurial experiment, many online creators began burning the candle at both ends. How do you keep up with all the increasing demands, the content, the socials, the Reels, the TikToks, the communities, the DMs, the replies, the dings, the demands, the noise? How do you constantly create to keep things flowing? How do post enough so people are engaged? How do you stay true to your vision when there are so many things that need to get done?

Online creators became just as worn down as their corporate counterparts, creating a type of self-imposed prison. Today, however, they’re seeking a new, ease-filled version of business—and an all-new lifestyle to boot: one that values time, new experiences, global travel, and joyful, authentic living as much as it does traditional financial success.

“I’m Not Interested in Hearing About Six-Figure Success Stories Unless They Involve Sleep, Food, Vacations, and Self-Care, Too. To Me, That’s True Success.

Here’s what matters to people like us:

Happiness, fulfillment, mental health, physical health, relationship health; money for pleasure; money for travel; money for saving; money for investment (oh, to own an Airbnb in Maine! *swoon*); flexibility with how you use your valuable time and energy; time to work on your own creative projects; time to be a better friend, daughter, sister, mom—

—time to be better to yourself. 

And, we want money—lots of it—but in a way that feels like ease.

And we want time—lots of it—but in a way that feels responsible & healthy, without sacrificing our career aspirations or financial ambitions.

We’re Talking “$250K and Take Your Family to Ireland All Summer” Kind of Pleasure.

$250K+ and…let’s rent you a design-forward apartment in Florence, surrounded by incredible wine bars, ateliers, & art galleries. 🎨 🍷 🧥

$250K+ and…let’s send you to Scandinavia in the spring to write, photograph, or draw from the hazy shores of a little red summer house. ✍️ 📸 ⛵️

$250K+ and…let’s give you the ability to worldschool your kids in a walkable and friendly neighborhood in Portugal, France, or Scotland, surrounded by luscious parks and green space and incredible schools. 👩‍👩‍👧 🏞 ✏️

It’s more than possible.

 A New Way to Build a Stress-Free Online Business You Love…from Anywhere

Selfish School helps you go from “I’m stuck doing something that makes me miserable” to “taking my family to Ireland for the year and earning a healthy income while enjoying my life.” 👒 🍷 👢 🏡 🛣

Selfish School Helps Professionals & Families Earn a High Remote Income Using Their Existing Skills While Also Enjoying an Abundance of Time To: 

Travel and explore Lake Como, take that painting class in town, have lazy afternoons with your family, climb that mountain, mosey around that farmer’s market, learn that French, buy those fresh-cut flowers, ride that bike through meadows, stop at that country pub, chat up the town mayor, teach your kids how butterflies work, keep that journal, cozy up with that tea, get that massage, reflect on your dreams, indulge in pure pleasure, and unlock a new way of living life.

One where work is fulfilling. Money is abundant. Ease is present. And time feels endless.

The Secret? The Selfish Method™️


The Selfish Method focuses on earning two different forms of income: hard-currency income ($) and time income ($T).

It’s this dual-income framework that makes THE SELFISH METHOD™️ revolutionary.

You’ll learn how to create a $250K online business by turning your knowledge into high-value intellectual property & digital products that can be sold from anywhere in the world on autopilot using technology…without the typical high-stress, constant-content-creation methods of “old” online business models. This provides your hard-currency income structure that earns you a generous income from anywhere in the world, while building your intellectual property assets. ✅


Time Income ($T) earns you the spaciousness in your life you crave—without getting trapped in a neverending hamster wheel of running an old-fashioned online business requiring never-ending content creation.

THE SELFISH METHOD™️ is set up uniquely to optimize time efficacy and take advantage of modern technology, allowing for a completely new model of work: one in which requires only half the traditional time investment so you free up the other half of the day to get back to what matters most.

