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Mike Tuchscherer – Reactive Training Systems-Programming with Emerging Strategies

Want to actually LEARN about strength and not just be told what to do?  Have questions about what’s the best way to train?

We often tell lifters to become students of the sport — to learn all they can and get better at every aspect. Now through RTS Classroom, you can learn all the strength-producing details of the Emerging Strategies method popularized by the company that brought you RPE training. RTS Classroom is designed to help you do that. Whether you’re a coach, a trainer or just a lifter who wants to get better at coaching yourself, joining RTS Classroom is going to make you so much better at the things you do.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of how to create training ‘from the ground up in an individualized Emerging Strategies fashion. Over the course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the problems with traditional Periodization and how Emerging Strategies attempt to solve those problems.
  • Analyze and monitor athlete response to training including the use of ‘Stress Index’ measurement.
  • Use strategies and tools to help athletes benchmark their progress, improve hypertrophy, and utilize novel movement variations to target weak Range of Motion improvements.
  • Write development, pivot, and maintenance cycles in order to peak you or your athletes for competition.

During this course there will be 8 modules comprising of various lessons on those topics:

  • Module 1: Fundamental Concepts
  • Module 2: How to write training programs with Emerging Strategies: The Basics
  • Module 3: Next Level: Refining the Fundamentals
  • Module 4: Strategy Library: Emerging Strategies used at RTS and how to implement them
  • Module 5: Technical Mastery
  • Module 6: Weakness Analysis & Correction
  • Module 7: Exercise Toolbox
  • Module 8: Training Protocols

Module 1: Fundamental Concepts

  • How to measure the recovery cost of training using Stress Index
  • How to monitor your athletes to track recovery
  • The problems with classic planning models

Module 2: How to write training programs with Emerging Strategies: The Basics

  • Writing basic Emerging Strategy training programs
  • Designing strength blocks
  • Designing deload blocks
  • Designing Maintenance blocks
  • Peaking for competition
  • Long term planning in Emerging Strategies
  • Fine-tuning the details and putting together an ideal series of training blocks

Module 3: Next Level: Refining the Fundamentals

  • Separating Stress index into Peripheral and Central Factors
  • Troubleshooting Pivot blocks
  • Hypertrophy training in Emerging Strategies
  • Peaking faster: 2x Frequency
  • Peak slower: 1/2 Frequency

Module 4: Strategy Library: Emerging Strategies used at RTS and how to implement them

  • Roses & Thorns: A take on the modern powerlifting program
  • 2c Frequency Strategies
  • Fortress & Poutpost: A refreshing look at old-school strategy
  • Wolfhound: Using wave loading to create better training
  • Pivot Strategies: Specific pivot interventions have used
  • Taper Strategies: for those athletes who need a more traditional taper
  • Gopher: Emphazixing eccentrics and/or isometrics
  • Rooks: Scaling training for different work capacities
  • Unlimited: Strategies for equipped lifters
  • Orc: the oft-requested “hypertrophy off season”
  • Data Analysis

Case Studies in Module 4

  • Amanda Allen: A 2x frequency Case study
  • Adam Jones: Following the athlete response, adapting from Orc & Gopher
  • Chad Cruse: a wolfhound variation and long term changes in response
  • John Frisk: An in-depth look on 2x frequency training
  • Vanessa Gale: Managing fatiguing sources outside of training stress
  • Brett Gibbs: An unorthodox preparation for IPF Classic World Championship

Module 5: Technical Mastery

  • Technical Mastery Part 1
  • Technical Mastery Part 2

Module 6: Weakness Analysis & Correction

  • Weakness Analysis
  • Weakness Correction
  • Fixing Back Position in the Deadlift
  • Improving Bench Press Bar Path

Module 7: Exercise Toolbox

  • Pause Variations
  • Pin Variations
  • Bands and Chains
  • Eccentric Training
  • Extended ROM

Module 8: Training Protocols

  • x1 @8
  • Cluster Sets
  • Myo-Reps

Programming with Emerging Strategies By Mike Tuchscherer – Reactive Training Systems, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)

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