Your life. ✅


The 3 Goals of The Selfish Method™


Build a $250K Online Business from Anywhere

You can’t enjoy ease until you have independent financial security. After working with thousands of online businesses for 13+ years, The Selfish Method’s revenue target of $250,000+ focuses on eight (8) high-impact levers proven to maximize your income as an independent professional from anywhere in the world. When you enroll in Selfish School, you’ll learn how to apply those principles to your own existing business or launch a brand-new Selfish Business, so you can skip the learning curve and do what works…so you start earning fast.


Work 50% Less Than Average 

A core tenet of THE SELFISH METHOD™️ is its emphasis on Time-as-Profit. We weight your leisure time as equally as we do your income, and consider it a fundamental measure of success: the goal for you is to overcome industrial-era notions of how long the work day should be, and instead, be as effective as possible while also building in as much space into your day as possible in order to fully enjoy your life without sacrificing financial outcomes. This is why we’ve eliminated constant content creation & social media time sucks and instead, replaced them with smart business systems that work. Go ahead, take the afternoon off—and tomorrow, too. Your life, your design.


Travel 500% More

The average United States professional gets two weeks off a year. Using that as a baseline, the third goal of THE SELFISH METHOD™️ is to help you have the freedom to travel a base minimum of 12 weeks a year, or 3 months per year—a 500% increase from the standard—whether it’s to the fjords of Finland or just to your cousin’s lake house in Michigan, you’ve now got the freedom to do so…whenever you want. (And if you’re feeling really brave, let’s make it permanent!)

How It  Works
Build your Selfish Business in record-time: you’ll build a complete Selfish Business from scratch using the included templates, copy, and how-to instructions.

01 Purchase The Selfish Method and go step-by-step to build a $250K social-free online business you can run from anywhere in the world.

02 Build your Selfish Business in record-time: you’ll build a complete Selfish Business from scratch using the included templates, copy, and how-to instructions.

03 The Selfish Method is a DIY self-study program you complete 100% online, built for any time-zone in the world: log in on your own schedule and build!

04 You’ll learn how to take your knowledge and turn it into intellectual property assets & digital products you can sell independently of your time without the stress of traditional communities and group coaching; therefore, Selfish School does not include these elements by design. You’ll learn via streaming videos, screencast tutorials, PDFs, and written materials to walk you through the system, keeping you focused and learning by example.

05 This fresh-faced, DIY, contactless business model allows for cost savings that can be passed onto you. You pay one simple fee and The Selfish Method is yours.

8 Weeks Can Change Everything


You can get started working on your brand-new Selfish Business today


Build a Selfish Business in just eight weeks. The system is designed to be followed step-by-step.


After just eight weeks, you’ll be ready to launch your new Selfish Business & start earning!

Early Praise for Selfish School


“You’re my #1 mentor of all time—your work is peerless.”

The last seminar blew my mind. I want to operate my business like this instead of creating content into perpetuity until death. Having freedom and realising that it might not be such a pipe-dream after all has been so empowering. I’ve loved the emphasis on automation and developing very clear processes that I can replicate. This has helped me to see how I can scale a business I love without sacrificing every waking moment to working on it. I’ve loved ALL of Selfish School so far, Ash. At the risk of sounding Hailey Bieber-esque in my fangirldom, you are just so damn impressive. You’re also my #1 mentor of all time and would DEFINITELY be on the guest list for my imaginary ‘Evening With Idols’ dinner party! LOVE your work Ash! You’re peerless. 🦄


“I’m learning how to make serious money without posting on Instagram every seven minutes.”
From the very first minute of the first lesson, this was pure gold. I got secrets, techniques and strategies that HAVE MOVED MY BUSINESS FORWARD. I’m learning to fearlessly take my expertise and make serious money with it—without posting on Instagram every seven minutes. Without rushing off to an office at the crack of dawn, but while living quietly in a remote coastal village deep in the fjords of Norway, and to run my business from a remote country village in France, whenever I want to. My voice is bolder, my business sense is sharper, and I’m unapologetically selfish after this course. And by the way, Selfish School is 197% blah blah free. Ash cuts straight to the chase in a direct, no-nonsense, almost Scandinavian way. And I mean Scandinavian in the nicest possible way, without the introversion and the tendency to drink cod liver oil voluntarily.


What’s Inside Selfish School?

There are eight phases designed to be done in order so you can build your Selfish Business all the way from start to finish: from ideation all the way through execution.

The Rules of a Selfish Business
The Selfish Method’s social-free, community-free, constant-content-creation-free, low-stress approach to a modern online business

  • How The Selfish Method is different from traditional online business models, and why it deliberately doesn’t require any type of social media, videos, Reels, TikToks, Facebook groups, communities, or the never-ending hamster wheel of content creation
  • Why 1980s thinking will kill your Selfish Business before you’ve even started—including the false but common assumptions that “getting found = sales” and that you need to constantly “give value” in order to earn a sale (both of which are rejected under The Selfish Method)
  • How we develop a lean, mean, profitable Selfish Business instead: we take your knowledge and skills, we package them into a “Smart Selfish Intellectual Property Asset”—i.e. a high-value digital product made for this type of system—that can be traded for high economic benefit, and we divorce your time from your value. Then, we apply a sales engine to it using technology—and the end result is a powerful, lean remote business (or division of your business) that runs itself with minimal resource input. And maximum fun!
  • The Selfish Money Axis, and why finding your sweet spot here is the key to low exhaustion, high profits
  • The #1 thing you need to get RIGHT in order for your Selfish Business to be profitable & run itself (and what you should never, ever do)
  • The two (2) types of Selfish Intellectual Property assets you can create, and which one is best for your situation
  • What to do if you’re stuck for ideas and you’re not passionate about your current line of work and want to try something new…but, how? Introducing: THE SELFISH BRIDGE: a new way of linking your past experience with your current passions to create a new Selfish Business.

Map Out Your Selfish Business

Most people spend all their time on marketing activities, without having their money activities in place. Let’s fix that!

  • The critical difference between the average online business that gets no traction, and a high-octane Selfish Business that rips and roars without exhausting yourself on social media & other low ROI marketing activities
  • Why we want to create the most simple business model possible: lean, mean, and effective. You don’t need to have all of the fancy bells and whistles to make something incredible. But, you do need a killer product.
  • Figuring out your product + building your Selfish Sales Engine—plus, how to find your Selfish Baseline Numbers and use them to help you self-diagnose any “holes” (you’ll know there’s a hole when sales are slow!)
  • Taking your Selfish Sales Engine and putting it on autopilot. We have three rules, called “The 3C’s,” and they’re the heart of The Selfish Method! This is how we take your Smart Selfish Intellectual Property and sell it using technology, maximizing income ($USD) while minimizing committed time ($T)
  • The Selfish Money Rule of 1%–and why you only need to focus on this one little number in order to hit your $250K goal
  • Why something called your “Selfish Concept” will make or break the entire system (students are having big ah-ha moments with this one!)
  • Why our goal is NOT to collect subscribers—and who you want on your email list instead
  • The Selfish IP Pricing Scale—and the 8 factors that tell you exactly how much you should price your Selfish Intellectual Property (Plus when you should nudge up…and when you should nudge down. Major light bulbs go off in this session!)

Set Up Your Selfish Business
Learn how to use technology to autopilot your entire business so it sells for you 24/7—woo hoo!

  • Forget complicated websites—you can begin your Selfish Business without one! In fact, most traditional websites are actually the reason why most online businesses fail. (Surprise!)
  • Your Selfish Business is going to be powered entirely by email—the most underrated, underused tool in the world. Here, we’ll get you set up with the right system (and you’ll be shocked at how easy it truly is, once you understand the system).
  • Get the secret formula for getting people to subscribe like wildfire. You can’t go wrong when you follow these steps! (Yup, I’ll tell you exactly what to write.)
  • Get an exact breakdown of precisely which emails you’re going to send, for how long, and in which order—the Selfish Method has created the perfect system for selling your digital product using emails that go out on autopilot and do the selling for you (you know, so you can go outside, breathe fresh air, and never be trapped at the computer again)
  • Learn how to design beautiful emails without being a designer—you’ll be amazed at these hacks that make it seem like you paid thousands to make your new Selfish Business look gooooooooooood. (A critical component for trust & authority.)
  • Get ready to pre-launch your Selfish Business & start getting those subscribers in the door!

Pre-Launch Your Selfish Business
Gain early-stage momentum and build an audience before you launch your business—and keep yourself accountable through the process!

  • Learn how to gain early momentum now and get your first email subscribers on your list BEFORE you’ve launched your product: this way, once you’re ready, you’ll have a built-in audience of people clamoring for your you’re selling…without the crickets. (And no, you don’t need to have an email list first!)
  • One of the hardest parts of creating any kind of digital product or online business is cutting through the overwhelm and actually getting started. After thirteen years mentoring others in online business, The Selfish Method has built-in a fail-proof way to get you the momentum you need WITHOUT you overthinking it, over-procrastinating it, or feeling overwhelmed.
  • Instead of waiting until everything is perfect (the fastest way to fail), we’re going to pre-launch your Selfish Business now, even though you don’t have a product ready yet, because one of the best forms of accountability? Building in public!
  • Get exact steps for pre-launching your Selfish Business, including word-by-word scripts you can use to make the announcement and start getting that early traction! WE ARE GOING TO BEAT PERFECTIONISM. And, you’ll be amazed at how effective this is. If you’ve taken online courses before and then struggled to actually execute, this system is for YOU.
  • Go through the pre-launch checklist and make sure your pre-launch system is 💯 automated and working properly—you’re going to be blown away at how easy this is, and how much relief you feel. No more anxiety! No more overwhelm. Just follow the steps. You can do this.

And last but not least: pre-launch your budding Selfish Business to the world! Before you’re ready. Yup, that’s exactly what we want.

Build Your Selfish Sales Engine
Create the components of your sales engine—there are only 3 things you need to make sales go vrrrroooom 24/7 without constant content creation & social media

  • First thing’s first: let’s learn how to write a Selfish Sales Page for your product! The sales page is *everything*. What you say here can make or break the success of your Selfish Business, so we want to make sure this is optimized for the kinds of buyers you’re seeking. (A critical component of the Selfish Method is that we aren’t seeking subscribers; we’re seeking buyers.)
  • You’ll get full step-by-step instructions on how to write the copy for your Selfish Sales Page—optimized for The Selfish buyer—plus a fully-executed example for you to follow to make this process as easy and as painless as possible!
  • Surprise: writing the sales page is *ACTUALLY* one of the best exercises you can do to get clarity on your product. So, if you’re feeling stuck or uncertain or flip flopping through a few ideas, doing this exercise is going to help you gain KILLER clarity. You will be amazed at how this helps.
  • Next, you’ll learn how to DIY design your sales page, even if you’re terrible at design. This is particularly useful for you to begin testing your Selfish Business without having to invest thousands of dollars in a designer at this stage. The better it looks, the more sales will convert, so this is a must!
  • And finally, THE most important part of your Selfish Sales System: your Selfish Sales Emails. This is a two-week, 14-count set of optimized sales emails that you’ll use to sell your product on autopilot—and you get a full instructional explaining exactly what needs to be in each one (each contains a very different purpose), and a fully-done example to help you see it in practice! Past students have said this was one of the most valuable parts of the whole program. You’ll learn how to write sales emails like a pro, even if you’ve never done it before, and your conversions will go through the roof…without you ever having to re-create the wheel again, or suffer from launch fatigue.

Automate Your Selfish Engine

Take all the components of your Selfish Sales System and link ’em up! This is how you’ll create a 24/7 sales autopilot effect using technology…even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

  • Learn the technology you need to make your Selfish Business run on its own.
  • Determine how you’re going to accept money and deliver your product. (Hint: I have strong feelings about this!)
  • There’s ONE tool that will make or break your Selfish Business—it’s 100% a non-negotiable must. (Even though it’s one of the most underrated tools out there.) This single-handedly will change your business forever.
  • You’ll learn how to link up the different pieces of technology in order to put your Selfish Sales System on 24/7 autopilot—use technology to make your life easier, and help it run without you! When done correctly, this will dramatically transform your income. Hint: you don’t need to constantly push a boulder up a hill. Learn how to put together a smart system, instead, and sit back as sales come in while you are calmly enjoying running your business and living your life.
  • Since your Selfish Business is run entirely via email, we can create the same exact experience for every subscriber, and make sure you aren’t a liability for your business. Say goodbye to your OWN shortcomings getting in the way of running your business like a pro.

Pilot Your Selfish Business

  • First, you’ll pilot your new Selfish Business by opening it up to your email subscribers, whom you’ve been collecting, for a beta round. This is an early-stage soft launch that will let you keep momentum going, test out your copy, and gauge the reaction to your product. The way it works is this: customers can buy early when the product is still in production and receive it in stages as it’s being made. They’ll get the benefit of a favorable price point not available to the public, and in exchange, they can help offer feedback as they go…with the understanding that the work is still under construction. This is one of the BEST ways that you can ease into your new business without so many nerves and make sure you’re hitting all the right notes while gaining awesome testimonials and enjoying the process.
  • Which product format should you use? Digital products can be made in a number of different ways, from video to screencast tutorials to audios to PDF downloads and text…or a combination thereof. We’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to create a product format that’s going to work with YOUR strengths. (Hint: if you dread video, you aren’t going to do video! CUE: SIGH OF RELIEF.)
  • Next, we’ll talk all about product delivery and the best way for you to deliver your product to customers…and why. We’ll consider individual learning objectives, customer experience objectives, and other factors the uninitiated typically aren’t yet experienced with, such as trademark infringement and copyright.
  • Should you include any type of interaction? Comments on or off? Do you add in coaching sessions? Or should this just be a straight-up digital product? (Hint: I’ll encourage you to pursue the latter!) Here, we’ll talk about how can you best structure your product to achieve your goals.
  • Finally, we’ll discuss some common pitfalls associated with creating a digital product–like how long it REALLY takes and how to create a joyful timeline for yourself with getting defeated or having unrealistic expectations.

Market Your Selfish Business
Now that your *money* systems are in place, let’s earn how to market your Selfish Business without social media!

  • Get the full Selfish Marketing Plan and see, from a high level, how the Selfish Marketing system works without social media. A true joy!
  • Get access to the two BEST paid strategies (optional) you can employ for max conversions to give yourself a boost in revenue whenever you need one. (Or, keep it humming all year long: you’ll learn how to know exactly how much you can spend in order to make good marketing decisions without the hassle. This alone will be an eye-opening exercise that could help you market yourself better for life.
  • Get exact scripts for pitching your Selfish Business to a number of different types of channels, so you know exactly what to say and how. (Seriously, this system was meant to make this easy—just plug ‘n go! I give you everything you need.)
  • The Selfish Marketing system is one of the best ways you can take the pressure off and enjoy talking about your work again—zero stress about having to create reels, or Tiktoks, or “performance” marketing that doesn’t feel right. The whole point of The Selfish Method is to make creating FUN again—and give you back your life.

Track Your Sales Numbers & Hit Your Goals 💥
Track your progress on your way to your first $250,000, and learn how to diagnose any sales dips along the way!

  • Here comes the fun part: watching your sales grow! Using the benchmark numbers we started with in the beginning, you’ll be able to track both your sales and your conversion rate. Just a 1% positive change in conversion can lead to thousands of extra dollars a month, so here we’ll focus on finding any holes and making sure they’re plugged.
  • Experiencing slow sales? Let’s figure out if you have a marketing problem, or a sales problem, and then diagnose!
  • Don’t forget: your time is profit, too. Track how much time you’re spending on your Selfish Business. While at first there will be an initial time investment required, this should start to decline dramatically once you’ve got your Sales Engine in placed and your product created. Keep track of how much time you’re spending, and celebrate when you see those numbers go DOWN. ⬇️ 🎉
  • You can do this! Closing remarks from Ash and encouragement going forward. Go, go, go!

By later this year, you can be…

  • Sipping tea on the patio of an Airbnb in Provence, or Santorini, or Buenos Aires, or Edinburgh.
  • Spend your mornings doing work you enjoy, without the pressures of social media
  • Have the whole afternoon off to leisurely stroll through markets, parks & footpaths.
  • Be able to ride your bike to pick up a crisp vine of tomatoes for dinner, a fresh loaf of bread & flowers.
  • Have plenty of time to play catch with your kids, explore nature & read stories.
  • And earn a solid income stream for yourself & your family, raise your quality of life, and finally do what you love…the fun way.

If you’ve been craving change and wanting to find a better way to do online business, this is for you.

  • Package your knowledge into a high-value intellectual property asset
  • Learn how to sell your digital products on autopilot without social media
  • Add it as an income stream to an existing business or start from scratch with a new one
  • Divorce your earnings from your time using technology & smart packaging
  • And finally have FUN & make a strong income with your interests, hobbies, passions, and skills…and finally enjoy what you’re doing again

This  is for you if: 


It’s probably not for you if…


Meet The Founder 

Ash Ambirge

ASH AMBIRGE is a nomadic advisor, internet entrepreneur, author, creative writer, and founder of SELFISH SCHOOL.

Ambirge’s flagship career blog & book, THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT (Penguin Random House) has helped hundreds of thousands of people reconsider what it means to do good work you’re proud of. Now, she’s on a new mission to help you take your career remote & do great work from anywhere in the world—without sacrificing much-needed financial security, and doing so with ease.

More Early Praise for Selfish School


“Selfish School pins down all of the nagging feels I’ve been having over the last few years.”
Selfish School basically pins down all of the nagging feelings I’ve been having over the last few years and organizes them into neat containers – with solutions. It’s exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for, and from my all-time favorite…Ash! —Christina Vanvuren, Small Cat Studios


“Selfish School is the reminder I needed.”

It’s been hard to loosen my death-grip on my current biz/wanting to mash all my ideas together. Selfish School is the reminder I needed that a business can be self-contained, and not an all-consuming, ongoing identity. Knowing that not every idea I have has to fit together (or be forever) feels like freedom.  —Kat Lourenco, Coach + Strategist

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    • Embrace the reality of a genuine business! Our approach involves forming a group buy, where we collectively share the costs among members. Using these funds, we purchase sought-after courses from sale pages and make them accessible to individuals facing financial constraints. Despite potential reservations from the authors, our customers appreciate the affordability and accessibility we provide.
  2. The Legal Landscape: Yes and No:
    • The legality of our operations falls into a gray area. While we lack explicit approval from the course authors for resale, there’s a technicality at play. When procuring the course, the author didn’t specify any restrictions on resale. This legal nuance presents both an opportunity for us and a boon for those seeking budget-friendly access.
  3. Quality Assurance: Unveiling the Real Deal:
    • Delving into the heart of the matter – quality. Acquiring the course directly from the sale page ensures that all documents and materials are identical to those obtained through conventional means. However, our differentiator lies in going beyond personal study; we take an extra step by reselling. It’s important to note that we are not the official course providers, meaning certain premium services aren’t included in our package:
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      • No direct email support from the author or their team.

    We operate independently, aiming to bridge the affordability gap without the additional services offered by official course channels. Your understanding of our unique approach is greatly appreciated.

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